Until I was twelve years of age I could separate my 
personality into two distinct parts.  I could stand in one place 
doing one thing whilst doing something quite different in 
another.  I might perhaps lift some object, drop it or throw 
it, push or pull something or somebody, and all without being 
seen.  I could strike matches that appeared to be floating 
in the air. 

         But at puberty these powers failed me, when my energy 
went with a rush into my testes.  It took a long while to 
re-direct some of this power, and it was never the same. 
Where previously I had been conscious simultaneously in both 
parts of myself, my consciousness now tended to be in either 
the one or the other.  There was a time when my invisible 
personality could pick up a pen and the pen would appear 
to be writing by itself.  Nowadays the nearest I can get 
to this is to hold a pen in my physical hand and allow my 
secondary personality to write with it -- which is what I 
so often do.