also in Issue #6, an excerpt from
Eschatology of Reason: The South Tower

Carlo Parcelli


500 years: a gallows with an escapement.
                      "Tell  me, O muse, of Polytrop[h]ic Man."
         Of vicissitudes mounting to death.  
"Recount the adventures and misadventures of the Transcendental Motif."
                      "The idols of the tribe...inherent."
         Nature routed into effigies. Effigies routed in 
"Nature, once equipped with meaning, substituting itself for the possibility 
            That was the aim of the intelligible character's construction". 
            "For man's sense is falsely asserted to be the standard of things."
Chance Operators who hawk "the knowledge, which breaks 
            Into the original unity of man's being" that Hegel calls reflection, 
            And "constitutes itself as the unity of the subject." The Subject, breached 
            By the empirical, not conceived otherwise than as  phenomena.                                          
"Representation exchanged for the fungible..." So Adorno 
                       With the anger of the Erinyes
                                     Seizes upon the enormity of  
                      "The Universal Task of Inquiry...
                               The Transcendental Reduction";
                       "The Exemplary Index of Scientific Geometry;
                               The Intention of Objectivity;"
                       "The Immutability of our Classification
                                Secured by our subsequent Behavior."
                        "Coherence becomes the precondition for truth", 
                                "The Illusion of Unity".
                                     "The movements that machines demand...
                              Already have the violent,
                               Of Fascist maltreatment." 

"...Let us listen
         To the debate
As it enters a new and more acrimonious phase,
Listen to it
         As it shifts from the broad argument of degeneracy
         To the specific arguments of corruption,
               From impotence to guilt,
               From Nature to Man."
               And back again.
"Alas, most of those who competed for the Abbey Raynal's prize
Or for the similar prize offered by the Academie des Jeux Floraux
         Down in Toulouse, did not quite realize
               The implications of the shift.
Buffon, after all, had said all there was to say
         About Nature in the New World,
And Raynal had said pretty much all there was to say
        About the sins of omission and commission
               Of its native inhabitants and its conquerors.
What was left for the critics and the malcontents 
        But variations on familiar themes?
No wonder an air of monotony
        Broods over all the arguments, 
                And enervates them.
        ...[P]amphlet after pamphlet;
Almost all of them intone the same litanies,..."
        Was America a Mistake?

With the Age of Discovery, L'Age D'Or,.
       America actualized the first world war.
"Spain, England and France...fought for 
       The wealth of [an accidental] Indies."
       Denmark, Holland, Prussia, Austria et al.
500 years of perpetual global conflict.
       Continents for dominoes;
              A world for spoil. 
Custom's door 
        Kicked into its sepulcher.
The Novum Organon, The New Science.
        Aristotle and Ptolemy emptied by happenstance.
Herodotus diminished in the forgeries of Seville and John Mandeville.
But as Feyerabend's Osiander observes, "Copernicus,
        Interpreted realistically, was inconsistent with obvious facts." 
A "point not mentioned in Popper's bombastic
        'Three Views'." 
                 Osiander the "true Popperian:
     He takes his refutations seriously." 
Against the sales pitch prolixed by the Imperials
     And the group theoretical Colonial.
Slaves of failed signs advancing by the rungs of a sextant,
        Terrified by the measure manifest 
                 In the Devil's Bridge & the Ghost Dance.
Accord with "...[T]he technological imperatives
                 Of the Anglo-German naval race."
           "Q. Would you have supported the dropping
                  Of a thermonuclear bomb on Hiroshima?
             A. It would make no sense at all.
             Q. Why?
             A. The target was too small."
Oppenheimer, there was only one scorpion 
             Arching to sting the light beyond the jar?
             "...Pentagon 'defense intellectuals'
                       Weaving for their paymasters
             A network of abstract reasons
                        Why the nuclear arms race had to continue..."
The telos of math is to prophecy 
              The shortest path
                        Of an arcing, passionless wrath.
"[M]an always and everywhere creates order in nature...
...Isolat[ing] the causal sequences of phenomena"
            Culturing the narrative free of any secondary...
And "supplements them with phenomena
            Caused by its own activity."
"...[T]he mutual relations
            Between the results of counting 
            And the results of measuring."
The earth moonscaped with arithmetic elegance. 
               At the mirror, Nitze feels Ivan's paw 
Test the knot of his tie. Narcissus and his chimera  rally delusion
                                       Aroused by the venality of corporate collusion. Irredeemably 
A 'reflection' constitutes itself as the unity of the subject where 
                              Reflection's kinema copies coherence as truth 
                                     And a hydra of aggregate switchings 
                        Indemnifies the narrative.                                                    
"Three coordinates locate the object at each of a sequence of times".
                                         A trajectory comprised of hundreds of calculations.
The target, the Telos, Descartes' god ', a 'hidden history',
                        'A necessary reduction',                                                          
                                  "The experience (Erlebnis) 
                                          And still more its result (Ergebnis)."                                                         
Odysseus bartered 'comprehensive reason' into mimesis
                         As the cost of doing business,
                                   With only faded Tiphys to remind
                                   That taxonomies are marbled with time. 
"Reason becoming powerful by becoming an instrument."
How 'consciousness' can be integral to an 'artificial intelligence' 
               That elides qualities of a subject; itself 
                        But a few filaments inhibiting a few motes. 
"Since the subtlety of nature is greater
              Many times over
      Than the subtlety of argument."
Systems require reduction, are canalized, closed. 
Open to the authoritarian appeasement of the binary. 
                       "Pandering to the most regressive, narcissistic needs for fusion." 
An algorithmic image, furrowed with static and feral immanence. 
"The world-object upon which those theses presume...
Made identical with the interests of the presumers."                   
            "Logic is a practice insulated against itself." 
                   "The non-negotiability of the questions 
                   In exchange for the critical freedom of the answers." 
"Each act of will breaking through the mechanical autarky of logic", 
         Slumping into the torrent; groaning; splintering; 
                                                     Modulating to the minor of the Muse's muse. 
"Every feeling attached to an a priori object...
                             The presentation of the latter...the phenomenology of the former." 
For Thalamus, reorganizing the University of Hanoi in 1925, 
      "[T]he indigine" were the inspiration for Artificial Intelligence; 
      "...A good memorizer, recites and imitates texts without really understanding them,..."
                     The lens that exaggerates, diminishes, or burns;
              Where Nitze can only see multiples of himself..
The baptismal current of consciousness entering upon history through a tear in reflection.
             "[T]hey horrify us, because we horrify ourselves."

                                In 1924, Ernst Gruening in the Nation 
Centrifuged the "higher hokum" of Bernays' Public Relations. 
In 1965, "McGeorge Bundy before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations  
Admitted preparing drafts to achieve the result of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution." 
                           Gruening, one of two No's, recognizing the construction. 
Though imports slightly exceeded exports from 1901 to 1911, 
Most could be attributed to the corruption of the colonials and the native elites 
And investments in 'improvements' to the colonies infrastructure. 
But, gli umidi, reduction confirmed economic success  and 
MACV poured over skulls rendered uniformly small.
                  After decades of usage, 'gooks'
                          Only hit the OED
                                   During the Korean War;
As in the experimental sciences,
                     "Conviction is the precondition."
"The only good gook..." To be measured
                Is to exist only to be superceded.
That Bernays in Idea could not add United Fruit's acreage from one page to the next! 
                                   Sykes-Picot parted the black sea. 
The root, sub terra, percolates the sap which permeates. 
The exchange floor alluvian with instruments.
            Odysseus or Ishmael, the oar's piston in salt petrol, their howling shanties, 
                                                     The stars overboard, 
The clockwise ligament's martial empiricisms shriveling down to destiny. 
                     Craft, cup in agony, dunked in its telos. 
The objective development of the subject, 
Caustic incarnation of hegemony reborn to desire by rite. 
The cat's estate of a mauled sparrow. 
Ebbtides dissolve the vessel's hull as it bobs on the core of the sea.
"An American official told me [a Liberian Minister] bluntly, 
'Our strategic interests are more important than democracy'." 
Reverend Cox, turning to embrace Oliver North, intoned, 
                           "the kingdom of God is not a democracy." 
And North, our Ahasuerus, condemned 
                                   To wonder the earth as a radio personality.
        Memory has come to mark junctures of 
                            Personal archetypes of pain with images of brutality; 
"Piles of bleached bones and skulls...half clothed, 
                     Decomposed heaps of flesh...littered with a million maggots. 
           Contorted bodies huddled beneath church pews piled 
                                   In a dark corner beside the altar...
Bodies rotting into their mattresses." 
In Ringelblum's records, "The children are no longer afraid of death. 
The children played a game tickling a corpse." 
                                  Is Game Theory in the Nuclear Age symptomatic of shock? 
Pour raisons d'etat original becomes ubiquitous sin--Ota............Styx.
                                  "The people passing along the street
                    Are covered with blood and trailing
                    The rags of their torn clothes after them.
                            The skin of their arms is peeled off
                            And dangling from their finger tips,
                            And they go walking silently,
                            Hanging their arms before them."
And not from some poem.
What is scribed with utter intensity, passion, in a notebook, in my hand,
Becomes through the bloodline of a word,
Karloff, Night of the Living Dead on the screen,
Viewer discretion; a way of standing oneself.
     The stand-off at the mirror.
"Destruction disguised as technique..."
"Kill the variable x which appears as their index[;]"
     The moral brake--ancestry.
And upon cogitating Uncle Joe's entry into the War,
Truman blooped: "Fini Japs."
Stimson in favor of preserving the variable.
    To return to the harbor and find the boat has slipped its mooring;
Or the Moon has commandeered it,
Means reestablishing a return within the newly available circuit.
The cycles at hand must be a calibrated narcissism,
As explicit to self-delusion as design is to sense,
Or they won't carry the load of history;
               The murder disguised as reason.
"Illusions about modern technology had made aerial holocaust
Seem unthinkable before it occurred
         And simply imperative once it began."
How the salvation of the ox under the blade repels,
While the salvage of a detonated building exhilarates.
         "Large fears, thoughtless assumptions,
         And at best discrete decisions"
         The scientists kill the zombies.
               Abandon etymology
                    And lynch the hombre.
         Memory serving denial,
And with memory italixed,
Uroboros lassoed with a subset
          Or one loop of the infinite.
The transubstantiation of a part into the whole.
A noose of numbers accounts for
The circumnavigation of the necktie
                                                        Party. Chokin' and swellin'
           To the hypnotic rhythms of Magellan. With Capital,
Lynching fetishized around every executive's throat.
Its useless to resist with the voice 
                                                     Box in masonic jeopardy.
           The Living Dead
                   A celluloid composite of this.
Plot the Odyssey to conform to the world cruise of money.
"Do we but supervise the world-death
                  Being dead ourselves
                            Long since?"
The term is technology, itself removed from techne,
      The organs wasted empirically, core ingrato,
            In the pursuit of luxury,
And fashion determining any comeback,
      So that the liver's prophesy oscillates with its price. 
Commutability is ritual iterativeness;
Transubstantiation; symbolic time travel.
      Still perception turns the math brackish.
Sediment reclaims time as something less than imaginary.   
      An X of tape over a pane of glass. The tape itself  'masking.'

Slicing Pythagorean lunch meat to universals.
"Numbers are a language to me," calculated the Harvard Pythagorean,
                             Robert McNamara,
      "The only true basis of knowledge."
As with Zeno the last slice of bologna so thin,
Between the bread of transubstantiation, 
As to be indistinguishable from nothing at all
Setting aside creation's chores, 
                  "But...devising death...
What well used had been the pledge of immortality."
                   "Using words the way an accountant uses numbers."   
Light ingested specter riddled with photophobous life. 
                   The Grinding Canticle of Worms. 
A cable and buttress of vertebrae arch over the flow. 
Eyes half above and half below the surface, 
Cutting the world of representation and the world of imagination. 
Mediums negotiated into Will-- a concord of schismatics 
Splashing an harmonious brutality,
Indexing suzerainty and accession.
                Alighieri, suspended from the trellis of Dis,   
Not from exile, nor from Earth's perspective vis a vis the Sun 
(Which by hydrogen mass Mars has become), 
Nor from orbit to provide 'incontrovertible evidence of conspiracy', 
But harbing profit, laurel and burnished ring, 
That by design administer the inventory of properties which urge the thing. 
                                        The Mach in Machiavelli. 
A calculus to appropriate parameters from states. 
No strength but force in 'seeing' the electron as wraith, 
Nor feel the mouth's propensities form 'fidelity'; 
Quantum of action when a Greek granulated time; 
Sopped blood from the stones.                           
                  Blake "saw with revulsion the way things were going, 
The way we now know things have gone". 
         "So e'er the Sun was rent from thy red sphere."
                 "The creation of an eigenstate by a measurement", widening deaths access. 
The Way the Reflective Subject scents being: 
                              "I am become Death " 
And Dis astonished at the blasted route 
                  Through his old conduit, nuzzles the earth. 
Its muzzle smeared on the goggles 
                                                 Of the physicists 
                               Prone before a tzunami of dust; 
                                     The odor of atomized carrion 
                          Breaching the nostrils, 
                                            Leaching into the bloodstream, 
                                          Eddying consciousness. 
                            Idiomatic of the neoteric sabbath of prosperity.
                                  Kant pooled at Koenigsberg.
"The sage without having to stir knows". 
The hinge of light between ridge and reflection by which Narcissus is, arrogance aside, 
Passed to the world of sense, corpus and muthos, "a science for solipsists."
Von Neumann located measurement in the observer's consciousness;  
Conscious processes not subject to the laws governing the rest of reality, 
"Omitting the fact that M is a macroscopic system 
And that B cannot discern the finer properties of M." 
"That order [Taylor's physick] is not sufficient unless it enters upon novelty, 
So that its massiveness does not degenerate into mere repetition". As "for workers, 
Scientific Management meant progressive 
                                  Dissolution of their control over work processes." 
Said Ure, "When capital enlists science into her service, 
The refractory hand of labor will always be taught docility." 
Machine pacing, mechanical discretions 'make the control of people by other people 
Appear to be the control of people by an automatic mechanism.' 
A telos of matter exacting tribute to a 'hidden history'. 
"The unparalleled lavish use of firepower as a substitute for manpower", 
                 Wrote one Pentagon analyst.
                  Robert McNamara, at the Harvard Business School, drafted  
"The crucial transition" when "the business computer, 
                                     Recast as a versatile information engine, 
                   Was projected on the framework already established 
                                     By operations research and systems analysis."
"Donc la seule physique qui compte c'est la science de l'homme 
                   Et le concept de l'Etat par extension."
                        "Is a new world coming?" hummed the positivist, L.B.J.,  
Then "We welcome it, and we will bend it to the hopes of man." 
Divine right as sons of Toltecs; 
Allied with the Tlaxcaltecs; Hmong and Catholics; 
Burned maize, rice; mission, strategic hamlet. 
Cribbing from Cortez' intelligence, Kissinger poses, 
               "For the Pre-Newtonian Vietnamese the real world 
                            Is almost entirely internal to the observer" 
                 But "the West is deeply committed to the notion 
                            That the real world is external to the observer." 
Or, now, Narcissus can grind his own.
                 The subjectivism that self-interest tenders as thought 
                 Within die Engen of the taxonomies of statecraft.
At Churchill's order of expulsion the Germans cried, "To drive men 
                             Out of their homes spells spiritual death."
The crystal forms its own template; or the discrete is the tribalism 
                                                    Of "recording and classifying data." 
The waning of source to resource, waxing habituation 
That allows only the 'critical freedom' of exploitation. 
"The individuality that learned order and subordination
                  In the subjection of the world,
                              Soon wholly equated truth with the regulative thought
                  Without whose fixed distinctions universal truth cannot exist."
        And Churchill gassed the Bolos.

