Carlo Parcelli

Eschatology of Reason: The North Tower
                                                                  an excerpt


The Allegory of Quantity

               Has diminished us 

                                                        By its goodness.

                                                                              In place of faltering intimacies

Ciphers emerge, osculating at the speed of light. 

           A commutative abacus of syntax

                                                          Mathematical palindromes like time machines;

                                                                              Like bus routes; train schedules.

"...[T]he bogus appeal to science..."

           That put "the realm of necessity" 

                                                       In western hegemony,

                                                                               In everyone else's realm.

                              That placed the orphan on the victim's doorstep.

And through "objectivity, "value neutral",

            "The abdication of responsibility" 

                                                       When "destruction and carnage

                                                                               Is set in motion."

Inescapable in its grand telos;

            Automatic in its fruits;

                                                       Ineluctable in its ability to change

                                                                                All things to none

With a few things for all;

           Lavish enough for its progenitors

                                                       Who remain captivated 

                                                                                By its Abu Ghraibs.

To abet communication,

            Filaments are bundled,

                                                       Like Helen and Paris

                                                                                In that rhyme.

Lovers on their cell phones,

          Locked somewhere mid air.

                                                     Their voices scribbled like two starlings

                                                                               Mad to mate.

Those indiscrete two presume to 

          Consume alone, consumed by each

                                                    Multiplied on the airwaves to abet

                                                                               Foreign wars.

Their sliver of love

           Has been amplified by 

                                                   The noise of Armageddon,

                                                                               To ferry the destructive.

The bonds of intention are immaterial;

            Intentions are 'other' matter

                                                               And, despite the Nobels, 


Nature, has never broken

            Under interrogation.

The 'other' fails

            To applaud failure.

                                                                The commerce between Leeuwkop,

                                                                                     Socabaya and Pelican Bay

Publicizes the intimacy

             Of the information highway.

                                                                 By comparison

                                                                           The telepathy of Einstein/Podolsky/Rosen

Seems absolutely nurturing.

              Action at a distance intimacy. 

                                                                 The indictment, kindness.

              The perspective of irrational numbers 

                                                                  As f/x for immortality

                                                                                      Becoming infinity's weathercock.

Communications Theory 

            Where the medium is everything

                                                               By which the lovers 

                                                                                   Are urged to insubstantiality.

As the enlightenment accelerated, 

            It encrypted the landscape.

                                                               The g's slurred speech, 

                                                                                Favoring banks of ordinals;

Circuits of stacked, iterative inference. 

            Warehouses of corrugated frequencies.

                                                               As the culture slips deeper into technology,

                                                                             Cryptography insists upon the emergency

Of an essence 

                                                          Of that 'other' 

                                                                                                    In vacuo;

An habituation where

                                                         Right repairs to wrong,

                                                                                 And pity engulfs it.

Where the physical world

                                                         Is tailored to 

                                                                                 A theory of essence,

Time becomes a palindrome,

           Restoring a vista as though it were 

                                                        An algorithm with a couple of

                                                                                 Evolutionary variables missing.

A nostalgic and remorseful ecology

           Tolls for the tribe.

                                                              With fashions soaked in sun block,

'The threat is real'

           Its creator warns 

                                                              That basting product suborns.

                                                                                 Irony veils the consequence

Of a technological immodesty

          That evolved 

                                                              Upon fitting an abstraction 

                                                                                 With a body.

Historical continuities

                  Compound historical misunderstandings.

                                                                And corresponding times are tropes.

And with the trope of mathematical immortality,

                  An infallibility docked 

                                                                To wager everything. 

The satellites saw

                The vast offspring


                                                                                  From the cold teats

Of the Antipode.

                Empathically turn

                                                                    Toward India, the Andhra Pradesh,

Where the people burn,

                Weeping itself into the sea.

                                                                    The re-animism of all beings required 

By the soul's convection to machines,

                One dying part rushes to embrace another.

                                                                    Reckless dislocations that 

                                                                                     "Abandon all hope"

To bond at the bewildering parallels

                Of information theory:

                                                                    "Specifying in advance 

                                                                                     All the features of a problem"

With'genetic algorithms'

                That 'eliminate' variables

                                                                       By implying that evolution

                                                                                      With its "undirected mechanism"

Expresses a strong teleology.

                Hegel's negative 'positivity': that the object

                                                                       Sizes capital's essential 'goods-ness.'

Give up, Earth.

                When you hear so many rationales,

                                                                      You know you've overvalued

                                                                                       The object.


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