Mummers' Fool The Slumbering Virgin The Warrior
and the Maiden
9 Poems
From Nature

About the GOGMAGOG Virtual Facsimiles

The scarcity of Gogmagog books (never more than 100 copies in any edition, oftentimes less than 50) is a practical problem, as they are often the only way of accessing the texts and illustrations.  Like Blake’s ‘illuminated books’, word and image are so intertwined that one divorced from the other leaves only half an experience.  Unlike Blake’s work, however, there are no convenient reprints of Cox’s work at this point in time.  The desire to make both word and image available to a larger audience was the impetus for this ‘Virtual Facsimile’.

     The technology now available to the average person allows for the reproduction of images and text to a fairly high standard.  Add to this the benefit that the resulting images can be posted on-line for viewers around the world to access.  While nothing can replace the experience of having a Gogmagog book in hand (there are often tactile elements that obviously cannot be reproduced), readers who would otherwise have no access to the actual books may experience the books on screen.  Enjoy!

Virtual Facsimile of
MUMMERS’ FOOL (1937; pub 1965)

Virtual Facsimile of
THE SLUMBERING VIRGIN (1938; pub 1958)

Virtual Facsimile of
THE WARRIOR & THE MAIDEN (1964; pub 1967/8)

Virtual Facsimile of
9 POEMS FROM NATURE (1937; pub 1959)