TRIAD  11*
female leg 
long engagement 

* 14 TRIADS (Gogmagog Press, 1967) contains three illustrations, including one for Triad ‘11’. The illustrations consists of a female leg, from the knee down, in a high-heeled shoe (Victorian style), with a vine growing from the ground and circling the ankle and calf of the leg several times. While this image from 14 TRIADS is not included in the current exhibition, it is interesting to look at one that is: the 1949 painting [Lovers in a Wood], and notice the same motif of the vine growing up the woman’s red-stockinged leg. The short poems of 14 TRIADS are constructed as spontaneous ‘free associations’; as Triad ‘11’ was written some time after the 1949 painting, it is interesting to contemplate if the later poem in some way sheds further insight on the earlier painting. - BH/03