Carl Rakosi

Mirror, mirror on the wall, 
who’s most fit to lead us all? 

     “I am,” said the candidate 
     from Alabama. 

State your case. 

     “I have the most honest look. 
     I can coo like a dove 
     and swoop down like a hawk.” 

Next, the candidate from Arizona. 
What do you say? 

     “I’m the most ambitious. 
     I deserve to lead.” 

Then a cackle of voices: 
     “I’m a known winner. 
     Go with a winner.” 

     “I’m a media insider.” 

     “I have big bucks.” 

     “I’ll bring back 
     the old family values.” 

     “I can bring in 
     the angry cornballs.” 

     “I know where 
     the real bottom line is.” 

     “I’ll end bureaucracy.” 

O fearful symmetry! 
Who’s the meanest of them all? 

A nameless figure 
in the shadows 
hanging from an opinion poll.