Alan Tucker


E.P. for his sepulcher

"America my country.." - 1912 - not

then mere words

and he read, recorded,

Brer Rabbit to his grandchild not

then - ' Brer Rabbit he lay low..'

The song of the thicket warbler

high summer, the willow leaves

lift and fall in the breeze

you hear the voice, recognise

the voice for a moment starts

stops again, after silence

from another bush, the leaves

the fingers of her hands

across her face

reveal her face as in hiding

to be revealed the song

discontinuous. 'America

my country..' a long trial

for mere words, a long life

appearing, laying low, re-appearing

born and bred in America

the voice of a rare visitor

migrant from the Chinese

from another age. Rihaku.

for Brad, 1 August 2005

Alan Tucker's "Lynette Roberts" also appears in FlashPøint #8.