Smelt the moon, plane the tides; 
Non-commutative phases shriveling up the heavens. 
                                                       Back hoe on the Dark Side. 
Not practical but discrete mathematics 
Forms the theoretical framework of computer science. 
The chip's trenches, its crenelations, 
Berms for which the empiricist's orthodoxy is pattern or mean through measurement. 
Hinge for hiearchies to angle the ethic of ubiquitous impingement. 
"Celebrate Columbus's voyage?" said Cana Mamani of the Tupac Amaru, 
             "Do the Jews render homage to Hitler? 
Do the Japanese revere Truman for Nagasaki and Hiroshima?" 
A system becomes an eigenstate by virtue of another system's formal superposition.
            O little town of Ho Chi Minh,
            How safe you think you lie;
            Beneath your ring of SA-2s
           You think the Fives won't fly;
           Yet through the cloud deck raineth
           A deadly trail of bombs;
           Too late for fear, the end is near.
           How about that TBC?
And before the Americans, the Chinese 
                        And French pedagogues. 
                                With frogs on the lotus, carp multiply. 
And watching Henry bury  
             The tines of his fork 
                      Into the lamb, the busboy observes
                      "Our demiurges are dreaming, 
                      The cosmic mechanisms in their cycles seem 
                      To prove that all is seeming." 
Pixels, nanoseconds, bytes--Doppelgangers released by the curse of quanta. 
"No object that is the period endures from moment to moment." 
             Curdled light; 
                      Sensors illustrate the foregone of the technocentric; 
Shift from nurturing to dependency. "Discretion's seriated naivete, 
                                                                                      Blind to novelty. "
                       'Everything seemed strange and new to them - the jungle, 
The fruits, the water buffalo, even the chickens.' 
Again and again marveled Captain Linh, 
'They would stop and stare, even pick things up
(with D'Alembert "analysis becomes the privileged term.")
 Easy targets for our snipers, for booby traps---those not valuing danger.'" 
("Death systematically counterfeiting life.")
The mass of order that decays into mere repetition, 
("[R]econstituting empirical phenomena into mathematical certitude.")
The tiered gardens.  Condillac's Langue des calculs.
The jungle met their departure with a text 
                         Which had never been imagined before. 
White plays King's Knight to attack Black Pawn. 
And while calculation fumbles with the stropped edges of form, 
                        The jungle is poised in its plurality. 
Technology's accretions---retrograde.
                Tet, Ke Sanh, Pleiku.
                         White King's Bishop attacks Black Queen's Knight. 
                Maggots jig in the corpse's mantle. 
McNamara: "First, warfare is approached as a problem of organizing quantities."
         And McGeorge Bundy, "Pleikus are [like] streetcars "
                "One [comes] along every few minutes. Pleiku
Like the Gulf of Tonkin, a pretext for a "text" already written."
         "We have," said Pound's Mencius, "but phenomena."
Monumenta. "In nature are signatures needing no verbal tradition,
                      Oak leaf never plane leaf." John Heydon.
            A.I., Game Theory, Systems Analysis - always best 
                                                                At chess.           
            Toss-bomb computers;
Rolling Thunder over grid misted mountains.  s,(1), s,(2), s,(3) n finite)                
"Recognition capabilities, and information associated with the patterns 
                                                                 That can be recognized, 
           Constitute a very large component of chess skill." 
Repetition recesses the object until enhancers, identify by cross hairs, the kill. 
Endgames enclose the plot - hooch, harrow or grave. 
                     Quantities access narrative.

           Hoelderlin looping the seamless fatalities of dramatis Empedocles. 
The noise in communication and the noise in memory. 
The copula brittle with assumptions. Eliot suturing porcelain. 
               Narrative's polarities; 
A 'stochastic' cooling technique invented by Van der Meer and worth a Nobel Prize. 
Order said to accrue to the pathogenic seriation of the atomic lattice 
with retrograde frequencies that tone rows expose. 
The waves' incisors tearing at the break 
               While "Consciousness can only come upon the grave of its life."
                          Descartes' "immunity from metaphysical surprise."
Narcissus mass produced in the tank. Leering drones winched on light. 
               To maintain continuity, 
                           the Great Chain 
                                      to thermostat from human being 
                           Must reject that Thales' lodestones have souls. 
"The problem of Rationalism as an historical problem."
Mercury's calibrated belief molded with Pygmalion intent, 
                            Plucks the rose in the iron dust, the petals scent 
                            Announcing affection in withering figures 
                            Fluent with discretion. 
Logicians determine not to express time through their own deaths, 
But to improvise terms for eternity buried in motes of self-interest. 
             The symbolic terrain backlit with bomb light. 
Any contact within the field confounds the distinction between earth and grid, 
                            Deactivating the planetary syllogism. 
             Blind suffering, pain and bewilderment
             And re-intoxification through the analytic.
             Crystalline, the immortal lattice authentic but for death.
             Genetic rheum clouds the vile.

                            "Validated" by Newsday, it was confirmed
That the CIA "introduced"
              African swine fever virus 
                      Into Cuba in 1971.
"500,000 pigs slaughtered to prevent an epidemic."
Fort Detrick paid $100,000 per year by the Agency in the early sixties
"For a supply of BW agents and delivery systems."
"Do we but supervise the world-death
                                         being dead ourselves...?"
                        Gabriel de Mussis, 1348: "The Tartars fatigued by such a  plague
And pestiferous disease, stupefied and amazed,
Observing themselves dying without hope...
Ordered cadavers placed on their catapults
And thrown into the city."
                          The orders came down
          To scavenge the mortuaries
               And forage missiles
                       On the heights above Kaffa.
Rags lashed to our faces against the putrefaction.
Rheumy stews tenderhooked into the slings
               And launched into Kaffa.
         Kaffa which had resisted for three years.
"Bodily death causes the body to stink."
Von Neumann distinguishes himself as the source
In order to distinguish himself from the other.
        "Spiritual death causes the soul to stink."
         Kissinger extinguishes "the other"
         In order to distinguish himself as the source.
               The axis of his Madman Theory Def Con I
               For which Herman Kahn
                      Scripted a sequel ;
               "Think of cells going ON as births,
               And cells going OFF as deaths."
Escape the legacy of carbon
              In the redundancy of silicon.
The serene delusions in the agency of brute force instruments; 
The product of the "indescribable assumption that I myself
                                    Am the point at 0,"
So that "Materialism overlooked
That with the simplest object the subject is assumed,"
"The subject-other having the nature of a contingent irreducible fact."
The genius to automatically tether Erebus to technology.
                   To incorporate that expectation 
                             And to reinforce by numbers
                   The efficacy of our wholesale investment.  
And in the intolerable absence of the "subject-other",
The flotsam and jetsam of data dissolve 
            In a ubiquity
In which fact is the agent of myth.
The anthropic springs from the ontological 
            As an option, an alternative
That must reserve judgement unto itself.
To resolve myth,
Zeus and Hephaistos, while engaged in patricide,
introduced Europa-altering technologies.

                 "A man can be dangerous 
If he doesn't care about money."
          Secretary of Commerce, Kieu Samphan, fired
For refusing to accept a Mercedes as a bribe 
                In exchange for issuing a trading license;
A Khmer wraith. One of those the U.S. embassy dubbed 
                The "Three Ghosts."
The muthoscopic resists analysis.
                 'Breakfast' followed by 'Lunch',
                        'Lunch' by 'Snack',
                                'Snack' by 'Dinner',
                                        'Dinner' by 'Dessert'
                                               'Dessert' by 'Supper'---
                       The bombings collectively known as 'Menu'.
Etymology automated for secrecy's sake.
                 Genealogy intimates a common ancestry 
                 Which code names are designed to immolate.
"Booby trap to automatic ambush."
"Troops used to bait enemy" a phrase "never to be used."
        "Now I see," said Sam Daniel, "When there is opposition
       Made to all things in the world by words
       We must now at length likewise fall
       To contend for words themselves..."
Figurative and etymological displacement.
An epistemic red shift, the defoliant of Fibonacci's jungle.
        2, 4-D and 2, 4, 5-T spoofing the growth hormones of plants,
                And the plant literally eats itself.
The Ouroborous becomes a noose
                                                       Gobbling its own caboose.
Rome "plows", not plows at all see Waswo, From Vergil to Vietnam,
             Then see Hesiod.
       "Quantities not simultaneously observable"
And the formation of strategy.
Pesticides, Operation Ranch Hand and oncomice,
Du Ponts Nemours
Plays the game of carcinogen and cure.
Wittgenstein's homily, "The limits of my language
           Mean the limits of my world." 
And "All of occidental culture went into the making of Wells,
        [H.G.] whose benevolent fantasy is yet limited
        By that cultures legend of itself."
"Play that funky Muuusick, White Boooyy.
        Til you Die!" 
                            "Hegel could not be expected to foresee 
                            The full range of phenomena that would 
                            Come into being in technological society." 
But "The purpose and principle of mathematics is quantity." 
"The proof takes up specific elements and relations and 
                                Let's others alone without 
                                Its being apparent what necessity exists in the matter."
"Many simulations of the life world exist...configurations on the screen...
Watch them evolve according to the rule." 
                                 And Cassirer erodes D'Alembert's dream, "that the general system 
                       Of  phenomena is completely self-contained, homogeneous and uniform." 
That "'the drama of existence' is played out 'before light'." 
Reflection's rooted angstroms; a reticular hatchery.                    
Hamlet by La Mettrie "by that harmony which Borelli, a mere anatomist, understood...
                                           The material unity of man." 
But for Nietzsche, "The whole no longer lives at all; composite, calculated, artificial." 
"The thought of logic does not gain insight into rigor," said Adorno. 
And for Kant, "Rigor is proof." And Hardy, 
"Proofs are what Littlewood and I call gas, 
                                 Rhetorical flourishes designed to affect psychology." 
"Reality must be representable as numbers." 
Iterativeness as ritual commutability.
The theoretical framework of computer science and 
The development of complexity of computation rests upon mathematics; 
                Suspends "the charm of sense to habitual moral interest." 
The hermetic drives the physical model. 
To impale upon printed algorithm or painted allegory, the 'Sinn' of form over sense. 
                                    The quantifier obviates humanity. 
"The arguments against intelligent computers as persons 
And against giving them full human rights 
Have precise parallels [from the tables of Scientific Geometry] 
In the 19th century arguments against giving blacks and women full human rights."
                   What Ignominy! What Strange Fruit  
                           Ever crowned capital's advocacy?
                                         What lynched Rocket Nazi?
            To claim martyrdom in profit from bourgeois guild matters 
                           And exhausted metaphors of progress and gain.
                                     Abomination to access the victim's name!
                       Technology is a mastiff burst its leash!
"Land that is left wholly to nature is called as indeed it is, waste." 
After the butchery Eliot insubordinate toward Europe and Locke. 
Even Bolyai, mathematician of parallels, urged, "One must do no violence to nature, 
                      Nor model it in conformity to any blindly formed chimera." 
Ben Suc bombed, shelled, dynamited, burned, bulldozed and the raw earth salted 
                                                         So nothing would ever grow there again. 
Control Data's HES, "a highly integrated man-machine interface," 
Solving problems of subjectivity by being "objective and uni-dimensional." 
Warped Echo of the MACV circuitry---                                                         
"Provide ice cream as far forward as possible";            
                                 Paid $35.00 for the wrongful death of an adult,
                                          $14.40 for a child.                                                        
"Like Fascism, itself, the robots career without a subject:" spat Adorno on V-2's. 
"Millions of Jews have been murdered, and this has been seen as an interlude..." 
A frozen integument, an opalescent moralia of ice. 
      Form iterates the shriek's disfigurement. 
"Technowar required air conditioning for its computers."
              Hawkridge nodded, "The usual racket?" 
              "The usual racket," the Colonel agreed, "War." 
And Major General Smedley Butler testified before Congress in 1935:                          
"I spent 33 years and 4 months in active the Marine Corps...
Being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, Wall Street and the Bankers.
I helped make Mexico safe for American oil interests in 1914.      
I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys...
I helped in the raping of a half a dozen Central American Republics.
                                           The record of raketeering is long.                     
I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers 
       In 1909-12. 
I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. 
I helped get Honduras 'right' for American fruit companies in 1903.
In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.
                             I might have given Al Capone a few hints."                                     

