"an objective"
     rosemarie waldrop

"zuk tape"
     hugh seidman

"'a horizontal brand'"
     thomas a. clark

"zukofsky's ashtray"
     mark kuniya

zukofsky 24
     "A" movement of 24 variations on a Z theme

zukofsky's "A" and joyce's Ulysses:
     epics of fragmentation
kevin fitzgerald

art new, hurt old:
     "A", Ulysses, and modernist intertextuality
burt kimmelman

holding up the mirror and no more:
     louis zukofsky's `1892-1941'
bradford haas

louis zukofsky:
      the writing of guillaume appollinaire
          (le style appollinaire)
a review by bradford haas

blood to the ghosts:
     biography and the new modernist studies

          (with special reference to louis zukofsky)
mark scroggins