TateShots Video: Biddy Peppin on the female Vorticists


The Vorticist movement had two female members, Helen Saunders and Jessica Dismorr, while Dorothy Shakespear was an unofficial member. Art Historian Brigid Peppin, a painter and a relative of Helen Saunders, tours the Tate Britain Exhibition:
The Vorticists: Manifesto for a Modern World 14 June - 4 September 2011.

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  Katy Deepwell Video Lecture
Narratives of Women Artists in/out of Vorticism

Katy Deepwell

Narratives of Women Artists in/out of Vorticism

Repositioning Vorticism : Part 10: Vorticism Beyond Painting and Sculpture

Video recordings from the
Tate Britain conference


Women Artists and Modernism
Edited by Katy Deepwell
Manchester University Press 1998

ISBN-10: 0719050820

Chapter 2, page 36:

Jane Beckett and Deborah Cherry
Modern Women modern spaces,
women, metropolitan culture and Vorticism

Vorticism: New Perspectives

Lisa Tickner
Men's Work? Masculinity and Modernism

online posting

Visual culture : images and interpretations

Modernism, Magazines, and the British avant-garde:
Reading Rhythm, 1910-1914

by Faith Binckes

Oxford English Monographs, 2010
ISBN-10: 0199252521

Includes discussion of Jessica Dismorr, Margaret Thompson Zorach, and J.D. Fergusson, their colleague and former instructor.

"This book is a re-examination of the fertile years of early modernism immediately preceding the First World War. During this period, how, where, and under whose terms the avant-garde in Britain would be constructed and consumed were very much to play for. It is the first study to look in detail at two little magazines marginalised from many accounts of this competitive process: Rhythm and the Blue Review." - publisher

Digital facsimiles of Rhythm and Blue Review are both viewable online at :
The Modernist Journals Project

Catherine Elizabeth Heathcock

Jessica Dismorr (1885-1939) :
Artist, Writer, Vorticist

Full text free online

Biography and list of Dismorr's works
University of Birmingham, 1999
386 pages


Jessica Dismorr and Catherine Giles

Exhibition Catalogue

The Fine Art Society
London 2000
31 pages

Helen Saunders, 1885-1963

by Brigid Peppin
Foreword by Richard Cork
Ashmolean Museum, 1996
57 pages
ISBN 10: 185444087X

"Since Saunders' early work earned her a respected place in experimental circles, the gathering obscurity of her later years seems cruel. She endured the neglect with uncomplaining stoicism, for her innate warmth prevented her from succumbing to bitterness."

- Richard Cork in the Foreword

Lisa Tickner

The Spectacle of Women:
Imagery of the Suffrage Campaign 1907-14

University of Chicago Press 1988

ISBN-10: 0226802450

Many of the suffragists were artists and the design of banners,
posters, pamphlets, lapel pins, tea cups and other merchandise
was an important part of relaying the message of suffrage.  This
book covers the effectiveness of the visual campaign employed
by the suffrage movement.

A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies
Summer 1992, 4.2: 100-133.

"Militant Discourse, Strange Bedfellows:
Suffragettes and Vorticists before the War."

by Janet Lyon

Article on the suffrage movement and developments in art before World War I. Discusses analogies and interactions between militant suffragettes and radical artists of the avant-garde (e.g. vorticists, futurists). 
[Note: compares the language of the suffragettes to the language of Blast, etc.]

Univ of Delaware Press 2009
ISBN-10: 0874130352
Clever Fresno Girl:
The Travel Writings of Marguerite Thompson Zorach (1908-1915)

Edited by Efram L. Burk

This volume features thirty art-related travel articles by the American modern artist, Marguerite Thompson Zorach (1887-1968), reprinted for the first time since they appeared in her hometown newspaper, the "Fresno Morning Republican", from 1908-15, the period that corresponds to when she was studying art in Paris at La Palette and traveling throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Her writings relate to the cities, museums, and cultures in her whirlwind Grand Tour to which she brought incisive and critical commentary. The accompanying essay examines her life in Paris, the people she met, and the art she was exposed to, and how all of this helped shape her own work and identity as a woman artist, a world traveler, and an American. In her travels and activities as an artist, Thompson pushed the perceived boundaries of gender conventions and stereotypes during the first decades of the twentieth century. - Publisher

Marguerite Zorach:
The Early Years, 1908-1920.

Tarbell, Roberta K. & Taylor, Joshua C.
National Collection of Fine Arts
Smithsonian Institution Press
Washington, D.C., 1973

77 pages. 1974 Exhibition Catalogue. 3 color plates, 42 b&w illustrations.

Marguerite Zorach (a.k.a. Margaret Thompson) studied with Jessica
Dismorr & traveled with her in Europe on drawing trips.  More
information on Marguerite Zorach is on the website of William and
Marguerite Zorach:

Richard A. Warren at wordpress.com

includes Images and texts by and about
Helen Saunders and Jessica Dismorr




Vol. I: Origins and Development
Vol. II: Synthesis and Decline

by Richard Cork

University of California Press, 1976.

"The first complete survey and critical evaluation of the vorticist movement in England."

Flashpoint Magazine: a Journal of the Arts and Politics - Issue #17