                                          Viruses cannot reproduce in crystalline form.  
Perserverant conduit to the aberrant; the aberrant as resonant conduit. 
"You cannot," says Freud "find your truth in metaphors." 
A context for iterated livery not freedom. "The axis of history 
             Starts in Moscow to Bonn, Bonn to Washington, Washington to Tokyo. 
What happens in the south is of no importance."---
                                 Valdez astonished called Kissinger a Wagnerian. 
Pattern may be perturbed 
                                  But "consciousness can only come upon the grave of its life." 
Pathogen ripples over pathogen. 
                   Images wobble actuality. 
Madison Avenue's Famine Channel
                   With its montage of Cover Girl Death Masks. 
                                  Commerce as a transmittable disease - 
           Its snug epistemologies, 
                                   Conformal illusions and smarmy perfection. 
The corporeality of information 
                    Asymptote to the truth of error. 
The operators algorithms of surrogacy; 
                                    The unacceptable vicissitudes; 
The incalculable benedictions of failure 
                     Or tender, distracted frictions--- 
                                     Just recourse to the flesh.
Schopenhauer's obstreperous defense of Goethe's 
                                     Die Farbenlehre against Newton's frangibility.                
Empiricism spudded in for Sykes-Picot. 
Memory forgot that the indeterminable determines "expressability 
                                     As a transmission process from sender to receiver." 
         But, "unless we have the notion 
                      We cannot know what objects can be determined by it." 
The encoding instant, trope for the evolution 
                                     Of meaning and eigenstate in that evolution. 
All recursion becomes arithmetic; the limited role of formalisms, 
                      For 'no object that is the period endures from moment to moment' 
                      But remains an expression that historical meaning enters,
                                    Taxing as conquest and as passively as light.
                    "Let us not imagine history by formulas 
                                    Nor morality by theorems of algebra or of integral calculus." 
               Clauchy's prohibition ignored by technological venality. 
                                                   (See Summers, "The laws of economics...
                                                    Are like the laws of engineering.") 
With "the minute division of tasks...
                 The need for coordination seized by capitalists 
                                       As the principle occasion and justification 
                                                    For their authority" over "the ignorant 
                                                                  And incapable mass of humanity...
                                       Who by their numbers are urged to become masters;" 
             Viral Bolshevism diagnosed Lansing, Secretary of State. 
             Or Kissinger's electoral process: 
                                        "[I]f the Chileans cannot be counted on 
                                        To vote in their own best interests "           
             That deeply rooted fear and contempt for democracy 
                   That is a hallmark of the elites. 
Wilson - that "the negro soldiers returning from abroad 
                       'Be infected by soldiers' and workers' councils." 
"And not properly instructed in the hierarchies of capital."
              F. W. Taylor, a jejune Voltaire, 
                                       Grafted to an Elk's Club armchair. 
This lion's pawed satyr's "high priced man has to do exactly what he's told...
PICK UP that piece of pig iron and walk, you pick it up and walk, 
              And when he tells you to SIT DOWN, 
                          You sit down...and NO BACK TALK." 
As Harvard grad General Gramajo sees feudalism conformal with democracy: 
"We provide development for 70% of the population while we kill 30%." 
             In Vietnam gathering intelligence through torture was called "making money." 
                        "...Any feature of intelligence can be so precisely described 
                        That a machine can be made to simulate it." 
The entailing trope and contracted metaphor 
                        Behind Linebarger's Psychological Warfare, 
                                         Taylor's Scientific Management and 
                                                     Barrow and Tiplers' Anthropic Cosmological Principle--
Bigots who profess the extinction of bigotry as "fact--the arguments...
                                  Against considering intelligent computers to be persons." 
That Leda bore the larger denominater to begat by integers, fractions; 
Not a shunt into darkness, a whore and pony show grinding in the sprockets; 
But an un-circumcised CRAY, its cock into any mare's socket; 
The missile guidance, oil drilling, coal burning money shot, 
                                   With the spent fuel rod
                                   In a lead-lined geological cod..           
Percy's Priapus Rex; Turing as Casti's castrato; 
          Hubble's imaging problem or SDI.
Musil's "Science smiling into its beard, or first full dress encounter with Evil," 
Insisting that engineers are actually retrograde when they introspect 
Upon their 'qualitates occultae' or ouija of defense contracts 
Versus those barfly acolytes of verbal pneumonics and sentiment 
And their "homeostatic emergency responses." 
                                   After La Mettrie and Borelli "muscles 
Did not extend to psychology." 
By 1979 Minsky's brain had become a 'meat machine'. 
So how "puzzling [is] Poincare's naturalistic view 
[That] issues in prohibitions of forms widely accepted 
And that by themselves have led to no mathematical crises[?]". 
Doubtless "Mr. Russell will tell me that these are not matters of psychology 
                     But of logic and epistemology." 
"The pressure of the particles of one body upon the particles of another." 
"The forms of Atomism beneath the mask of the 'substantial forms' of the scholastics."
                               Dawn seemed in the mesh to be a tubiculous knot.  
"Machines described in terms of psychology 
While minds are discussed in terms of machinery." 
"In order for a strategy to persist in Nature, it must be collectively stable," 
            Which taxonomy is determined by t=x; 
            To exist beyond t at 0 requires a text 
                  Comprised of "quantities generated from moments, 
                  Which are only the nascent principles of finite quantities." 
Order signals causality; the insulator of Ch'in Legalism or McNamara's measures;
                   "Numbers are a language to me."
Bombing interrogatives 'aimed' at the Viet Minh 
                   Based on assumptions of self. 
In the iterated Prisoner's Dilemma game 
(Li Kuei's penal code based on physico-mathematical applications) 
        Whatever B does, it is in A's interest to confess;" 
Called the "Pay-off matrix"--"Cooperation", "and no back talk." 
Here in the materialist shallows of empiricism, 
Popper condemns Utopians for their theoretical prayers. 
The Age of Chronos, an age Hegel declares 
                              "Without moral products." 
Plow, drill, mine, trawl--every harrow incises a crypt. 
The reflection of Narcissus perfected in the introspective effigies of the sarcophagus. 
              Bebek's "causality provides both tightness and looseness; 
The former because one object determines another in some respect; 
The latter because it does not determine it in every respect." 
              Goedel's reduction ripples with accreted strata: 
That no matter by which road you leave Vienna 
                                  You find yourself in Austria for a while. 
Wittgenstein "left to the process itself 
The exhibition of the theory which is implicit;" 
Expressive of meaning, water's kinematic state, 
Through which reflections invariably look up. 
That existing and only partially accountable exigencies 
Which collapse attempts at Utopia are 
The same ones which would have to be overcome 
For Popper's rationalism to succeed. 
Insulated currents polarized by theory. 
"A redefined human intelligence by AI--
                            Life in terms of what is programmable and computable." 
Language representable as numbers. "Reality representable as numbers,"
                                           Where no one means what everyone thinks. 
"No facts to be reckoned with either within private consciousness 
Or the brute elements in the flux of events." 
Consigning perception to psychology and 
Preserving the meaningfulness of psychological sentences 
While "abandoning any account of their meaning." 
As Carnap "relativised the absolutist and Kantian program of Frege and the Tractatus." 
Only the Universal is self-contained and the Universal is withheld from consciousness.
                              For Quine's Odysseus requires a ship,
                                       And the ship requires a sea 
                         And the sea; 
                               Well, the sea
                                   Requires a theory.
"Rather, logic rests on the abstract combinatorial possibilities common to all languages."
Feyerabend sees the above as an attempt to "impose a physicalist language 
Over an obfuscating psychologist's one;" e.g. Kahn, 
       Moist with cycles of self-loathing, asks "Would you prefer a warm, human error...
                   A nice emotional mistake?" "In logic there are no morals."
"Look over the edge," McNamara said,  
"In thermonuclear war we cannot afford political acrophobia." 
The sky-hawk with H-bomb slid from the deck, crushed by 'icy rationality'; 
"Logic absolutely presuppositionless and...absolutely uncontentious." 
        !!Logic = "the art of disputation or controversy." 
                   Reason, too, requires its mythology; 
As Wheeler, "to observe the electron...shatter the glass...reach in...
                                                                          Install one's measuring device;" 
Against Husserl's probity, "The lack of a consciousness of foundations is...
                                   A lack of responsibility"---
        "True under all constant substitutions but false under universal qualification." 
"Weyl recognizing before Goedel that classical mechanics was unrescuably fallible"--- 
                     "That truth does not flow upwards." And to err is to divine. 
                         Bruno consumed in the censer of the Church 
                                            Rocking like a burgher's purse. 
His infinite universe that admits no higher or lower; 
Or from the rustic Scolio, the spirit, 
"Man or woman suffice that it be a mouth, is entitled to share in Life." 
Locke's 'Enclosure' utter in the 'Strategic Hamlet'.
                   "O, Mosquito," whispers Phan Van Tri,
                   "You've rested on jade mats and ivory beds.
                   You've stroked and kissed rouged lips and powdered cheeks.
                   You've spared no child, pampering your mouth.
                   You've hurt poor people, glutting your paunch.
                   When a good swatter someday comes to hand,
                   I'll pay you for your crimes without a blink."
 And of all wit's renascence Bruno forecasts,                  
           "The time when those men to whom our follies were communicated at their expense
                                                               Will return even worse fruits of such perniciousness."
"The Argo destroyed the judicious separation of the world's shores." 
Tongking, Annam and Cochinchina; "once order is commenced 
                      Everything must experience order." 
Accidents of geology suffer the Genius of Trade. 
States rise by cunning portage and borders are grazed into being, 
                      Reciprocating an epistemology borne on things; 
Raleigh confusing "the riches of the world" with "the world itself" 
A savage banality, pasquinade of the fallen state, 
                      Not of grace into sin, 
                      But of nature into ignorance. 
Locke's bagatelle, 
                   "The negation of Nature
                   Is the way to happiness."
          "The Founding Legend of Western Civilization"
But after the butchery, Eliot's desertion: "Fear in a handful of dust." 
                   For 500 years, a garrote with an escapement. 
"Flip through [On Man]," Lacan suggests,
"And confirm that what Descartes is looking for in man
                   Is a clock."
The afterlife ratcheted to earth. Novelty for paradise, 
                              Mortality for hell, and ennui's obdurate purgatory. 
                       Seneca "Time...
                   When the ocean will open
                        The barrier
                       Of a new land."
                    "Or Vasco Nunez
                        Standing alone
                          On the peak of Darien."
Simms in his books rubbed out the native he saw. 
"Logical comparison made only between sentences;" 
"No facts to weigh either within private consciousness 
                                        Or brute elements in the flux of events."
                             Lightning cuts the power at Rand. 
Lights out, computer's down, the back up generator's fail. 
Herman Kahn, between the Kiwanis and the Apocalypse, 
                       Grips the wall. Cinderblocks fractaled pitting, its 'pathological' feel, 
Inductive Yggdrasil, leafing space and time. 
                             "It is not my world," Kahn, secretly envious,
                        Had told the terrified woman. 
But "if I thought my answer were to one who would ever return to the world."
Justifying one percent additional deformities by the existing four. 
A Mars of sophistry; self-proclaimed oracle of nuclear war, 
Proposing mandatory health insurance and property taxes to abet the civil phoenix. 
Death's moment borne with the idea. 
"But since from this abyss...(designed by systems analysis) no one ever came alive, 
I have no fear of infamy..." "No facts to weigh within private consciousness." 
"Observation belonging to psychology or general biology." 
The relativity of beliefs and institutions; Ayer of Carnap's Logical System: 
"Whatever else they were, philosophical propositions were not syntactical;" 
                    Nor etymological.
The bloody blade of Bernays wiped with a Webster's:
Propaganda:1. A society of cardinals,
                                  The overseers of foreign missions
                    2: Hence, an institution or scheme
                                  For propagating a doctrine or a system.
                               Von Neumann to Shannon like Odysseus to Telemachus, 
                            "Use the word because no one knows what entropy is, 
                             So in debate you will always have the advantage."
And Olson, with a suppurating wound like Philoctetes, yelps, 
                    "Don't be pretty about what is shrewd."
And Satan to Maltefeltro, "I'll be bound that you did not think I, too, was a logician." 
In the smoothness of a monadology, "one does not ask the most intriguing, exciting 
          and important questions" much less the honest ones. 
"The object at least five powers of ten away from the sizes of really elementary entities;" 
"A concept of which we have a certain intuitive idea, vague, unscientific and imperfect." 
A continuous system approximated, divided into discrete cells, 
Everything in the cell treated as if it were in the same state, "the digital trick"; 
"Pure analog mechanisms not suited to the very complicated..."
And the correspondence of mechanism with complexity. 
                                                       Abiotic parameters
Appropriating an epistemology of procreation; 
          A stimulus organ; 
                    A coincidence organ with the truth function, 'p & q'; 
An inhibitor organ, 'p & not q'; 
                          A fusing organ, a cutting organ; 
          'The eighth part a muscle'; 
                         And for the randy 'new man', 'a rigid member' that 'carries no stimuli'. 
"These neurologically inspired computational processes" 
"Trapped in the grids and geometries of that saint of masochists, Euclid." 
So "Also, syntax is exactly formulable in the same way as geometry." 
The Vienna Circle "technically pointed the way 
                      For the engineers of Design and Total Control."
                             Corsi e ricorsi. 
Systems are arbitrary.
                     A chaos that arises from an Initial State,
                     Is a Chaos that has arrived too late.
        Take Vollmer's 'virtuous circle', 
Technologies which free the study of the self from subjectivism. 
Cognitive vultures circled, but in Vienna, Wittgenstein slipped the noose.  
Barnacling feedback. Isomorphism's accreting to the horizon's keel. 
                       Exoskeletal fractals---
                       Dread Anthropophagi! Specks of Living Bronze,  
                       The teeming reef, now, 'ichabod',
                                      At 1,000 times the rate of natural extinction; 
"Denying that the concept of truth is wider than the concept of provability."                  
And since mind does not make itself, it is ignorant 
                                Of the form or mode by which it apprehends itself.
"Harder to copy existing automata than its description." 
"Yet requires a "description of x ... as complex as x itself."  
"Not a vicious circle" but a "virtuous circle, 
                    Installing rationality and critical examination." 
"The abstract routinization of physical labor, 
With objective 'scientific' knowledge for the design and coordination of production." 
Before a Congressional subcommittee F.W. Taylor was introduced as the "enemy 
Of the working man" who, ignorant of the suffering he caused, 
Had to be restrained from visiting his 'comrades' on the shop floor. 
And Von Neumann amplified upon the atomic clock 
To conscripts at above ground nuclear tests. 
"In one month throughout the south, the U.S. fired a trillion rounds;" 
50,000 rounds against every man, woman and child. 
                 "We may have to destroy Vietnam to save it." 
Logic's irredeemable hermetic tautologies leech into the nature of things; 
           "Method in which science is relatively free," 
           By virtue of the circularity of theory and description; 
       Discretions determined by instrumental realism and its epistemology. 
"The aggression of Scientific Management, in Taylor's mind, 
       (By virtue of its orderliness, its conformity) 
                                   Was a scheme for promoting harmony." 
                                                A pacification program.
But "Physics [is] less certain than mathematics 
For we must investigate that which we did not make," 
                   Stripped of subjectivity by mathematical quantity. 
Eight million tons equal in explosive force to 640 atomic bombs 
                Of the size used at Hiroshima, more tonnage 
Than in the combined allied theatres of World War II. 
          Though no iteration is actually formal, 
          "Principles gained by intuition turn out to be false," 
          As though stranded on some ultimate and paradigmatic Aetna 
          With which the current canon shares no history, 
          But a correlative loop immanent to the helix, "a final assignment of predicates." 
Four color mapping of the regions of the brain. The rind of winding sheet. 
'To say' assesses order, assigning time to undifferentiated bias. 
Weave in the coordinate's shroud. "Point de vue du demiurge." 
"The fundamental differential is deterministic and in involution and 
Its generality index is r(2)  + 32-n, as in the case of the physicists." 
                          But "Cherokee was the bridge I crossed," while 
The oracular eye was amortized among algorithms; 
"No encompassing structure of meaning to organize its disparate processes," 
"Because systems are devised to be self-contained" and 
"The consistency of the types cannot be proved in the theory of the types"; 
And thus "for the demiurge, relations are not equations but identities." 
The observer speaks for the object; 
So Leibnitz: "God is to the mind, what light is to the eye."  
The first postulate of Euclid's optics, "the rays emitted..." 
The object buoyant in the sensible perturbation. 
"On the griddle", in the laser light; "Route Package I, V, and VIA"; flight pattern. 
"The earth sizzled from the concussion." 
"In a sense, the interpretation of the image is the state of all the neurons in the system." 
"The 16 identities "of absolute parallelism." The command fibers of AI. 
                                 "Meaning cannot derive from the language of quantification." 
It cannot admit a desire that lies outside of all possible choices. 
"Linguistic expressions equivalent to geometrical forms;" "objects which subtend..." 
           The shadow of Cerberus,  an ascending Chinook. 
Cultures steer by collective irony. Immutable present of the ego, apodictic of the bowel. 
The Styx ferries the sewage of the portolano, the mappemunde. 
As the stern spun passed the bow,
The Mekong emptied into the mouth of the Mississippi. 
                   The world beaten onto a shield.  
                                    The shade projected his own scaffolding, for who, these days, 
Is enlightened by the Calvinism of Tiresias? 
Materializing in the darkness, beyond the headlights, propped before the 'Null Set'. 
"To proscribe reason in order to make way for revelation, 
                                      Would be to pluck out one's eyes 
                         In order to better see the satellites of Jupiter through the telescope;" 
           Diminishing obliquely Oedipus and Agonistes. 
Descartes' ecclesiastics, "geometry and mathematical science," 
For Husserl "the hidden scholasticism in Descartes' Meditation," 
Situating the mutable conclusions of Brahe, Kepler and Copernicus  in 
"The ideal of geometry, or more precisely physical mathematics." 
Lichtenberg's Pisarro, the Canon "armed with reason and geometry" 
"To throw out all the rubbish." 
Nature, a shore of foggy transcendency discovered by analysis. 
"Descartes' purpose to make room for science-- 
Clear the decks of all philosophical and theological hindrances." 
Axiomatic under the herald of ego cogito, 
The Individual, Reason's optimum reductio. 
The heads erupted autogenesis, a magma of  lips, nostrils and lobes. 
The transcendental seismic of taste, odor and sound. God, an aerosol; 
Metaphorical creature held in abeyance by a pronoun,
           "Its priest-- the enlightened philosophe;
            Its flock-- the esprit eclaires                                                      
                                 Et bien intentionnes;
                 Its divinity-- the concept of force;
                 Its infinity-- the conservation of energy;
            And its picture of reality--
                              An increasingly rationalist
            And immanent concept of self-consciousness." 
Leibnitz' non-ascribable monad and 
Coval's text lying face down in a post-Leibnitzian, 
               Post-Enlightenment pool of self. 
History, pseudonymous aqueduct, strewn with the flotsam of 'fact', 
Accelerates along times covenant, fruiting in forms fed by vertigo and light. 
That History, the set of all histories, ripens beyond the hurtling text, 
All such texts awaiting the ascribable, the Final Judgement, 
"The dialectic was able to become the form 
                            And the interior movement of philosophy 
                                                  From the time of Kant, 
Only through a redoubling of the millenary space 
From which philosophy had always spoken." 
"Personal individuation stops only at solipsism," 
"The abysses in a calculus are not there if I don't see them."
To interface with the faceless polyps of La Mettrie;
To collapse the arterial system at Cu Chih;
Reinforcing the res publica christiana with "an enlightenment plurality of autonomous monads" 
And the polyhistor's integration into an intellectual and political unit.
            The Academie Royal des Sciences controlled the press and patents
With the purse of Le Roi Soleil. "The modern state and modern science," wrote Dilthey, 
                    "Are one." "The Republic of the Universe, immutable, whose monarch is god."
"Telescopes, microscopes and improved logic" "ornament our Sparta."
"Sterling mediocrity grows ever more mediocre, science ever more profitable "
"Understood under a dative category "
"Dem ersten dem ging ein Licht auf."
And "If development of the Hydrogen bomb is possible, 
                      It is out of our control to prevent it."
So that his appetites not come to account, Teller, like Kahn;
Like any pornographer insists that he is eclipsed by 'nature'; demand.
        Then the money shot; the 'lingua franca' of the industry.
"The object whose eidos is determined by the iterative reduction."
The temperature at the epicenter, 5400 degrees.
The flash the mind processes sealed the pupils.
The experience below duration for triggering. 
          Memory blebs in nightmares.
The mushroom flipped by the hourglass in the eye.
                   The eternal millenary in the half-life of radium.
Anxiety keys the reduction, "the suppression of a peculiar concomitant state."
De Muralt notes "that the reduction is simply carried out 
As soon as language is considered on its own account."
"Modern logic is free of any naturally given syntax."
Objectivity advents a noetic schema that Maturana and Varela isolate as discrete;
         Cellular, such that "Any experience without anxiety can be described as known,
And thus serve as a basis for the functional notion of time."
"And Galileo did not ask of Euclid the origin of geometry"
                        "Geometry present as the tradition of millenia."
Autopoesis being the design of viral praxis - mercantile and therapeutic.
"The philosophical nonsense of a purely empirical history
And the impotence of an ahistorical rationalism."
Galton tested the efficacy of prayer,
            Experimentally. Goedel, in 1930, described mathematics as "faith in theorem."
The quantum of action where no stars exist, 
            But where the need for stars remains undiminished.
As Professor Jones observes, "given the distances covered by other seafarers,
                                                               The Polynesians for example, 
                     The [Iberian] voyages are less impressive 
                                        Than Europe's ability to rationalize them "
"[T]he adventures and misadventures of the transcendental motif," the material discretion;
The transcendental "in a sense of that word that Kantianism cannot exhaust,"
                             Corrigible only by caliper. 
The object whose eidos is determined by the iterative reduction. 
"Assessment possible only because scientific/technological
Systems reflect the way the world is presumed to be."
            Exploitation disguised as economic esperanto.
                      The empirical predestines, so Hume predicts.
Von Neumann's quantum egology, 
           "That a full knowledge of the object is not requisite, 
                     But only those qualities which we believe to exist."
"Scientific truth is governed by the ratio formed by science."
                     And "Pluralism legitimates itself by censure."
An "appeal to hierarchies, standards and criteria."
Questions of being made urgent by the half-witted successes
                Of the perceptual failures of technology.
                "Progresses...Pyrrhic victory over nature."
                                              'Nullius in Verba,'
                                              nullius in actio,
                 But in administering the record of actions.
Within a Molotov's toss of the Lenin museum, the Metropol
         Where businessmen infect the prostitutes,
Sasha mused, "In the Soviet Union we had sex but no pornography,
         But now we have pornography and no sex."
And seeing no books Olga said, "Of course, it is apartment of military."

