Carlo Parcelli

   “Merc'ry smiled at th'Impudence; And Others call'd it want of Sence,...” 
                               Bernard de Mandeville–
                               The Grumbling Hive: Or Knaves Turned Honest

Deconstructing the Demiurge: 

Ah, Mercury!
                  You kleptocratic little fuck.
                                                         Wheeler-dealer, thief, errand boy.
                                                                                            Part Bull Market, 
Part FTD truck. 
                  A corporate logo; 
                                                         Hood ornament
                                                                                            On the highway to Hell.
For my money, 
                 I’ll take Typhus Argos.
                                                        Trade as a plague, irreversible—
                                                                                            The mug shot of theoretical chaos,
Effecting what he cannot know
                With more not knowing. 
                                                        Trigger for the end
                                                                                            Of the world.
But which pestilence blooms
                                                                                            Behind the crew team at Yale?
Not Typhus, but Mercury’s cloned bouquet,
               The water 
                                                           Pawed by the oars
                                                                                           Composes itself.
Action in a medium without consequence. 
              Perspective converging
                                                        In a little world. A little world
                                                                                          That flattens existence
Until we all fall off.

As Leibnitz knew, 
              Only with permanence, faith.
                                                       The constituents of the monad by which
                                                                                          He would reset the hour-glass.
With Democritus the atom was the horizon.

              On Page One the threat to spent fuel rods
                                                       Has been downgraded from acts of God 
                                                                                      To acts of terror in his name.
On page six but moving up,
              The extreme chemical
                                                      Reactivity of nano in a landfill.
                                                                                      Chemical acts of God 
Subject to acts of terror
             In his name. 

The Argonauts
               Ran into Talos, the first robot;
                                                       Actually a home security device 
                                                                                          Engineered by Hephaistos,
To guard the island of Crete
              For the wealthy industrialist, Minos.
                                                       And Hephaistos, aside from being a god,
                                                                                         Was the Bell Lab of his time.
If those guys fucked up,
             What chance did Westinghouse have?

Christ Rachel! What now!
             The wind turbines
                                                      Have crucified the bats! 
Have gassed the "water fleas," 
            That ecologically crucial niche 
                                                      Near the bottom of the food chain.
                                                                                        And indeed, it was Feynman 
Of the infinity deficient QED who said,
            As way of introduction to nanotechnology.
                                                      “There’s plenty of room at the bottom,”
                                                            After the holocaust of fleas.
In 48 hours, the buckyfullerene
           Oxidized the bass’s brain.
                                                      So its chicken or egg, if one eats largemouth
                                                                                       What was, that initiated the same. 
Little Johnnie complete with side- mounted med-chip
           Comes down with
                                                      Nano-bronchitis, nano-measles,
                                                                                       Nano-carcinomas, nano-emphysema. 
Will he survive to meet the challenge of Nano-influenza, nano-small pox,
                                                     The method calls the slave songs 
                                                                                      With all the empathy of the Massa
Lancing the uterus
          Of his favorite breeder. 
                                                     Of a tenor on Lawrence Welk
                                                                               Tapping time at the seam in his slacks. 

The fathomless embrace of cold
          Is not absolute zero; 
                                                     Pandora’s Cooler of Ice
                                                                                       Held tsunamis at bay,
Until unanticipated by consequence,
         Terra-formed itself into pasture.
                                                    The obvious, everyday properties 
That are mined in 20 pound sacks
                                                     For the convenience store.
                                                                                       A cooler of beer
Delivered by clueless admen
        Who wear the mask of Hermes’ 
                                                     And by 4:00 are drunk
                                                                                      Wearing Hermes off-the-clock sneer. 

