Charles Belbin : Poems

China — June 2005

Across from the Tourist Pearl Shop Roadside Stop

Tai Lake Island

Reflection at Tai Lake

Tai Hu Stone

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

The Other Side of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Gold Sand River at Stone Drum

Valley After Valley

Yu Xiang Temple

Up Past Yu Xiang Temple

Coming back down…

Couplet on the Wall of the Tea House Near
the Cave of the Thousand Buddhas, Fobo Hill, Gui-lin

a translation with T.R. Wang

On the River of Multiplicity

Banyan Lake Teahouse, Guilin

Shanghai Balcony

Taiwan - June 2006

An Old Chan Temple in the Park, Taipei

Sun Moon Lake Pagoda

Sun Moon Lake, Plum Rain and Tea, Reading and Writing

Washington, D.C. January 2006

Freer Gallery

In Memoriam

Miscellaneous/Santa Cruz

Pogonip, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Epiphany

Day, night…

Café El Greco


Charles Belbin's work has also appeared in FlashPoint #6