                                 DAWN'S FULGURATION
                  Sunday: "The thorium precipitated from the solution
                                And the alpha emitter stayed behind."
                  Seaborg stepped out onto the balcony
                                 To vent his lungs. Lightning stoked the sky.
                   "Working again past midnight on Tuesday, Wahl
                                 Filtered out a precipitate cleared of thorium."
                    The new element with the atomic number 94,
                                 The uranyl nitrate hexahydrate, UNH,
                                 Was rendered more radioactive;
                    "Their fifth and sixth precipitations finished on Thursday."
                    Frisch's success, 'die Blitzen und Blicken', der Einblick
                                 "Less than a millionth of a gram of Np 239",
                    "A speck of matter God had not welcomed at creation."
Grit conceives the pearl. 
The meat commonplace, beauty's aberrations rare. 
        The Flash. The Forbidden
In its first bolting  incarnations, shapely,
                 As the cloud palls a speck of grit;
       Bikini Atoll. Suspended in the bondings
Of family, state, and war,
"[Leucippus] thinks that the [atoms] hold on to one another ,
 Until some stronger necessity comes upon them, 
                           And scatters them apart."
"The 'stronger necessity' created by atomic clashings;"
            "Every macroscopic state explicable by way of some atomic state;"
                    "Every macroscopic event by way of some atomic event."
Ignoring the commutative necessity "whence 'the holding' originated."---           
         The achieved universe that was Bikini Atoll. 
            A chiasmus of suffrages
                     That "the stronger necessity", mathematics, conceals.  
            A pearl of Reason's conception.
"Otto Hahn, a lieutenant in the infantry
            At Ypres helped install the gas cylinders,"
                      However "shocked" he claimed to be by the organization
                             Of a gas warfare unit under Haber.
Like Grove's 'eggheads', objecting to uniforms and military rank.
                 Haber, Hahn and Franck, 
All later to win Alfred's Nobel, Dorn's Dynamite Prize,
                  Joined a squad of industrial chemists from I.G.
And Hahn, "the wind was favorable [echoing the age of sail]
                  And we discharged a very poisonous gas;
                  A cocktail of chlorene and phosgene,
                         Against the Russian lines "
                                                 "The illusion of history
Can be given by symbolic allusions
         To some 'undiscoverable' but hardly mythical Thales"
                         But it was "by investigating the sense of the pure
                                And infinite possibility of historicity,
          [That] Europe has awakened history to its proper end."-- 
"Carbonyl chloride hydrolyzed to hydrochloric acid in the water-saturated air,
                       Deep in the bubble tissue of the human lung."
           "Reduction is thought's own disquietude toward difference."
Periodically reducing the world to rubble to reassert 
           Trades astonishing 'objectivity' where "people are
                        Imprisoned so that prices can be free."
Money like numbers 
           With its occult properties
                       Counting gravity or gryphons;
Its ethos of opportunity cancels into the technos of carnage.
Haber's precipitate: "a scientist belongs to the world
           In times of peace but to his country in times of war."
So where was Einstein to receive Heisenberg's warning through Bohr?
And Doctor Clara Immerwahr Haber who from
            Shatterered hymen to suicide
                    Was abandoned to the transcendental--"Europe
            Incarnating in it's purity, the Telos of all historicity;"
     "As gas hastened the end of the war,"
                     Thursday, August 20, 1942,
             "The first time that element 94 
                      Has been beheld by the eye of man."
By its precipitate, historicity, Europe 
                                    Has awakened history to its own proper end.
            "That such a heavy nucleus bursts."
Phosgene, uranium decay, Hahn, building his eves among the cataclysms,
             At the news of Hiroshima "shocked and depressed BEYOND MEASURE[!]."
                            "Beyond measure", 
             "As gas hastened the end "
And McNamara imagines, "not to quantify what can be quantified is 
             To be content with something less than reason."
Such that "Positivism chopped off the head of philosophy."
              Pullets in the barnyard of Bouilee.
                       "More than pedagogy it was 'demiurgy'";
"A world objectified in advance through idealization and construction."                
100-200 MeV, spikes much larger than the background of the Alpha particles.
Liebow with the Standard Casualty Rate computed
              That Little Boy killed 6,500 times more efficiently 
At "only about two units [of information] per millisecond,"
Fingers scuttle keys bursting into iridescent shades. Graves Register,
       By sampling, keeps pace with the genocide it interfaces;
Each function replaced by an algorithm,
               With algorithms combined without regard to original function.
From the imposition of the matrix to the superposition of the matrices.
The canalization of thought; it's elidings; it's quanticides.
Rewiring the head of Constantine toward the deliverance of the neuron.
"This ensures [the computing machines] ability to generate their own ethic--
      Not merely to be good, like the virtuous savage, 
      Because they are so made that they cannot break the rules, 
              Nor, like the gospeled or inspired, 
              Because they were so instructed by their fellows or their creator." 
Thus, McCulloch's feedback redigests John Endicott.
Penrose's "positive pp score" "to propagate genes", 
                         Founding the fossilized record.
Each exclusion overdetermines the ontology;
       Reason confined to fractures, to weaknesses in the field.
Time in Aristotle is mistaken for itself,
       Purging that "more matutinal dawn of what is not yet born,"
That discomfits "thinkable thought"
                     Nor is ore for techne.
Utopias epiphany protracted into narrative.
         "Narrative is the hunt," Eisenstein said;
And Popper, "Let our conjectures, our theories, die in our stead!"
     'Expecto resurrectionem mortuorum et vitam venturi saeculi.'
As Musil jabs: "Hunters would not dream of calling themselves
                                   'Butchers of the woods'."
              Nor scientists 'coroners of Nature'.
"Not much importance need be attached to the way
               An activity is mirrored in the consciousness
                         Of those who practice it."
        "When the Demiurge set the heavens in order,
He made the moving image of eternity according to number 
This image we call time."
                 And so the Demiurge elided to account. Dawn strobed,
Algorithmic kinema; functions of perturbation;
The impossible suzerainty "of a Tyre brothel,
       The 'thought' of god scattered throughout the broken vessels;
The fallen Sophia 
             Whom Simon restored and raised up to salvation."

"[A]n appeal to reason is about a 13%
                                           Appeal to reality."                                       
                                Foucroy leveraging against the terror
Which sought "to rise to power 
                       By marching through the debris
                                Of human knowledge..."
"Reason has its passions of which the heart knows nothing."
            Shards in a heap
                       Annunciating the ontology of order
                                Iterated over the lineaments of accident.
Plato's benign transmission missing information; Shannon, 1948/1963)
"The entropy of a probability distribution p
           On a finite space x is..."
                 The mimesis. Time
As necessity against the gnostic's "doubly malign interpretation"
           And "transmission through catastrophe."
                  "Time as a lie"--
                           The conforming instrument.
          "Not the violent conflict between parts of the truth,
          But the quiet suppression of half of it.--
                 ("A selection from some repertoire of random events
                   Without being random in its turn")--
                                         Is the formidable evil."
Popper's diplomacy of ideas
       While the world fights for the freedom to starve.
As the campesina said,
"We have to beg for the money
                           To bury our dead."
The Epoch of Expectancy; the cashiered Hmong,
                "Without ancestors, from what would one descend."
                           The Imperial helix?
                                  Ponce Enrile, Emilio Ponce
                     "Kung Hsi! Merci!
                              I know all foreign tongues."
                           The tributaries of rape;
                      "Raveled skein of silk."
The Cahiers de Doleances
                                      Could not weigh the greater tyranny.
"Without heaven and earth, from what would one be generated?"
                                                      Strategic Hamlets? 
           "Paradiso terrestre;"  the "social revolution" 
                     of Gurney, Briggs and Thompson in Malaya,
                                Lansdale in the Philippines, 
                                           and the conquistadors' Encomiendas.
"That conviction...[as] precondition,
                      The enabling fiction
            That the legend has long provided, 
                      For [the] advocacy of ethnocide.
"Whatever we do to savages,
                     Whatever they lose,
                                  Is necessarily an improvement in their condition."
        The progress palpable Saigon official's "primary interest is money."
                   $42,000 for the removal of Diem.
Effectiveness, a dividend of mass terror;
      "meeting quotas" by deadlining "the defenseless;"               
                     The raw numbers of Colby's 'Enterprise'.
"Incompetence and chronic irrelevance 
                                  of the 'intelligence' system,"
             Generating "perfectly accurate distortions,"
Adding up the data. The experiential enigmas inherited
                      From Lansdale and Thompson.
"Khan, cannibal and Carib share the same etymology."
            Between chauvinism and quantification,
                      Ignorance's epiphanies; exact fictions.
                On a bubble of numbers, 
                The VC and NVA 
                Order of battle doubled.
      "You know," calculated Colonel Hawkins,
                        there's a lot more of these little bastards 
                                 out there than we thought there were."
Among our most pragmatic 
       We have our most unselfish 
                     Existential provocateurs.
"To the end Columbus believed 
He had reached the Far East."
        And didn't "Hegel hail Descartes as the
                       Columbus of philosophical modernity?"
             "Ordered, prescribed, 
                    Ruled by the epoch of cogito!"
The havoc of the transcendental,
             Trimming the object to its taxonomy,
                           So that men die, anonymously, under the rubric of beasts,
                                       Robots are solicited as a class of humans,
                                                  And beasts, at their extinction, are granted counsel.
"[N]eutral instrument of formal systems...
             The choice of certain instruments
                           Which builds prejudice into a theory."
                    Dante charted the gravity of his descent
                     Within the archive of Florentine assent.
                            "...[S]tared into the gloom
                            Along the path of the sound
                            Back to its source."
The doppler between description and the thing described which
         Clots the literature of scientific teleology.
                   D'Alembert for one dimension,
                            Poisson for two, 
                                  Kirchoff for three,
                   And "only for N=3 is gravity
                           The distinguished interaction."
Raphaelesque Head Exploding,
Her serenity, her innocence, her qualities,
          Hyperbolic in their obsolescence,
          Endure, precariously, frozen in a mock kinesis.
"Since Von Neumann's attempt to develop a theory of self-replicating machines
          Which would apply to any machine
                     That could make a copy of itself,
                               And a virus naturally falls into this category."
                From the imposition of the matrix
                To the superposition of the matrices.
                          The end of the world
                          And the endless rehearsals 
                          For the end of the world.
But up til then, nothing on the scale of Fermi's wager;
Eyes tripped simultaneously, Serber, Morrison and Segre:
                "An overwhelmingly white flash!" 
                "Overwhelmingly bright light!"
                "Unbelievably brilliant flash!"
       For an instant, Sauls of their own agency,
       Glimpsing the terror of  the Cartesian deity's Credo Reductio.
       (Fifty pounds of plutonium aboard Galileo.)
                 "...Bright as two stars," "cracked the fat man."
The truth of all truths
                  And dianoia quickly done with truth.
The set of all sets
                 Generating Goedel's gnostic analytic;
That reasoning cannot modulate
                 Without allusion to an immutable other;
As the logical corresponds to the actual;
The ravines between canonical transformations,
                  A cacophony of metaphor.
        The tunnel system at Cu Chih;
Between policy and El Playon;
Between Jornada del Muerte and its poetry.
"The word weaker than the nature it has deceived."
                  "Representation exchanged for the fungible "
                                                Universal substitution,
                         "Confounding thought and mathematics;"
                         "An automatic self-activating process;" 
                   "An impersonation of the machine"
                   Such that rights for machines transmute.
          "Cognition modeled after experimentation,"
                    "Assuming its telic dimension."
Pierce's "precise analogue" between
            "The law of natural selection and 
            The law of supply and demand."
         The superposition of 'darwinian' states
         Where  "the maintenance of forms
                     And the preservation of individuals 
                     Only coincide by chance."
The Visible, mailed Hand;
"That P[ositivism] has come
          To exercise a kind of
                     Shaping hegemony..."   
Bernays, 'Permanent Secretary of Propaganda',
           "A trained technician, who analyzes public thought and trends"
For "a leadership democracy administered 
                      By the intelligent minority;"
          Whose Secretary "by the power of giving
                      Or withholding information
                      Censors the news."
"In Guatemala and El Salvador
          Censorship is hardly necessary:
                     You have to be rich to own a newspaper
                      And on the right politically 
                                  To survive the experience."
      "If we publish, we perish," cracked the late Myrna Mack.
With "the Enlightenment (where gods interpret reflection)
      Whatever does not conform to the rule 
                    Of computation and utility is suspect."
And "controversy may rage 
       As long as it adheres to the presuppositions
              That define the consensus of elites."
What, in the humanities is called a tautology,
              In the sciences is called a 'result.'
The superposition of matrices:
"The conscious and intelligent manipulation
       Of the organized habits and opinions of the masses
              Is an important element in a democratic society."
"Banks are more dangerous than standing armies," weighed Jefferson.
And Pindell's "manipulative power structure
        That launders its corporate images 
              Through culture."

        "Sir Robert Thompson,
                Head of the British Advisory Mission to Diem,
                      First suggested Strategic Hamlets."
The Briggs Plan, designed and implemented 
                By Sir Robert and Sir Henry Gurney
                      "The largest social [engineering] revolution in Asia:"
Stealing the progressive thunder from the Communists,
               Whose great blunder, according to Barber, 
                       Was to impel the British to introduce the Malays 
                                To the involuntary altruism of Strategic Hamlets. 
              During 'rural pacification,' 
              When "as a system of signs," 
              Language was detailed to calculation;
              To decipher nature
              By destroying all claim to her. 
And, like the Americas, the 'depopulated' areas
                     Became 'the Free
                              Fire Zone.'
As Admiral Felt felt, the "South Vietnamese should achieve
                     Victory in three years;"
Victory defined "as the situation wherein
               The South Vietnamese controlled 
                     90% of the rural population."
(Ho's projected percentage of victory in the '59 elections.)
               And contended Felt, "Diem controlled 51%,
At which Bernard Fall 'marveled' "at the ability to define 
               The loyalty of villagers in percentages
                      Where no census had been taken in thirty years;
When in American business or electoral terms,
               51 percent of the stock or the vote
                      Constitutes a 'controlling interest.'"            
"Body count-11,000, captured-748."
'Programmed Bombing'; "343 wounded by 'friendly fire',
                                25 by the enemy."
       Phoenix, Speedy Express, Pink Rose.
Paul Nitze, at Hiroshima, calculated
                      The horror of himself,
                      "Put calipers on it," his hieratic head;
                      The phrenology of a perfect sphere,
                                 Spoiled as where a termite bores,
                      With bug dung for organs of olfactory and aural
                                 Iced with insect eructations;
                      And two photo-motive contusions
                                 Plugged with blowfly suppuration
                      And a mouth garotted 
                                 Into its jaw.
The leap of eschatological discourse from religion to science;
                       The executor.