If you admit to Brouwer’s intervention
         Where’s the inevitability 
                                                             Of the species
                                                                                       Except in exaggerated desire?
The principle of Anthropic Cosmology
          That perfect dollop of eternity
                                                             At about 6 feet, 180; Well done at 98.6 degrees.
                                                                                       So easy to admire Pol Pot’s
Intent for Nature,
            Both being Tao.
                                                             To re-educate the oblivion of 
                                                                                       Chirping corporate spielfrau
On the line
            Is a situationist’s pollution clean-up.
                                                             The corporate spill
                                                                                      That hardens around integrity,
Oozes off its pins sending it crashing into the next fad. The hegemony 
          That caused 9/11 rumbles in
                                                         The technological aggression
                                                                                      Of the demiurges’s tsunami.
The delusion and ignorance 
          Not to see it coming; 
                                                         The poet Phan Van Tri said,
“When a good swatter someday comes to hand
                                                         I’ll pay you for your crimes without a blink!”
A song that now the rivers sing;
          The oceans sing.
                                                        The creatures of the earth sing, to sing
                                                                         America back into oblivion.
As prologue, the sky darkened over Dien Ben Phu
         And now every physical principle
                                                        Queues up to be discredited
                                                                         In an incurable Popperian dystopia.

“Oh! Don’t point that finger,
         At me Cassandra.
                                                        Or I’ll break that fucker right off.”

Otto Mueller called Woodrow Wilson
          “A cock-sucker and a thief,”
                                                       A tweedy college prof 
                                                                        Colorfully incarnated as our Greek Deity.
“And when asked how he liked America, Mueller answered
           ‘Fuck this god damned country’”
                                                       In pretty good English.
                                                                        Hoover wanted him jailed
For the War’s duration;
            Storey for just a few months
                                                      “For overstepping the rights of free speech”
                                                                        Was anathema to the scheme
Of stepping over bodies
           At Ypres and Alsace Lorraine
                                                      With the gate of
                                                                        One or another’s imperial reach.

Alan was not trying to convince us
              That his Universal Turing Machine
                                                                      Was indiscernible from a human being.
                                                                                       But that he was.
Remember the interrogator must distinguish
              A full-blooded woman from a computer
                                                                     That is pretending to be a man
                                                                                      After a round in which the interrogator
Tries to decipher the woman
             From a man claiming 
                                                                     To be a woman.
                                                                                     Parlor game theory. A charade
For fear of exposure and disgrace
             Shapes desire in the engineer.
                                                                     So, more than the arts, 
                                                                                     Cognitive science is in 
The emotions business
             Out of raw need. 
                                                                    A dangerous misrepresentation
                                                                                     Of product R&D.
Damned difficult to troubleshoot
                                                                    Such a dissembling epistemology.

