Carlo Parcelli

a selection from:
Deconstructing the Demiurge: Eschatology of Reason:
‘The Gilded Index of Far-Reaching Ruin.’

Without Usura . . .

      Without Usura no man hath a house in foreclosure  
      With walls of tar paper tacked over particle board 
That vinyl might hide its face.
      Without Usura  
Hath no man a poster of  Jessica Alba on his bathroom wall
      Stratocasters and Les Pauls
Or Like a Virgin giveth its message,
     A tiny gold halo orbiting her clit,
              Without usura 
Seeth no man John D. Rockefeller his heirs and his concubines
              Nor is made to endure nor to live 
      Beyond subprime loans and toxic debt instruments
Made to sell and sell quickly
              Without usura, 
Thy bread is no longer made of bleached rags
              Is thy bread not dry as the paper it’s printed on.
Monsanto knew that with no mountain wheat, no strong flour,
              The Sandinistas would have to eat paper 
From the World Bank, beg seed from Cargill.
With usura the line evaporates
               With usura there is no clear demarcation
And no man can find buyer for his ‘dwelling.’
               Without usura the stone cutter 
Would still be cutting Davids; 
                Without usura the Luddite would not have been hanged from his loom
With usura 
                Rayon comes to market
Oil bringeth no gain without usura
                Usura is murrain, usura
Stabs the needle in the young girl’s arm
                And stoppeth youth from knowing any fucking thing.
Lenny Bruce and Bill Hicks came not by usura, nor Malcolm X;
                        Not by usura Noam Chomsky and Ralph Nader.
                Not by usura Mao, Ho, Fidel and Hugo. 
Drexel Burnham Lambert and Ivan Boesky
                Came by usura. Michael Milken by usura. 
           By usura David Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie;
Rockefeller Center and Carnegie Hall by usura,
          The Mellon Foundation and the Gates Foundation by usura,
                   By usura Alexander, Aldrich and Morgan;
           By usura Joseph Kennedy and Prescott Bush;
                   And Lehman Bros, AIG, FANNIE MAE & FREDDIE  MAC by usura
           Von Mises, Hayek, Popper, Rand, Friedman, Fisher, 
                   Berlin, Bentham and Mill 
           Hailing cutthroats and shitmongers as angels came by usura; 
John McCain, Charlie Black and Phil Gramm by usura;
           By usura Robertson, Hagee, Warren and Osteen;
                   By usura Greenspan, Paulson and Kash’n’kari.
          Without usura no Cheney, Perle, Wolfowitz or Rumsfeld,
                   Nor was Barbara inseminated. 
By usura Wall Street, American Express and Citicorp,
         The Dow, The Federal Reserve and two World Wars.
                   By usura Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq; 
         McNamara, Kissinger, Johnson and Nixon;
Morgan Stanley, Washington Mutual, Wachovia by usura;
         9/11 by usura. 
By usura the Savings and Loan scandal, the Tech Stock Bubble, the Mortgage Crisis.
                    Miami, Washington, New York and Chicago by usura.
         With usura futures are bundled like ghost wheat,
Grain rots in the servers  
                   In the digital silos of Dubai, London and Hong Kong.
Without usura the present is not splintered into futures.
          Without usura hath no country a need of a standing army of three million
          Nor billions of Simons rubber necking the train wreck only 
                         To be crushed on the weal to Calvary.
Without usura nature need not put on its game theoretical face
          To show mathematical proof by crushing
The world back to uninhabitable composure.
          With usura Katrina, floods, drought, fire and pestilence.
                        With usura the revelers and their Revelation.
With usura the filth of existence outstrips language.
              Usura rusteth chassis,
                          It hurls 3 million into the gutter.
It gnaweth at the caissons and cables
             Contemptuous of Big Muddy.
Machines learneth to stunt Nature into patterns;
              Usura slayeth the child in the streets;
Usura slayeth the child in her bed;
              Usura slayeth the child in the field;
                           Usura slayeth the child in her school.
              It stayeth the young man’s courting
                            Bringing a gelding to bed;
It lyeth between the young bride and the amputee
              CONTRA NATURAM
They have bought whores for the World Bank Conference.
              Corpses are set to banking
                            At the behest of usura.

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Without Usura
a selection from:
Eschatology of Reason: ‘The Gilded Index of Far-Reaching Ruin.’

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