The target is the "subject...
Of Jewish extraction,
And has a fondness for delicatessen stores;"
                       The U.S. Army Counter-Intelligence Corps
                       Probing Leo Szilard, June 24,
                                                    "The MACV
                        Location plots for B-52's
                        With Loung Phu village at the epicenter;"
          "Losses triggered programmed" bombing.
          The omnipresence of market consensus;
Bentham, Mill, and their redistribution of Newton.
           In the Times for February 27, 1990: 
       "Americans United In Joy But Divided Over Policy".
Substituting Nicaraguan elections for the end of the "Vietnam War".
The subject asphyxiated beneath a superimposed headline,
        A set of formal assumptions that allow
Marvin Bush's gesture of dirty needles and defiled urine bottles
        To be recorded as philanthropy,
The transcendental, a boilerplate of unexamined shapes,
         Myths and obituaries.
"Since predicate logic is not Turing computable,"
"No 'Jewish rule' can be pretended to exist;
Omnipresence displaces omnipotence
So that a different outlet for his power fantasy
Is sought by the image ridden subject,
Ideas of dangerous mysterious ubiquity,"
Of which an ubiquitous expropriation determines the field.
          Discounting the ambitions of Moravec, Bernays wrote;
"An automaton cannot arouse the public interest.
[But] a leader, a fighter, a dictator can;...a charming candidate
That can transmute a prosaic platform
                     Into the gold of votes."
His Novum Organum against "Vexing nature:" 
A Locke for strip malls;
"Good government can be sold just as any other commodity."
Like Eisenhower's Lovett hawking the Cold War;
          A Goebbels for 'the democracies,' pondering
"Whether the politicians of the future
                      Will train politicians who are also propagandists,"
           Integrity at the discretion of those "who are responsible
           For maintaining the prestige and effectiveness of the party."
Guatemala, 1954, Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Mongoose, Indonesia/East Timor;
Murders and their countless incremental distortions and lies
           Until truth becomes the iconoclast.
For "being dependent upon certain politicians,
           The newspapers are obliged
           To work in harmony with their sources."
"To see a hundred corpses, or five hundred, or a thousand.
           To have stuck this out and...
           To have kept our integrity,
           That is what made us hard." Himmler,
And so Martens, of the U.S. Embassy's political section,
"I probably have blood on my hands,
            But that's not all bad,"
             Already inured in the western muthos
             To a million butchered in Indonesia. 
      As the Times rigs consensus;
             Those who through murder try to extricate themselves
      From "the process of fate and retribution"
                                 "Having negatively fallen in love."
               How "quickly PPS-4 operators learned
                                  To discriminate among the tones,"
               A woman's "fuzzy swish-swish
                                  From the way her hips swung."
               "The pip-pip-pip if some-
                                   Thing broke into a run."
"If the manufacturer can educate the public,"
       Reinforcing through 'patterns of experience',
               Stereotypes "mediated in themselves."
       "The movements that machines demand..."
The corporate Ponzi of carcinogen and cure.
Carnap, although in early opposition to 'the War',
        "Reconstructing rationally all possible scientific statements about reality
                Without having to materially refer back to the given 
                       Behind elementary experience."
Experiment regards its objects as destined;
         "Only the relevant features of reality
                  Hav[ing] been represented."
A "carry about" jungle of Cartesian idealization,
         Evolving, epistemologically, instincts 
                  Based on digitized ellipsis.
Or Adorno's interviews
         On the 'persona' of 'the Jews'.
We "are treated as objects,
         As terms of a mathematical equation."
Like 'the War', "the solving of a series of technical problems,"
         "Body counts, kill ratios -numbers that appear scientific.
                   Yet these numbers had no referent in reality." 

         Or became negative referents, 
                     All "features of reality" as being, being relevant.
Galleano writes of the Chicago School in Chile,
"People were imprisoned, so that prices could be free."
          Hegemony concentrated in the beam of reductive certainty.
"E.g. X will win a fight to the finish 
          If and only if X(0)/Y(0)<the square root of a/b."
     Or 'the people sniffer', an instrumented nose
     Running a 'field component analysis' on shit.
          Impotence announced
                  In the sheer invention of it.
As undigested prey,
                  Photomotive chlorella pilots bursaria.

                  At the keel, his tunic boiling,
                  Spattered with the salt spittle of sirens,
Tiphys, scorned, glimpses Odysseus 
                              Hectoring Achilles in Hell.
        And the rebuke, "You Odysseus, the heel
                       Who preserved his life by forfeit,"
                 'Embalmed in deceit',
Manning your craft with extra's out of Tiresias's scripting.
        Windy fractures prime the sails
                     Vaulting hagiography's tumescent rigging;
Techne voided into the void. 
         The orbit evaporates into memory.
Language as sailing tinder;
              Tropes spark a hearth on the sea.. 
For the candor of a few cinders he
                      Scuttles "the undiminished whole"
        (The eidetic with its open transcendental)
                  And "thereby loses everything"
                         To invention.
"Abstraction, the tool of enlightenment,
            Which treats its objects as did fate: by liquidating them."

Odysseus glimpsed the order;
                   The phenomenological arrangement
That the "I" is a collective,
            Gated like Sargassos of photonic current;
Or a hive, a species homeostat;
Or vermin brought to light in a breastwork of skulls.
      Not "implementations of high-level algorithms"
But "strong metaphors, nay, exemplars,
             For what is a selfless self:
A coherent whole that is nowhere to be found
And yet can provide an occasion 
For the coordinated activity of neural ensembles."
        The Great Chains of Cognition; parochial and sheer
    Result in a mollusk in Buddha state, 
        Ignoring the exercises on the discrete
        In Parcelli's "Ontology of Accident".
Neurons, "a network of overlapping ensembles",
     An algorithm of mating fireflies
        In an aphotic field since the cognizer insists
"The melodrama of existence [is] played out before light."
Nerve's emulsion condescends to time,
               "Becoming polarized in entities;"
         "The perceived, the remembered, the judged
                And the pleasing as such."
"An organisms maintenance of its basic circularity."
         Its 'identity', an autopoietic Sambo
Dissipating 'self' in a vertigo of 'nows.'
        Varela's "hinge" that presumes consciousness,
To deny its efficacy in the "rise and decay of neuronal self-organization";
        Not Gibbon nor any of us Vulcan's who, upon reflection,
                    Sat that 'hinge';
The gate's joint; its embrace. Its being, a seal.
        Tiphys's sagacity revealed that, 
              The climax of savagery is the embarkation;
        And embarkation is the wheel
                     And the weal.
The "I" of the poet "is a gross extrapolation,
        A billowing in the "I" of cognition.
So that Minsky scolds the invented "I" where none exists;
(While 'what exists(?)' is positively murdered in this.) 
"Focusing on the moment is no longer identical to the pure datum;"
           But an empirical manifest, an "extrapolation" nonetheless;
       An "I", a "vIvIsystem", both are discretions 
                Deracinated from the same series.
      'Englober', the idea of law nested in the idea of cause;
A spawning glossomorphism, airborne
       Like bacillus in aerosol.
    The Gesetzlichkeit of Q'in, the Academie, Wannsee;
                  Formal methods originate this savagery--
The projectile milled free of its consequence
           Whether intentionally or cognitively,
No one tipped off by the progressive excesses of certainty.
The shrinking tolerances designed 
                    To cheat the death 
                         Of invention 
       While the Empiry of Chance
Ironizes through that 'hinge', the media,
              Its political, economic and social intentions.
       Cause cuts. Law cauterizes.
The pathologies of formal systems,
    "Cautiously divided acts and meanings 
    Stratified like stones."
        "All the static ontological doctrines;
        All the restorative organization of being."
"The mathematical ideal exempted from contingency;"
        Prosthesis for a rationalist wound;
As light's breach broaches two descriptions 
             The Doppelsinn of Wittgenstein,
             Pronouncing lay icons, images,
             Painterly with ambiguity,
             As telic as identity.
"As Lichtenberg has shown in his excellent remark,"
       "Shall we say 'it thinks' as we say 'it lightens':
       To say 'cogito' is too much
              If we translate it, 'I think'."
        "It is practically necessary to assume,
                    To postulate the I."  

Quantum's mysterious predicates
          Suspended in a statistical gnosis 
               Such that "god is identified with humanity
                        And creation with machines."
So despite the Papal Bull of Paul III, 1537,
          Which forbade Christians to think of 'Indians' as less than men,
     The Peruvian philosopher, Deustria, believed
           Indians were biologically "incapable of development...
                        Machines and cannot be anything else."
The materialist conversion of the imaginary
Inverted in the Conquest's discovery of A.I.
        'Indians' = machines.
                If machines = humans;
                      Then 'Indians' too can = humans.
         The Evolution of the Enlightenment Franchise. 
Cognition's chameleon on a mirror,
      Appropriately reserved for that
          "Materialist conversion of the imaginary"---fashion,
And more importantly laying bare the limitations
       Of the "observatory or laboratory: 
           Truth's little workshops" toward the "other."
Experiment? the Universal mirror/chameleon system.
The precise "reveries of the inward gaze."
Narcissus plated to the inner surface 
       Of a hollow, polished sphere 
            With a shell of uniform thickness.
                 The point of origin gliding 
                        Under the canopy of its  projection.
"The role of formalized languages in semantics"
        And "of isolated systems in physics;"
Laboratories, "little workshops" of "sufficient reason" "a cause
       The whole of which, no more or less,
               It shall be possible to recover, 
                        The whole effect by analysis."
"The principle of identity applied
               To the existence of objects in time."
       For reversible as well as irreversible processes,
               The Lucretian principle,
           "Out of Nothing, Nothing comes"
To those who will stop at nothing. "Scientists want...
       Merely to be allowed to go
            Where their knowledge prompts them." Photomotive?
Certainly, 'sufficient reason' to obviate fluctuations 
                That are stable in the sense of Lyapounov,
"Provided it is understood that x(t) is now
                 Part of the internal dynamics of the system considered."
        "The natural invisibility of causal connections
                 In a complex system of interactions,"
         Measured in Angstroms,
                 And "distanc[e]...rendering them invisible to the actor."
Bauman conflates the properties of CERN with those of Bergen-Belsen
         Auschwitz with Hiroshima;
         Leaving only the hagiographers of robotics to 
                 "Mak[e] invisible the very humanity of the victims."
Mathematics' appetite for monadologies---
                 "Moral sleeping pills"---
         Has led to these brutal manufactures,
Uniquely rationalist and Enlightenment;
         Still Searle would know 
         What Kant and Whorf say 
         You cannot know, 
     Even as Searle's method conforms to 
     The extinction of agents of that knowing.
Thus, the metaphysics of Realism
      And Realisms Nominalist critics. 
The sciences' palpable heterophobia, 
      Their fear of contradiction,
            From without, and of terror of the object 
                 Always reincarnated within.
The idea of individual freedom
      Fundamentally at odds with 'the Calculus'
            Re-mixed for those stressed for success
                 As time-saving appliances.
That a system, linear or not, is a fancy, a conceit.
Could science's special relationship with the Transcendental
       Simply be a license to kill?
Because a world organized around denominators
       Is just paying lip service to experience.

"In Shawnee we have to forget
      The English type of lexation and 
             Fall back on the perceptual situation."
Factored 'among' the leafy bifurcations,
      A six-toed Shawnee "negotiates bronchiating phenomena;"
              Linguistic slag to resource management;
        Stubborn and irrational resistance to monoculture;
                "By treaty, [the Saw of the Law],
                         cleared for logging."
         Fouilee's index, "Predict,
                 Or be swallowed up."
Mathematical augury;
        "Two regimes coalesced at     =    ,
        But were differentiated for     >    ."
And the phenomena of bifurcation became associated
        With catastrophic changes and conflicts.
        "The fatality of the incomprehensibility of death
        Transferred to wholly comprehensible real existence,"
                Through which "the maintenance of forms
                        And the preservation of individuals
                                 Coincide only by chance."
"Lodgepole pine instead of polycultures of fir, spruce and cedar."
        Representation is neither a thing nor the thing in itself.
    But " 'awa, a common Shawnee term, denoting a forked outline,"
         Provides as Labriola says, "Nature...the ambience which envelops us all."
But Rorty, using the tone of universal fiat,
         Public address from the static and parochial subjective "I",
         (See Searle above)
"Does not wish 
         To suggest
              That western ontology
         Is a product
              Of a few mistakes
                     In the philosophy of language."
Nor "that western religion is a result
              Of the failure to understand that existence
                     Is not a predicate
              And that their can be no atemporal causes."
Though "ideal forms grounded the 'defect'"
         Of constant speeds superimposed 
               Upon the 'ecliptic motion of the sun'
"And led Hipparchus to the quantification
               Of controlled empirical observation..."
And when we look, as Don Ihde does,
          At the current situation
     In which humans increasingly understand themselves
          To be machine-like
                Or even to be machines."
For instance, "the Pitts-McCulloch description of the nervous system
      Fueled the ecumenical debates of the Teleological Society in 1944."
Chess playing 'computing machines' "not merely...good
       Like the virtuous savage, because they are so made
               That they cannot break the rules,
Nor, like the gospeled or inspired,
               Because they were so instructed by their fellows
                       Or their creator."
                               From Mysterium Iniquitatis of Sinful Man
                                             Aspiring into the Place of God  
"The god interpreting itself through its own imago."---
              "A maintenance of forms approximating the atemporal."
         Will von Neumann stand as the Father and as the Son
         Who won extinction for our sins.
                The demiurge in an apocalyptic doppler
                Lodged in a catechism for automata
                       Who, like Emerson, dreams
                       Of eating a World.
The 'other' spliced into the apperception;
         "Entities characterized by a set of properties
         Whose dynamic role resides primarily in their relation
                    To the exchanges between
                            The system and the environment." "No,"
from Vasconcelos, "We have not considered techniques
                    For resolving the Indian question.
         We are simply going to treat them as human beings,
                   With Christian principles."
"Il est permis aux seuls Chretiens d'etre meutriers,
                Perfides, traitres, et s'anarcher
                             Les uns contre les autres."
Non-linearity is just another insulation.
Phobic padding; hermetic and exclusionary.
       Irreversibility, "a property
               Essentially responsible for the reproducibility of events
                       Utilizing systems in contact
                               With a complex or even unpredictable environment."
        The long fuse of the Yajuasgu. At Brillo Nuevo
                Vampires belly-up to the missionary's cattle. 
An evolved alienation sufficient to hallucinate
        "An indeterminateness that possesses a determinate structure."
        Coordinates of desultory attachments grounded in aspect.
A sampling that "consequently possesses the trait of openness."
        "The layering out of the horizon
                 And the ever new horizons that are awakened."
        Thus disturbed yield to 'discovery',
                 To 'penetration' of transcendentals strewn by perception.
"The mind forced to conceive reality 
                  Through the principle of legality;"
        "What reason has deposited in the object."
"The abstract self, which justifies record making and systematization,
         Has nothing set over against it but"..."the world
                                  As a giant analytic judgement;"
    The abstract material which possesses no other quality
                   Than to a substrate of such possession."
But Quiddity bears no calibration; The Prime, no detail;
        Whereas patterns of systemic vectors dictate perturbations
               And fluctuations are defacto perturbations. 
The bureaucratic iteration of cells 
               That impel the 'Game of Life'.
The organic restricted to systemic frequencies:
        Chauvinistic, brutal, xenophobic, authoritarian, sentimental quantity.
The alarms in Goedel's and Tarski's Gewissheit=Inkonsistenz,
        In Heisenberg where consistency creates uncertainty;
        In Bohr's Agonistes; in Einstein/Podolsky/Rosen;
        In Whorf, Wittgenstein, Kant and Hegel;
In Oppenheimer's retreat into non-linearity, "the irreversible
                 Confluence of the bomb's creation."
         Up the blue flue over New Mexico,
                  Willed the tendons and great stalk.
         Joyce's buried 'Yggdrasselmann'; 
                  Odin in his 'bruckhooley carane',
         "Remounting aliftle towards the ouragan of spaces." 
"The [necessary] whatness, the quidditas of a thing;
         To undertake this enormous act of obliteration."
"Just how grand in cardinal rounders 
         Is this preeminent giant, sir Arber?"
"A sufficiently rich system or not:
                   Freedom from contradiction is a defect."
                                  A Mal Function
            "For its justification
                                            "Your mind
                                            To apprehend that object,
           Must transcend itself,
                                            Divid[ing] the entire
       Universe into two parts
                                            ...[D]estroying itself."
                            The object 
                                             And the void."
Not Descartes' 'taxonomy of knowledge',
           But as Vico, theory: "minuere 
                  Means both diminution and division."
           "Human truth is a line drawing...
           What man arranges and makes as he knows it."
           And which Wittgenstein's shadow puppets distend;
                       Profile, chalice, Profile again.
The mind weaves between length and width 
              A nominalist depth.
              "The reversal of figure and ground."
"Weave[d] algebraic patterns on his engine
              Just as the Jacquard loom weaves flowers and leaves."
      Respiring, the animae expire.
      Newton's god perdures as lord,
       A precipitate assigned a power.
              A sequence of 'punched cards'
                        Guiding a universe;
              The lifting cords of a weaver's loom
               Attached to the sleeves of the weaver
               And the measure of his room.
"The rationalization, fragmentation and routinization
                            Of mental and physical labour."
"A primordial act which created the object
                Whose eidos is determined 
                             By the iterative reduction."
The fire base, a tonsure in the jungle:
                Whereas anima, once, 
                             Regulated the process of vegetation,
                      Now, appropriated to shape a simulacrum.
Now, the 'esprit de systeme', "the body regarded as a machine...
        Made by the hands of god."
                  The body in effigy.
        Geometry's iterated space  
                Habituated to reason
        "As a universal agent
                Which can serve for all contingencies."
The siren's shill of omnipotence. Odysseus suctioned at the mast.
        The beating engine of the non-enfranchised crew
                That like all colonial arrangements
        Pulls the ruthlessly fetishistic elite through.  
"The division of labor...applied with equal success
        To mental as well as mechanical operations."
                Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations
                In M. Prony's 'calculating' "meat machine."
"Hierarchy, sequence control, and iteration"
"Reproducing the structure of capitalist production"
                Where "self-interest is the strongest monarch"
                            In the Republic of Bernays;
Where "men who live by fantasies are manipulated
                By other men who rule through them."
       And woman, corseted in the compulsions of
                             Addison, Mandeville and Montesquieu,
       Desires a new gown for thoroughly 
               Selfish and whimsical reasons,
       Setting tradesman and artists to work
               In ways beneficial to society"
the 'morality of the market' "in no way commensurate
        With the triviality of her motivation."