The Greeks 
               Had been tipped off
                                                        Early on 
                                                                             To end of the world.
Earth centered flatness was an ecological measure.
               That the instant the Argo
                                                        Broke from the shore
                                                                     Typhus was helmsman
Consciously selecting a path, but
              Also, unconscious agent and spore.
                                                        But unhappy evolution found its denouement.
                                  The mechanism for the end of time was tripped. That’s the prophecy.
               It took the callowness of
                                                        The Renaissance & Enlightenment
                                                                               To make the West the agent 
For the end time. 
              It took an ever encompassing
                                                 Mathematical precision 
                                                                         To lose sight of Iolcus.
                                                                                       It took abject denial of anything lost
To expose the estrangement.
              And it left A.I., A.L. and
                                                        Nanology, the ‘grey goo,’
                                                                               To re-imagine generation
In a way commensurate
              With a world where 
                                                       Every birth, every bud, all life 
                                                                               Is too late.
And with nanocycles left
              To reflect
                                                       On what 
                                                                              Was done next.
Kant said never treat a thing 
              As though you know what it is.
                                                         The antithesis of the scientific method.
                                                                               As Latour: “—[P]roperties 
Looking for a substance to belong too.”
              Activated in the act of possession,
                                                         Property’s of things
                                                                               Become the handbooks of hegemony.
Elsewhere in Leipzig
             An enlightened piece of the action,
                                                          Its contemporized ambition
                                                                               Meant expertise.
And expertise meant
              Breaking off something 
                                                         As close to nothing 
                                                                               As Zeno’s shaft or Dedekind’s Cut 
Would bear,
              The eternal half-measure
                                                         Of technology
                                                                               Of which Heidegger despaired.
The enlightenment error is to think
              That the device, e.g. a hydrogen bomb
                                                         Was outfitted with Tiphy’s timer,
                                                                               [The stopwatch of duality,
The hour glass,
              Entropy’s turkey thermometer
                                                         Monitoring leftovers
                                                                               Reheated in a nuclear core]
But that Game Theory is not
               Tick, tick, ticking folklore
                                                         And the folk have harrowed forgetting
                                                                               Into distinctions. 
So the revelation 
              Of the things of the world
                                                         As artifacts of reason 
                                                                               Is an eigenstate of the Second Coming.
Murray Gell-Mann sniffs
               Up and down
                                                         His great chain of being
                                                                               From lepton to whooping crane
Perched in the quanta 
               That jumps him
                                                         To his own reflection. Forever,
                                                                               The chameleon on the looking glass
That doesn’t know how it got there.
There is no shading 
              To this consciousness.
                                                         No incremental, outstretched, god head’s fingertip.
                                                                               He doesn’t have a clue 
To the ding an sich.
             His constructs
                                                         Are illustrations of 
                                                                               Infinite ways 
Of not knowing
              That require berms and breaks of formal theory,
                                                        So the limits 
                                                                              Of an expert system
Can be cult-
             Ivated as an ontology
                                                       Of life forms,
                                                                               And the feedback trace 
Of a life form
             Disappears into an expert system
                                                        Filling in for the organism
                                                                               What comb it can.
Eat the honey of aspect 
             Because “the exact location
                                                        Of an arbitrary irrational
                                                                               Requires an infinite 
Amount of information.”
             If the world were 
                                                        To still 
                                                                               Be here,
In any event, 
             Dunning a day of devotion,
                                                        The myths would grind 
                                                                               Full circle 
A grain-like metaphysics that
             Flouresces a Moebius Strip. 

The mass media is
              The false bottom of history
                                                        As history is 
                                                                              The false bottom of experience.
And Science is 
              The false bottom of reality
                                                         So that reality’s conception 
                                                                                Is beyond redemption.
The world wired was the disconnect.
               The new Gondwanaland 
                                                         Of markets
                                                                               With continents hurled together
Fused and fractured with diamonds,
               Oil, rare earth, tantalum. 
                                                         Diminutive national repositories
                                                                               In which existence is set adrift.
So that being one with the world
               Is surfing at the edge of the world
                                                         And not surfing the mediums 
                                                                               For the end of the world.

The Enlightenment forfeited its good name:
               “Science, Hegemony and Violence,”
                                                         With Science “accepted as intrinsically Good;”
And Violence
               “As intrinsically evil.”
                                                         “Yet the more Science
                                                                              The more Violence.”
“If a correct picture had emerged,
               There would have been no pollution
                                                          Or ecological imbalance on the application
                                                                               Of such scientific knowledge.”
“The machine to replace the organism...”
              A numerical value to tattoo each element
                                                         And covenant of elements.
                                                                               “A civilization... ipso facto
A colonizing force, and aspires
              To bring under its sway
                                                         Every other culture
                                                                               That has based its survival
On a natural relationship with its surroundings.”
              “The diabolism
                                                         As well as the appalling banality
                                                                                Of Auschwitz and Hiroshima
Is implicit in the fundamental formative idea
              Of modern civilization...
                                                         In the last analysis,
                                                                                Hiroshima remains a Masterly Experiment.”

“Recent years have seen numerous attempts
              To integrate modern science
                                                         And eastern metaphysics. Whether
                                                                                This has helped science is not known,
But it certainly has cheapened eastern metaphysics.”
              Standardizing is the colonial method for
                                                        Mining the infinite .
                                                                                 The Second Law is big business,
Petroleum, coal, turbines etc. And “[T]his monopoly
              Is based on the premise that all forms of acquisition or
                                                          Accumulation of knowledge,
                                                                                  All other epistemologies, are
Worthless, antiquated, magical,
             And must be eliminated”
                                                          Most often by killing the organism so enculturated.
                                                                                  “Certain species of flora and fauna
Lost to science itself
             If the dam were built.” But “the destruction
                                                          Of earlier forests
                                                                                   Was equally against science.
How could what had once been scientific
            Now turn unscientific?”