          "In the past, man has been first,"
"In the future, the system must be first." F.W. Taylor.
         Natures razed for their potential for economic counterfeit.
     "A closed system of causes and effects,
                Of reasons and implications...
                         Nothing accidental or arbitrary."
      "So certain is the autonomous self-consciousness
                 Of the transcendental unity of apperception"
       That its intolerance increases with its Universal application,
       "Wasting little time over concrete difficulties."
                 Leibniz as court historian at Mainz was anxious
                 About being "in the service of powers
                        Concerned with anything but 
                        Scientific precision and objectiveness."
        But the practical outcome of 'the Calculus' was favorable. 
Scientific rationalism "entirely in the service of absolutist interests;"
         "Entirely in conformity with contemporary events."
FACE IT. Enlightenment vagaries about 'individual freedoms'
         Have long been voided by the market demand for the calculus.
"A conceptual 'wall' in which all contrary data
         Become transformed into information
                 That affirmed Technowar even as it failed."
         "The engine eating its own tail."
                  "A double reality structurally produced by...a system
                            Of official reports full of scientific indices,"
Hard against 'tunnel rat' Sgt. Morton's experiments
          In the strobing fictions of flickering horizons;
Pitch-black high-noons with snakes, scorpions, punji sticks and VC
          Bringing to light the hysteria of America's rationalist teleology.
"...[O]nly five feet four, slender and wiry an ideal size for a rat."
          "Why would I want to crawl on my belly just to line the pockets
                     Of patrician shits like Robert McNamara?"
"Not surely in accord with man's dignity which
           Kant sought from 'government influenced by free thought.'"
                     Thus, unpopular with his draft board
                                 Read Smedley-Butler on the wages of war.
      Rand corporations victims incinerated at x cents a head.
The marines ordered to burn millions
            In cash during the evacuation of Saigon.
                     Money changes hands.
500,000 tons of ordnance spewed onto the Cambodian countryside.
       Which by Congressman Woodling's apologia
             Did not "accelerate the course of the revolution"
       Because our bombs hit them all[sic];"
                      Stumbling upon experimental destiny's
       Staggering calculus for apocalyptic terror.   
                       "Three coordinates needed to locate the object
              At each of a sequence of times," 1, s(1), s(2), s(3).
          Shell trajectory, ENIAC'S raison d'etre.
                  And for reason, the 'study of being' is surd.

         "Descartes' god is the name given to a hidden history
...[A] would function
                As a necessary reduction of empirical history
                       And the natural world."
"A path of variations
                In the reading of instruments" und
           "Das Zeichen lebt nur im System."
And "Babbage's god is a programmer,"
                        An interdicter of impulses and
                        Indicter of passions,
            Instituting "those unique degradations
                         Which follow upon categorical assumption,"
                 The discretions 'of command.'
     Grazing, beneath the 1,000 ft. level,
                          The gunships;
                                                 Colonel Barker at a 1,000 feet;
   Major General Koster at 2,000;
                                  And at 2,500 Colonel Henderson,
                  Buzzards all day over My Lai.
"The avoidance and denial of complexity, 
            [Or the appropriation of the term]
The elevation of an atomistic view of human beings,"
            And "the universalization of limited psychological phenomena
                   Are components in AI inspired efforts"
       To iterate, to package robot hegemony.
The immutable discretion of the nominalism of number
       Creates the historicism of the fine structure constant.
Mutable discretions occlude expectations,
       The unpredictable conventions of immutable self-interest.
Around Rach Bap the Americans
               Using napalm and gasoline
           Triggered a monsoon;
and dammed the river at Soui Ca by 
           Immersing the hamlet's stores of rice.
          "The conversion of all questions of truth
                          Into questions of power...[that]
                 Has attacked the very heart 
                          Of the distinction between true and false."
"The confusion of epistemic justification for psychological explanation."
          A robot oozing up a flight of stairs.
          Autocracy's syllogistic metastates 
                 Discarding by mountable increments.
The steps of Coatescalli where "the victim carried a bag of gifts to the sun."
          Where according to Andres de Topia,
                 "Montezuma suggested placing the Christian images
                 On one side
                                    And leaving the Aztec gods on the other.
      But the Marques refused."
           The term 'victim' inappropriate
           As is 'martyr' or 'celebrant';
           No translation to circumscribe intent.
"The Aztecs above all having communicated with the world"
           Until enlightened by the "liberal fiction 
                     Of the universal communicability
                              Of each and every thought."
           "Anencephaly, a result of dioxin poisoning," 
                                      According to Dr. Phuong.
As "Christianity seeks to be universal
                      And is thereby intolerant."
"For thyself art first, and also the last."
       "So the nosce teipsum becomes an imperative
               Of vital import and tragic sanctions."
"Donc la seule physique qui compte c'est
               La science de l'homme
               Et le concept l'Etat par extension."
        The set of all sets.
A Two-Headed Mastiff straining at the Great Chain;
One head churning the haunches of Final Cause
           With the icthyodention of verites de raison.
God's muzzle thrust in an apogee of Perfect Pain.
None other need be assessed,
           Such that every fusillade against the Moor
           Affirmed the State as guarantor.
"Christ came not into the world to teach logic."
           Leibniz offsets faith in a harmonia mundi,
"From the consideration of indivisible substances, and especially of God."
This "Love inspired faith in which confidence in the Son is safely ensconced."
            By reducing "all human reflective activities to a set calculus."
Hardy's portent, "that 'the finite cannot understand the infinite'
            Should surely be a theological
                        And not a mathematical war cry"
Awaits Wittgenstein's eclipse:  "the 'finite' that can't conceive the infinite
            Is not 'man' or 'our understanding,'
                                                       But the calculus."
Automating  "a bureaucratization of the scientific community,"
       Formed "from widely shared and elaborated theory,"
             "Providing discrete and robust venues,"
            And "analysis [that] must suppress contradiction as best it can."
Eliminating Meyerson's La deduction relativiste
      For making too much of the fact that geometry
            Must naturally play a role in science
                   That deals with the displacement of bodies."
And La Lumia citing Einstein's precedent--       "A confusion in Meyerson's claims that Relativity
                   Reduces physics to geometry."
Though incidental to his Newton studies, Koyre finds
      "Physics cannot be reduced to geometry," but
                   "Is not Einstein's theory of relativity
                   An attempt to merge matter and space, 
                            Or, better to reduce matter to space?"
Par example geometricians a outrance.
            "Rose in the iron dust."
The cast of nature shapes the loathing in analysis,
       As Peters informs on Hobbes' "mistake
                   In equating the method of geometry
                           With that of physical science."
Then immediately retrograde, "It is misleading 
        To stress, too much, the role of observation in science;
        For most [of its] great advances...have come about
        Through the postulation of unobservables
                              To explain observables.
               Galileo's "perfect spheres moving in frictionless planes."
"The Pythagorean theorem, the ideal Objectivity-, exists only once."
                   "Faith in a harmonia mundi."
"Einstein does not reform the space and time
                           In which our vital life runs its course;
          How formulae, in general, how mathematical objectification
                   Receive meaning on the foundation of life
                           And the intuitively given surrounding world."
The geometry of Euclid howled to Pythagorean refrains.      
          The scales of Platonic and Neo-Platonic strains.
The self-evident geometrical ballads of Descartes and Hobbes
          Like their adversary's monads are
                                                 "Irreducible and hence irrational."
               But "by bringing the system back
                        To an identical state of  its components"
                               Become revocable "in a three dimensional Cartesian space."
A necromancy under time's transcendental, the moon.
         Autopoietic but not tautological.
                  Answering a toss with a toss.
Advancing as the intelligibly real within fully actualized reality.
         "A space whose dimensions are the relations of production
                              Of the components that realize it."
"Only in the system has the sign any life."
         Only in its taxonomies.
The idealizations that secure the appearance of progress.
         The zoo-logical park of 'objects.'    
                    While "Only partly intelligible, the real
                    Contains elements that are irreducible."
         As "quantum sets its bounds to continuity and objectivity
                   And contains something 'unassailable'."
For truth, coherence is cadged against future failure,
              Predilected toward the prohibitions of monad or monotheism.
"In effect, deductive-nomological explanation 
               Is taken to be an extreme case
                        In which the probability assigned is one."
The axes of first principles and final causes
              Around which time trips in crags of data,
       And a white, dazed expanse, once filled with eidetic twitterings
              Goes silent with the manufacture of sound.
The explanandum; a grillwork of assumptions gating a grove.
Causal dispositions which must be brought to determinateness.
"How the bodies themselves, as concrete, become determinable
Through approximations in respect to their ideally possible occurrences:
             All this  a matter of discovery in physics 
             A matter of the passionate praxis of inquiry."
Causal machinery of the mathematical object;     
                      Arithmetical castings for geometry.
        "Reality rejects the identity to which reason
                (By mathesis universalis) would reduce it."
        The bald transcendental dimension of nature and man;
                      By aerial ogive of the Annamites
                           Or Taylor's time-motion schedules,
               "Technology is making gestures precise and brutal
                                 And with them men.
                      It expels from movement all hesitation,
                                Deliberation, [and] civility.
                      It subjects them to the implacable,
                                Ahistorical demands of objects;"
                      To "the philosophical nonsense of a purely empirical history
                      And the impotence of an ahistorical rationalism;"
                            "To what is programmable and computable."
            The campaigns of Babbage & Taylor,
                      Of McNamara & Minsky, 
An Avernus reimbursed 
            With tines and punjis,
                      Of epithets and death threats 
       Aimed from the shop and the killing floors.
            Wilson chaired hearings to crush the 
                      Most recent revolts.
       At this writing on November 5th, 1916,
            11 Wobblies and two police slaughtered
                      In the Everett Massacre.
       1400 strikes in 1893.  
Reason amortized in a system
        Serves as an exponent for corvee.
        Bernays' slaves to satiety
              Globalize unmitigated misery.
"Dornberger's production orders set the schedules
        By which the slaves at Nordhausen were worked to death."
              "The Jews...a ticklish 'problem'."
"The term taken from the sphere of science" to promote
        "The impression of searching responsible deliberation."
Adorno and Horkheimer seeing "science 
         As fundamentally idealistic (not materialistic
                   As one would expect.)"
Making early detection and prevention possible, 
         But for the material...that ideal
                   For which 'high energy'
                           Has been expended,
     Paring matter into an aether of responsive forms.
     "The exemplary index of scientific geometry.
     The intention of objectivity" capable "of solution;"
     An "extreme case of the deductive-nomological explanation."
     "Traditional logic substituted as the apriori norm
                    Even for this subjective-relative sphere of truth."
                             "[T]he scientific principles of [the Holocaust's]
                                           Internal management."
That something as circumscribed by consciousness
           As a system
                    Could ever be anything but linear.

                    Function flattens to a narrative coherence.
"[N]ot..., what is,
                But what is convenient to assume." "While
      The surface is immediately given,
                I mean more than it offers."
Desertification on the Boot Hill of Narrators.
      What are the minimum components required for identity?
                 How  long before human subjectivity 
                               Constitutes the world?
                 The "royal administration predicated a single postulate:
       To communicate through the realm
                                The justice and charity of the ruler."
"The control of public opinion is a legitimate extension of politics."
       Han Fei, Bernays, Naude, "It does not seem appropriate to me
                   For the least of the population
                                To have too much news."
       A back bent over the serrated curve of quantity
                    And the corvee of nationalism.
        What contempt elites have for the people.
Aronson hawking a Latin America
                     That has to "liberalize its trade policies."
A continent that has hemorrhaged its wealth for five centuries;
         "A four dollar return for every one in American aid."
And with 'globalized' plunder, starvation again 
          Hopes to reinvent Nicaragua
                     Using the Sandinistas;
As Chavez in Venezuela, the FMLN in El Salvador,
        Cardenas in Mexico, Da Silva in Brazil, Garcia in Peru.
"The campesino bends his knee to Christ and Kennedy,
                But bends his ear to Fidel."
While Lovett chuckled, "If we can sell every useless article
         Known to man in large quantities,
                We should be able to sell
                        Our very fine story of a Soviet threat."
         So that "Two days after Truman signed the A-bomb directive,"
Nitze, already reading from the script, asked
                        The Policy Planning Staff:
          "Was there an increased possibility of Soviet aggression?"
LeMay and von Neumann pressing for a first nuclear strike 
          To Lewis Strauss in the hall outside the committee room.
In the return fusillade at worst 40,000,000 American dead
          Insurance claims would be difficult to file, Kahn said,
                         So the actuaries were on board.
Game theory, and in a game the opponent is essential.
           Each move elevates the lie. 
                         And nothing below a third tier lie fits the glossalalia
                                    Of the Post and the N.Y. Times
           Secreting the crimes of "overpaid managers
                         Who removed themselves further and 
Further from the realities of the shop floor
            Into the solipsistic world of computerized
                          Management and control systems."
     "...[A]nd I broke through the surface of savage Pelucidar,
     But when a stationary sun hangs at high noon
     And there is no restless moon, stars, time is measureless..."
Westinghouse's promise of endless daylight bombing runs,
              With orbiting mirrors that 24 hours a day
                      Concentrate the sun upon Vietnam.
      "Echelon's beyond reality" was a grunts gloss
                      For command decisions.
All reflection beamed in volleys of instrumental detachment.
       Command structure. "In history," Francis Jennings observes
"The man in the ruffled shirt and gold laced waistcoat
       Somehow levitates above the blood he has ordered 
              To be spilled by his dirty-handed underlings."
              "These fought in any case,
              And some believing,
                          Pro domo, in any case...
               Died some, pro patria,
                           Non "dulce" non "et decor"...

               Walked eye-deep in hell
               Believing in old men's lies, then unbelieving     
               Came home, home to a lie,
               Home to many deceits,
               Usury age old and age thick
               And liars in public places."

Nitze's manifesto, NSC-68: "The assault 
                On free institutions 
                             Is world wide."
And completing the syllogism, "The U.S.
                   Is the biggest threat to world peace." said Reverend King.
Witness that in the Post and Times
                   General Stillwell is granted the power
                              To redact historical fact,
        Exposing as murderous projection
                   The self-indulgent reflection of men
                               Whose efficacy risks no more
                                          Than the surplus of their privilege.
Callahan's hagiography-- 
                   "Nitze relied on the 'concrete reality' of numbers"--
         Is von Neumann's or La Mettrie's nostalgia
                    For a conscious and incremental
                                Return to the organic;
Infinitesmals scarred over with rigor.
         A calibrated vitalism, utopian in its denial;
                    Treacherous toward context.
How intent obscures the apocalyptic
                                 In 'clerkely' increments.
The quantifier's crystalline battology habituates
          That "excellent means of propaganda, statistics,
                                  Which lets facts speak
                            And stimulate an objectivity
                      That in reality                        
                Depends on the legitimacy
           Of the questions asked."
Gehlen's numbers matched Nitze's numbers.
Gadamer exorcising syllogisms.
La Mettrie's "everything
                 Depends on the diversity of the organization."
           "More wheels, more springs, [ptolemaic]
                            'Like the flute player at Vaucanson.'"
As Gilson on the methode 'Cartesian'
            Which "was in large part a clear explanation
                               Of facts that do not exist."
             "The abysses between infinitesimals are disinherited."
And for Voltaire the calculus was "the art of numbering and measuring
              Exactly a thing whose Existence
                                Cannot be conceived."
"A few more cogwheels and springs" urges La Mettrie.
              When number heals over the discrete,
       Man, that "well-enlightened machine,"
               And his effigy will conflate. 
The promise of "Locke's 'experience' 
       Which includes only 'ideas of sensation and reflection'
                      And excludes judgements."
Experience 'refreshed' on the drill punch of measure
       Is sold as the horizon that clear-cuts augury,
But never as the azimuth that vaults the cathedral of war.
       "Recognizing those presuppositions
       That govern objectivism's
       Approach to understanding."
                       With Truman, his shade at Rushmore,
            Projected into the canyon wall.
Laboratory sunsets plot the glyphs
                                 Across the Valley of Death. 
Eisenhower, impaled in the glancing 'pika' of the press, said,
        "Guard against the acquisition of unwarranted
              Influence by the military-industrial complex...
        Never let the weight of this combination
               Endanger our liberty or democratic processes."
But a striker one hundred years before,
                "Capital has overridden the Constitution,
                Capital has changed liberty to serfdom."
And Ho to Harry, "We plead the cause of Annamese independence
                                  According to the Philippine example."
Magsaysay was climatized by a century of 'Pox Americana.'
            But Lansdale had to "invent" Diem
                    Because when the buttons read
                            "I LIKE IKE" 
             Well, Ike "liked" Ho's chances.
So no plebescite until "a clear majority can be counted
                             On to vote for freedom."
             All automata ultimately judged by their teleology. 
Richelieu's "canaille combat the truth for a crust of bread."
             McLaughlin, stuffed behind his desk, squealing,
             We're ALL WHORES!
                     BUT I'M THE WHORE WITH THE T.V. SHOW!"
Renaudot's Gazette, an axiom of Machiavelli
                              Cobbled into an agency of Louis XIII.
And Kissinger's "I don't see why we need to stand by 
             And watch [Chile] go communist because
                       Of the irresponsibility of its own people."
Elections subject to money, power, parties, acceptable ideology;
             Policy as an historicism of political expediency.
"That the real world is external to the observer."
             Mouths the savagely reflexive Henry K. 
Even as Kockelmans absolves scientists and philosophers
                        Who proselytize "that contemporary mathematics
                                 And logic do not have any
              Presuppositions outside themselves;"
         That is the potency of an ahistorical rationalism.
A mathesis universalis, as revolutionary
               As it is centrifuged from judgement.
         Evolutionary, yet a metaphysics
                        For the fossilized record;
               "Entirely in the service of absolutist interests."
    "...Keep the scientists on board," said Hap,
                         Reason has its passions.

                           D'Alembert's trinity of metaphors 
                                             A clockwork, a maze, and a mappemunde.
                           A shield, the Minator and a stick erect in the ground.      
                 The 'ultima thule' of the 'ding and sich'.
                         All is Heimat, all is thing;
                  Explorer's incorporation of disease
                  Or corporate patents on indigenous seeds.
           To calculate; to predict; to reduce existence to historical anomalies.
By  "algebraic translation," 
                 Whitehead's 'simple location', shunt time
                 Onto a spur, "an analytical track
                       That also produces a synthetic complex."
Prolegamenon to taxonomy, cloning mathematico-logical sequences.
                 "The succesive experiencing" or branding with a number
                                     Of  "secondary objects."
Laundering nature into irredeemably debased currencies.
         "The name of Typhon is attributed to the Ferryman of the Dead,
         Tiphys, whom we met in legend as steersman of the Argo;
                  Son of Phorbas, or Hagnias or Hagnios,"
                  A.k.a., the Nightmare Demon, Ephialtes;
          And Charon who rushed to claim Dante's soul.
                           "King Hussein waited,
           But like Fahd before,
                    Mubarek did not return the call."     
Along Basra Road, 100,000 Iraqis shot in the back.
                            July 1928, Ostend, Belgium;
               With a red grease pencil, Calouste Gulbenkian, "Mr. Five Percent",
         Circumscribed the borders of the Ottoman Empire.
               And Kuwait,
                       Where the Americans hankered to operate
                                  Lay outside the smudge;
               The Red Line Agreement, which shaped
                       The pattern of oil development in the Middle East.
               As of February 7th, 80,000 'missions' flown over Iraq,
                                   And Iraqi occupied Kuwait.
The missionaries, "Anglo-Persian, Royal Dutch Shell, 
                       And Standard Oil of New Jersey 
               Cadman and Teagle at Deterding's
                       Achnacarry estate in September, 1928,
               "Divided the world's oil
                Between the three giants
                        By eliminating 'excessive competition.'"
Defying years of "error budgets" and systems analysis, smart bombs
                 Required that homing devices be planted near the target.
The way of policy and pillage;
As god to Pascal, "You wouldn't look for Me 
                                      Unless you had already found Me."

Bechtel's George Schultz and Livermore's Ed Teller
And others on the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
          Protested CIA estimates of Soviet strategic strength.
Bush, DCI in 1976, late of Zapata Oil,
          Hired Richard Pipes and Paul Nitze, Team B
To generate a 'competitive analysis',
          "Imposing a new assessment of Soviet intentions;
          In order to insure superiority across the spectrum
                    Of strategic and conventional forces...
               A formula for endless defense costs."
Warnke's toxin traces but a fraction of their intent.
           Schwartzkopf bribed the generals
                    And by September, Operation Ajax was completed.
Mossadegh was arrested and the Shah reascended the Peacock Throne
          With Zahedi, (once a Nazi...), as prime minister.
A mitotic effect on the Anglo-Iranian monopoly.
And with the introduction of Hoover and the Americans,
          The National Iranian Oil Company was spawned;
A consortium in which British Petroleum's share
                         Was reduced to 40%;
          Royal Dutch Shell held 14%
Gulf, Mobil, Standard Oil of New Jersey,
                Standard Oil of California and the Texas Company,
                             7% each; [and]
Nine other American companies, a total of 5%;
          [Along with] Compagnes Francais des Petroles', 6%.

Nitze, at Salt 1, bartered with the Soviets
                       For stronger radar controls,
          Along with 'principles' which Kissinger revealed
              On the last day of his Moscow trip.
We "will seek to promote conditions in which all countries
                       Will live in peace and security
                             And will not be subject to outside interference."
And immediately flew with Nixon to Tehran.
         16 million in CIA funds shuffled to the Kurds,
                "Simply to continue a level of hostility
                        Sufficient to destabilize Iraq."
And Saddam ascended through a border agreement with the Shah.
                Barzani S.O.S.'ed, 
                       "The U.S. has a moral and political responsibility
                                Toward the Kurdish people
                                Who have committed themselves with your policy."
         Kissinger never replied.
His deputies, Scowcroft and Eagleburger,
               To all appearances, 'gli umidi', but in reality
                       Fry gorging convulsively in the slime. 

                                So rendered was D'Alembert's analysis that
               "Revolution indiscriminately and thus arbitrarily
               Destroyed the crystalline structure of knowledge."
Condillac's Langues des calculs fails to anticipate the abyss
               Between Meyerson's 'identite' and 'realite',
Bridging "the description of empirical phenomena 
                                                    with mathematical certitude."
         "Spokes of rock, crossing from bank to bank."
Lieutenant Feyk "driving through Dante's Inferno."
         "Even the deductive form of science reflects hierarchy
                                                                           And coercion."
                  And with D'Alembert "'analysis' becomes the privileged term."        
           Rand researchers acolytes of the 'rational life'
Claim Nature's estate on an analytic warrant
           By "establishing a group of speakers
                   Whose utterances by definition dominate and control."
     Who model an immortality "by exchanging freedoms
                                                        For self-preservation."
The clockwork, the maze, the mappemunde;
     Circuitry, the binary, strong A.I. the morphology of omission;
           Game theory's opponent assumed to be the mirror
                                          Image of the self.
     "What reason has deposited in the object."
                    "Rational explanation eliminates time"
                                 And "finally diversity,
             Leaving bare homogeneous space"
      A Southeast Asian hall of mirrors,
Victims having the properties of opponents.
       The artillery ratcheted to eviscerate
             Into silence nature's surds.
So Cockburn advances Descartes'
             "Cogito ergo sum.
                          I aim, therefore, you are (a military target.)"
"This war is because of oil."
         That's Senator Bennett Johnston
    Introducing a bill to drill the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
         "You Americans are in the Middle East for oil,
                    All the rest is garbage,"
Affirmed the anonymous Iranian,
      Missing the myriad profit
                     In airing the fire power
And the parts and labor of replacing Kuwait,
      Snug uroboros in the maw of the crude,
Sunning in the sagaciousness of public relations.
      "74% said the Bush administration threatened
                     To impose sanctions before August 2nd 
             While only 13% responded correctly."
Since discretion is a function on input,
       What reasons inform a consciousness that cannot know?
       The auto-capitulation of the masses.
              The "capitalist realism" of the Marlboro Man. 
The crab constellates in the marrow,
              While consumption is writ in the stars.
The thaumaturgy of the deductive-nomological.
               Knowledge presumed through empirical anecdotes.
Hempel's incantatory, "the explanans logically 
                                                 implies the explanandum."
The subject's discrete anima constellated about the object.
         "Thomist ordo succumbing to the organ
                                Of scientific objectivity, the ratio;
        Contradiction soluble by letting the ratio
                     Induce one to interpret it from an instrument,
                                An appeals court for reflection."
              The ubiquitous dentation of innumeration.   

"Virtue demands a millennium in which to behold itself."
And "Reflection...a process in which an existent constitutes
                                     Itself as the unity of the subject."
Identity is form affecting qualities.
         Rumors of an actual 
         Bait a fetishistic electorate.
Goedel's theorem contradicts the institution,
Ringing the echoing meta-denials of authority;
The parenthetical warp; sonar of scientism's ironists.
Servile to  "a metaphysical essence of knowledge in science."
The probability of closure balked to a  legalism.
To choose a theatre of operations that most approximates the model;
As Pascal's god most approximates Pascal.

Scratched by the moon, the grooved sea draws;
The sails wither and a song perfumes.
I "worthy of a world of praise
That dost so high the Grecian glory raise."
"No Man, turn that rowboat 'round,
Pull this way and dig our sound;"
A hot wax of sex, death and destiny.
             Chapman erred in "not a joynt."
             Perimedes increased the captain's bondage,
             Dog collar, hand cuffs, leather mask.
And by the time the Greeks had quit the Siren's Song,
Odysseus had flushed half the half-brother
              Of Telemachus onto the deck.
And Eurylochus witnessed as bonded Elvire might,
The mystique and fact of the fiction of the ruling class.
             The elegant cools to byzantine.
             Order onanizes veracity;
"All your desires have become economic 'choices'."
Your mesmer and treachery tangle and exhaust
                              In profit and loss.
Argo's laps or Odysseus' circuit,
Uroburos, now, T. Boone Pickens' snakeskin belt;
Sheathing mythic ironies of rust and corn;
Unhinged, raizing Welts.
(That Ciceronian pun "Tollendum esse Octavium")
The outer template conforms
To nuclear conceptions at an immaculate theoretical core. 
               "If expressing the telic arrests the subject, Odysseus,
       What in reality is cognized?"
Taylor's "implacable...ahistorical demands of objects."
       The "pure fungibility" of the worker.
               Telos steers cognition by thralls of scrutable power.
       "Lights reception serving strictly the critical
                         Or evalutive by detecting
                                  And eliminating bad moves."
               "The system is arbitrary in its basis."
Corpses choke the seven taxonomies.
        Theory back dates the actual  
                Until, for economy, a system is installed
                         That presupposes the actual.
But as Meyerson knows, "Reality rejects the identity
                To which reason would reduce it."
        As quantua are absorbed unassimilated
                Into the catastrophe of the discrete's oligarchy.
Tautologies grappling midair, the cumulus
                           Of a positivist firmament.
         "A reversal of figure and ground."
                 Evolving a core perfidy.
                           In reduction perception relies
                 Upon the medium of rigorous analogy.
                           So that what is
                                       Is perceived
          In the light that cannot be.
                  To seek advantage where
                            A shadow inhabits a 'there.'
          Empty the shape between state and state
                   That consciousness can only imitate.
The proximate intimacy with a 'fundamental symmetry';
           Forcing "the Heisenbergian question:
                      What is the moral economy
                                Which make certain actions likely?"
             "It is theory," according to Einstein
                       "Decides what we can observe."
              "[I]ts element freedom; its theme suppression.
"[P]resupposing production of life 
                                  In its specifically determined forms."
Discovery as a formal expression of intent,
       Exhorting immortality by accelerating into extinction;
                Such that apocalyptic rehearsals hardly impugn
                The enormities committed in the living room.
         "Even on the moon, where there is no life,
                 Civilization arrived with more care."---
                                  Carlo Zacquini working among the Yanomami
Echoing Gandhi's retort, "Civilization?
                           It would be a good idea.."
And the Post for decades coded the stench
           Of 900,000 murdered in Indonesia,
                  200,000 in East Timor,
To "further U.S. interests." A cess of editorial intent.
           Suharto, that social Darwinist, that entrepreneur,
                   Rendering his people a decultured bouillon
           For ladling by Chevron and IBM.
Said Ol' Dan'l Drew, "If the lions don't like it,
                             They won't eat it."
            The postcard arrived bearing the single inscription,
                       "Dja Karta." Ricardo Stern, Chile, 1973.
      "The carnage had had a pedagogic effect."
             "Alternatives to the bomb existed
                         And Truman and his advisers knew it."
              Two billion made,
              And Japan was there
              In time to school
              The Eastern Bloc.
And Kuwait? A goat tied to a stake
       But Iraq was the real kabob.
And during the fireworks John Q. got his pocket picked 
                         Again. And like a skunked hound
       The flag tossed
                As though to rip the stains from the cloth.
        And the resumes of Reagan -Bush appointees
                Read like the eighth circle of Hell.
                         Having their families surveilled,
They bind god's judgement 
                          To the institutional conformity of an independent counsel. 
         Secular simoniacs. The office of Attorney General,
                         "A vessel for every kind of fraud."
        And through the complex at Langley,
                 Director Gates with its one sex follows,
                         And with its other leads.
         "Forms ready to exchange their matter."
         [by dioxin, female fish with male characteristics.]
False counsel. Pound's sign through the lantern
                                                     Of Bertran de Born.
                   Imaginary conciliare to Il Duce,
         By way of Ahitophel,
                                 By inciting father against son.
                    Absalom against David.
                          The new testament against the old!
To Nature laws are fugitive.
         Tactical dependencies described as certainties
                                  Reveal their habituation.                 
                     McNamara "convinced that once
          Some quantifiable threshold
                                   Of U.S. inflicted pain
                      Was reached,
                                   The Vietnamese would give up."
                       "...[W]ith your center on Skull Hill.
            That's your bit of frontage.
                     Skull Hill's your load."
             "The enormous tragedy of the dream..."
                      "From that tump
                                  Without the wall, project
                                              An imaginary line...
               Cutting Cheese Hill back to this block
               Of silex where you now stand
         And you've got your medium point of vision;
                                              Now hold it."                 
               Plumb beyond the 'other' is arrayed..
          "That's how we keep the walls of the world;
                                  By sector and subsector,
                                  Maniple by maniple,
                                  Man by man,
                         Each man as mans the wall
                                         Is like each squared, dressed stone
                         Fronting the wall but one way
                                   According to the run of the wall."
"Ignoring all differences
                          And all identities
                                   Not related to the selected structure."
         "Things that lend themselves to quantitative measurement;
          Things invested with an importance that distorts out of all proportion."
As computers amplify bureaucratic insouciance.
            Techne's habituation. The appetites
                               Of the criminal justice system.
             The anxiety of self-interest to proliferate
             Within the legalist taxonomies of the police state.
"People were happy with the facade," reported Bacigalupo;
      "Explaining the character's celebrated moral freedom
      As an automatically evolved philosophical appendix of free trade."
The quasi-mythical sentiment of the frontier  
              'Communal enterprise' and 'rugged individualism;'
"A simultaneously singular and universal genesis."
                An encrypted violence cryptic to its perp.
       The Pennsylvania mob that cheered the slaughter of Iraqis
                Embrace Gandhi in Harrisburg-- electorally.
Saint's charity as it might inform fiscal policy.
       "The B-2 bomber can haul a large payroll," blooped Secretary Cheney.
                 "And...petty larceny
                                 In a regime based on grand larceny
                                                Might rank as conformity."

                 So "be joyous, [America], you are great indeed,
For over sea and land you beat your wings;
Through every part of Hell your name extends!"     
        "The great dream of the end of History
                Is the utopia of causal systems...
                Just as the dream of genesis
                Was the utopia of classifying systems."
D'Alembert's Dream,
                The "neural nous of Diderot." Mitotic.
The cortical mirror "licks the mirror of Narcissus."
                The holography of love.
                Fibonacci's care is order.
A thousand vacuum tubes arrayed like the eye of a fly.
      The "Hall of Mirrors" Saigon.
                Shell's seed the delta of intent.
Component's chitin exuded 
                  From the pupa's appetite.
                                 Its jaws abscessing space.     
Surgical strikes shear with scarified semantics.
         Flesh systematically obviated.
                  Numbers absolve intent.
Mathematical proof is the proving ground.
         National security, the higher good.
                  The graph wears a hood.
         The world conforms to the shaping charges.
The individual shattered against mathematical expressions
          And polished for language in commercial discretions.
"All your desires have become economic choices."
          The blood of lambs thickened into gravy.
                    The end of history announces the end of the world.
          The eschatology of reason.
                     The crucifixial bow tie 
                     Of Strong A.I.
          The cortex, the grey goo of nano.
          The millenary conflation of capital with techne;
                      Of money with freedom,
Except for the freedoms that trespass property.
           From Zagorin: "The salvation awaited is to embrace...
                      All the elect...
            It is to occur in this terrestrial world,
                                          Before the eyes of sense...               
            It is expected imminently...and...
                      Is to be total,
                                           Utterly transforming...
             Accomplished through the intervention
                                            Of supernatural agencies...
              After a period of suffering and oppression..."
                       Parodied by World Bank Structural Adjustment Loans
              The amnesiac bankers ravage up
                        Utopian amnesias.
              Today's great folk literature of famine. 