“We are fond of extolling the achievements of man
            And apt to talk with pride
                                                           Of his conquest of Nature. 
                                                                                  This is at present of the same order
As the Nazi conquest of Europe. 
           As Europe is in revolt against the tyrant,
                                                          So is nature in revolt
                                                                                  Against the exploitation of man.
As the world is in revolt against the tyrant
          So nature is in revolt
                                                          Against the exploitation of technological man.
                                                                                  And leaps from the torch of the guerilla
To immolate itself to the very edge of another of its forms.
          Fire itself, nature can’t be circumvented
          The dispossessed in nature
                                                          Have joined togther to drive the enlightenment.
When man preys upon man
           It is a form of cannibalism. 
                                                          When man sets out to ‘conquer’ nature
                                                                                   By exploitation, it is no less
A form of cannibalism,
           For man is part of nature,” says Balfour.

The ‘other’ does not compliment science
           Though science insists it compliments the other.
                                                            “[T]he scientific image of nature is incomplete
                                                                                   And the application of such
Incomplete images
           Has led to devastating effects.” 

With its first burst of pre-eminence
                Washington became a clearing house for Nazis.
                                                        The scientific imagination retooled 
                                                                               To ballistic missiles 
And guidance systems for calculating out 
                The demiurge in the way 
                                                        His finest tolerances had been milled from the sciences.
                                                                               “The Americans pushed through a clause
That would except civilian protection 
                From atomic weapons. The British
                                                        Opposed rules that ‘restrict[ed] freedom
                                                                                To carry out operations,
Particularly bombing.’”
                And thus with the necessary ‘freedoms’ in place
                                                         “Those who had suffered
                                                                                Most from bombs,
The Germans and Japanese,
                Were not invited to the discussion.”
                                                          Unless, of course, you had
                                                                                Rocket expertise.                                                  The effect derives its economy from the cause
                Unless some adverse consequence
                                                          Accrues to the agent.
                                                                                Then a set of laws
Which, by their complexity, 
                The chaos a judgement might provoke,
                                                          Spreads the charge over a thin film
                                                                                 Weakening expectation with fact.
The genius is establishing exchange rates 
                For words and concepts
                                                          Currency for constructing an alternating reality.
                                                                                  What chance does actuality have
Against such Ovidian fungibility
                That can change forms,
                                                          Reinvent intent,
                                                                                  Deny ambitions while marching them out?
Its immutability in remaining consistent 
                 With the utility and objectivity 
                                                          Prescribed by science itself.
                                                                                  The handshake as
Masonic hand job,
                As much a currency;
                              As the world’s
                                                                                  Assorted professions of love.
Irradiated pollution, 
                 Spilling out to waste the womb
                                                           Where once caveat’s of technology’s soul had
                                                                                    Been a matter for the sensual.
“It’s too late baby.”
                 Even as such infantalia 
                                                           Fizzes in the waves.
                                                                                   “But we really did try to make it.”
Like Hell, 
                 Grants for a dying planet.
                                                           Extinction puffed
                                                                                   For charitable contributions.
Product recognition for the Apocalypse.
                 Where Lockheed, Dow & Westinghouse could co-exist 
                                                          With a Billboard top 100 armistice.
                                                                                   But what subterfuge is otherwise
That by its invention,
                 Invents its own demise. 
                 Dien Bien Phu to Cu Chih.
                                                          Altar & ant farm, Olympus & Hades.
                                                                                  Get ‘em while they last, Camus.
And you’d think Nothing 
                 Would get their attention 
                                                          Like the end of the world, that
                                                                                 You and I live through.