Former DEA Levine: "500 pages on drug trafficking in North's notebooks...
                When your career..." 
                         No, your history is a lie
       You must choose between "self-esteem and the truth."
SDI "overruns as high as $1,025,000,000,000.00."
                 "As high as the stars up in the sky," Saucier
                          Heard greed croon in the corridors.
The debate, a space race of ballooning chimera.
        Sophisms quickly occlude legalist channels
                  Rummaging for a telic canopy
                           Among the bubbles eructed by technology.
        Reasoning for the world
                  Is a magneto for brutality and sentiment.
And the stronger the g's from geomancy.
         The failure to hunt down the ding an sich
         Threatens to expose the terra forming project.
The misadventures of the transcendental motif.
          The failure to manufacture an ontology,
                 And the meaning of the means
                           Of production
                 In the hands of the pedantry.
          The shapeliness of space under
                            The puerile economy of time.
           "That inductive processes are invariant
                            As to the direction...of inferences."
Commutative. Abstract. Out of body.
            "Humans respond in predictably standard ways,"
                           Said Thucydides On War.
Lansdale substituting Diem for Magsaysay.
            "A model is never defeated by facts...
                           Only by another model."
             "New Villages" to "Strategic Hamlets."
Equivalence charged with oracular powers.
             A commutative history from the ahistorical sciences,
Where the ding an sich presents only an imaging problem.
             The instrumented narcissism of the anthropic cosmological principle.
                      The possible occluded in its harrow.
             "Assessment possible only because scientific/technological 
                      Systems reflect the way the world is presumed to be."
The tolerances permitted so that we can look back at ourselves.
             A mirror image.
Rome plows sow the Iraqi trenches.
      And because the American presidency is worth
                                    So many trillions to the thieves,
Rumala's evolutionary pyre
                           Eclipses Enlightenment alignments.   
                     To General Su Yang:
                           "No boys, no rice."
                     Wrote the not too eloquent teleo-logician of the suzerain,
Who armed ten year olds, and like Popper's 'ideas',
               Sent them to die in his stead.
Alberti, "a pioneer in rendering cast shadows."
       And so Oppenheimer or (see above) 'Pop' Buell
                Who "may not taste the lotus
                           Or eat the cattle of Hyperion
                And who when he steers among the rocks
                            Must count on the loss of the men
                Whom Scylla plucks from the boat...
       He just pulls through...
                 Confirm[ing]... the title of hero at the price
                             Of abasement and mortification."
        Of catalogue and actuarial. Of instrumented proxy.
The sandy mortar between nations.
        Of Shan mule trains over a mile long.
                  And longer Pakistani convoys in CIA trucks.
Of Sea Supply, Air America and Tony Young.
        Donald Gregg, John Singlaub, the mujahideen.
Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, Vang Pao, Khun Sa.
        Ouane Rattikone, Frank Nugen, John Hull.
                    Mike Harari, George Bush, Jorge Ochoa.
Of Negroponte, Armitage, Abrams and Reich.
        Luis Posada Carriles, Orlando Bosch and Felix Rodriguez.
Lansdale, Pauker, Colby and Helms.
        Phoumi, Thieu, Ky, Chia Chou
                    Bin Xuyen, Vientiane.
Hmong, Yao and G.I.
        And a Lao prince detained at Orly. 
     Otherwise there is only a history 
                    That's written to de-actualize actuality.
           To begin like Smith and Ricardo with 'Reality'
           The causes become subject to suzerainty.
Thus "The nimble-witted survives only 
                    At the price of his own dreams."
           Popper your 'ideas'do
                               Die in your stead,
Because the Yao boys, like quantum indeterminacy,
                   Can only be constructs in your head. 
An epistemology where for profitable study,
                   The client is better off dead,
            Than to be designated the object of the charity 
                               Of the ghouls at the London School.
And that sterile glove you've mentally 
             Stretched over your dome
                   Looks to the observer,
                   Alternately, like contentment's udder 
                               And ambition's coxcomb. 
                     The Admiral sighted
           Mandeville, Esplandian and Toscanelli
                     In the motioning horizon of the New World.
Alberti prints the circuitry of landscape, "mapping
           A mathematical world
                     Into some observable part
                                    Of the real world."
           "He can never know everything."
Encoding the cell, "a mere fragment of virtue."
           But consistent, arithmetic.
Popper's worlds; locks freighting pronouns.
           Concourses filling or emptying with accounts.
                      Epistemological delivery systems
            Aimed at Popper's "third world"
                      Until Eccles suggested, tactfully,
                                            'World 3'.
A G.I. was said to return to 'the world'.
           Thus, chauvinism cautions science
                      About the easy application of universals.
"The lightning deployment of men and materiel."
           By now who hasn't seen copies of the end user certificates 
                       Signed by an agent for Charon 
           And used to purchase a C-130 from CAT
                       To ferry fodder to Hell? 
"Linnaeus's faith in the providential design of his taxonomy."
Or the anthropography that observes
                             "Mesozoic greed fossilized in cliffs."
"What is the Dictionnaire de Bayle?"
          But "a new dung-flow cut in lozenges;"
          "An arrangement", "topics treated ALPHABETICALLY."
"Voltaire's Dictionnaire . . . a slight addendum [...]"
          ". . .[O]nly the Alphabet for filing."
"The multifarious nature of cognizance remains."
An instrument's virtue is its context.
               And then Makin hears it through Pound:                                                             
               "To assert the possibililty of choice
                            By falsely simplifying actuality                                                      Is sentiment."
"Positivist verification vastly reduces the number of questions."
"The ideal of 'objectivity' is laden with value judgements."
                So "if you follow the computer's results
                 [Y]ou are a little less responsible."
         The Nuremberg defense for the system's analyst.
As Foucault anticipated Fukiyama's fungible teleology
         Hinging on technologies hygienic mirages of order.
After a brief epistemological gestation again
An overt totalitarianism embracable by the 'democracies' despite 
                    The caveat that "propositions about physical objects are not incorrigible."
Consequent of this failure: an appetite for processes that parody creation.
Machines described as human beings; human beings described as machines;
Scientific method, the iterative or idiomatic as pragmatic.
The incorrigibility of practical application to funding. 
                                 "And physicalists [once] maintained
                                        That the language of physics
                                              Should be taken as providing
                                                    The language of basic truths."
"'The circumscribed world of physics...repository of extend  
                  Scientific procedure into economics, history, psychology, sociology," art.
Here positivism becomes 'teleological.' What Clarke calls 'Messianic'; Geschick.
The medium evangelical in the second degree,
                                               Mistaking the mean for objectivity,
The hygienic for the universal.
The calibrated equilibrium of the observer,
                     The projectile, the colonial mean and historical rational.
"Regularity that can be reduced to physics...
                                         The law sustained
If the structure of the organism
                           Or of the computer
Is included in the initial conditions.
If the peculiarities of the counting procedures
                Are included in the initial conditions."
Once the Indus error was "discovered the rest was elemental;
Hypothesis conforming to the 'requirements of rationality'."
The toll of misidentified Khans swarms the hagiographic calendars. The Eloges.
A rhetoric of angels advertising the manufacture of morgue tags.
But "if knowledge is part of evolution
                     Then the laws of logic,
                              Or the laws of arithmetics
                                     Or the use of argument as
                                              An instrument of progress
                     Must be regarded as temporary phases . . ."
Not the current paradigms of perpetuity; monadic repaired by the quantitative;
                               "Duplicity with nothing coming before it."
Scientific Weltanschauung: "The impossibility of deriving from reason
                                             Any fundamental argument against murder."
Popper's "unhistorical procedure . . . a result
                                Of the ideology of the Vienna Circle."
As evolution undertakes its own transcendence,
                                     Providence hides in the machine.
Needham's 'engineering analogy' for biological processes,
               To assist in the financing of the teleological continuum.
The core fiction of Wiener's naive techne;
The seduction of Von Neumann's solipsistic observer;
The petulant failures of the systems of Carnap and McNamara;
Kahn's obnoxious and irrelevant tracts
                             Encoding his hatred and contempt for humanity;
McCarthy's capitulating instruments;
Minsky's failure to destroy himself;
                   And Teller's failure, as yet, to destroy us all.
                               Numbers have become the exponents of denial.
"Ramsey's reply . . . concerned only with the logical and mathematical questions...
Whether his function will do the task for which it was designed."
Which Wittgenstein dubbed 'bourgeois', 'petulant',
             Which "did not reflect on the essence of the state, . . .
             But how [his] state might be reasonably organized."
And Pound's Kung said: "What you depart from is not the process."
                                        In other words, the discrete is a conceit.
The century's adjective for murder, 'mass' to justify the momentum.
Physicists and futurists accelerated into the authoritarian improbability of the object.
As "time binds and divides many a thing. I believe them dead and they me."
                  Identity shudders out of the ubiquity, shed from reduction,
                   And "identity or synthesis the equivalent to the domination of nature."
                                A template for the purely formal.
                                A wall caste across a wilderness.
                  "We construct our hells in parallel":
Careri through Borel, 1912: "no real closed system is a truly isolated one."
But by page 142, sounding a minor Genesis:  "Let us
                         Sidestep the formation of the first stars
                         And consider some cyclical processes. . ."
The historical arrow splinters the shaft of the thermodynamic~~~
The patterns of turbulence~~ 'swarms of atoms'
Precipitate a mantle in which observers bob;
Orbit's spin a target out of which teleologies contend;
                                 Structures cancelling toward chaos
                                                     Theory.  "Can
                                           The U.S. defeat Hanoi?"
The question of victory induced to an inquiry for actuaries:
"What percentage of North Vietnam's reserves can be destroyed by x level of bombing?"
Everything defined as a target, Telos of experiment.
"Inhibition is silenced if the effects of our deeds . . .
                                    Transcend the capacity of our fantasy."
Obviate what is impossible to duplicate, 
A world isolatable either through language or experience.
The epistemological shadow of the abandoned metaphysics of 'objective' knowledge.'
The positivist project is bankrupt.
The NVA and Vietcong advanced on Saigon
            And the Ambassador gave the orders to burn the money;
     Four and three quarters of a million dollars--cash.
"The light at the end of the tunnel," went the journalist's epiphany,
Stumbling upon the Phoenix of Capital in the basement of the embassy.
                 Chief economist Summers: "just between you and me
Shouldn't the World Bank be encouraging more migration of dirty industries to LDC's? 
                 The economic logic behind dumping toxic waste 
                 In the lowest wage country is impeccable."
A practical aesthetics and it's 'neutral epistemology'; balance, objectivity.
A meteorological sky reflected in corporate headquarter's tesselated symmetry.
"An universal mathematical character" looks forth from the window,
                                 The observer sliced by the blinds.
"In the dizzy vortex of a cash economy the West learned the habits of quantification."
                  And "Logic is the money of the mind."
"The goal of Renaissance mathematicians", "to summarize equality 
In the pairing of horizontals or the concept of ratio in the collocation of dots;"
"In the sense of reflective representation 
                 Which renders beings to cognition
                                       As objects."
The elements rot in quantums.
"The cohesive force is its narrow range of significance."
                                 The computer said
                                 All Hartford voters are dead;
And through decomposing collops sprayed w/ light
A superimposed Hollywood hoofers image is evoked
                                           To peddle diet Coke.
And dots of varied densities are designed 
                 To suggest the starlet's behind.
"The moral tone of an exchange is not the concern of Hermes,"
             The God of Commerce and Protector of Thieves:
                                        Was it Cortez or Gould or Vanderbilt or Geneen 
Who said to you? "Should I at your harmless innocence
                             Melt, as I do, 
                             Yet public reason just,
                                   Honor and Empire with revenge enlarged
                                   By conquering this new World, compels me now
                                   To do what else though damn'd I should abhor."
                 Or was it Satan?
And as linguistic diversity unravels in four color theory,
And universal reduction mediates increase,
Or a Patriot missile, like a toad's tongue
Wrenches into the Brownian void,
And "numbers amend the Tower of Babel",
Or consciousness through its reptilian eye
Cancels an Angolan Abel tilling;
". . . [W]hat comes to presence in objectness",
The manufacture of objects indemnifies;
"Only those qualities we believe to exist."

                         "[T]he world reposes in the repose
That emanates from me".
The cloying boy imaged on the burnished pond
With the sun, amplified in the subject,
Lit on his shoulder;
The distance for discernment held, like Pacioli's accounts, in empirical proxy.
Reflection records his tunic smouldering
                    At the hem of measurements orthodoxy.
"That I, the eternal subject, am the bearer of the universe, 
Whose whole being
                              Is nothing
But a relationship to me." The Anthropic Cosmological Principle -
Calibrated hubris fitted for the hump of tragedy;
           The result experimentally flawless
                          Yet fatal to the chorus.
Rudd and Ez's tutor covering the speedway
                                 Reported Orestes broke,
                                                In a heap,
                           A mellon
                                     Spilled from an
                                                 Open truck.
Was it for the sake of that crab-bait, Orpheus?
Who sewn back to nature
Was scattered behind the ship of state;
                                     Chum where souls are gaffed.
And Narcissus' obsessive artifice worms an epistuary 
Where microbes fester into indolent forms;
Where sunk in La Agua Negra
(The canal in Juarez sprayed with diesel fuel to mask the encephalitis)
Du Pont's snout ruptures the sewage of the Seventh Bolge;
                         "The ubiquitious, empirically grounded hell
                                    That we experience now."
                         "The inability to recognize where or when
                                    Applied logic begins
                         To work against the very spirit
                                    That engenders it ,
[And] leads to the corruption of the ethical base
                                             That authenticates its results.."
The encyclopedic substitution of technology for nature;
               Constructing being from detection,
Mapping the face of Narcissus from inflections 
                      In a series. Expectation as a formal expression.
Tarski's prefix, experiment's Lebensraum;
Projected shapes abide no escape; (the cube bars the inchoate).
Efficacious by orbiting fiat imaging contains the imagined.
            Failure addressed with failures of a higher resolution;
"[U]ncertainty of a different order of magnitude . . .
Talk of absolutely conjugate variables . . .meaningless. . ."
That mathematical metaphor,  = ,
            Ignoring distinctions too beautiful, too unprofitable to be acknowledged.
Distinctions [that] measurement is designed to obscure;
            As an image wells up from its parts,
                            So reason wells up from discretion.
Quantity's failures force a telos; a justification for anecdotal gods.
Narrative, a calibrated totem amortizing the horizon.
The currency in metaphors floresces what cannot be purchased with invention.
           Order collapses the world.
The metaphorical frictions of taxonomies do not constitute an aesthetic.
       And capitalism evolved as thrust against the moral drag on teleology;
"Was the Ludlow Massacre sound economics?"
Murders rehabilitation by Ivy Lee or Bernays.
As Kaye said to Michael, "That's your big thing,
                             Reason backed up by murder."
And Santos to Rags, "History is bullshit."
Or courtesy of Roquie,
"The messianic and reductionist image of  'national security'."
To strip science of Deism would dissolve its ground---destiny,
                    Its ultimate recourse to Symmetry.
The Newtonian theory of universal gravitation's "necessary connection
                             With the regulative procedure of reflective judgement
                             And the systematization of empirical laws."
A telos incompatible with objectivity: at war with its own reflection.
"Knowledge imposes a pattern and falsifies,"
Establishing a homotelic capacity for the iterative.
                     Crosshairs mounted on a nailgun.
       Not Blake, nor Wordsworth.
In the end
              It was western science that was crackpot.
The transubstantiation of the object.
The elevated expectations of the observer
Cardinal with taxonomies that occlude discernment.
      Pattern occludes
                 And order results only when a magnitude is assumed.
The commutative current of positivist interrogatives.
The sensation of time compensates for consciousness's failure
                 Which 'we' then measure, divide into intervals.
"Not solely the desire for simplification," Meyerson;
But "also the tendency to transform the relation 
                                          Into a thing in order;
To see conserved, not only the law, but also the object...
The true sense of the causal tendency...
                      To eliminate time."
Merleau-Ponty declaims 'the prejuge du monde';
       Heidegger, 'rechnende Denken';
The "thoroughgoing calculability of objects."
                 "The inevitable culmination metaphysics..."
Calculations episteme of the universal
                                  And its habituation to techne.
                 "Such is the duplicity of metis
                 Which giving itself to be other than it is,
                           Is like these misleading objects,
                 The power of deception
                       Which Homer refers to as dolos:
                               The Trojan Horse,
                                  The bed of love...,
                                       The fishing bait---
                  All are traps
                        Which conceal their inner deceit
                    A reassuring or seductive exterior."
Or bouncing signals off of the cosmic dust in the upper atmosphere,
Or the earth's magnetic field installed as an immense particle accelerator.
Only entities that readily submit to 'the mathematical manifold' obtain value;
                       "The inner meaning and hidden teleology;"
Ouroboros devouring its tail.

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