Eugene Thacker

"Evaluation of a Self-Consistent Method
for Calculating Muscle Parameters
from a set of Isokinetic Releases
[biotic_components 1.0.0]"

Read the following directions and identify each term in Fig. 1-22:
Processor Option: PwrPC 601 RISC/Integrated math co-processor. Scale:
5.4862E+00 pxl/mcr or 2.1599E+00 pxl/mcr, 4855 microsec/in or 1933
microsec/cm. 430 factory presets, 200 user presets with crossover
2nd-stage LED indicators and real-time MIDI controllers. Cache: 32K
on-chip, optional level 2 cache 256K. 64-track, up to 30hrs on 
internal 530GB drive. Graphics: 1MB VRAM (expandable to 4MB) Built-in 
support for display-functions; rsln. up to 1280 pixels. Resolution 
Timing: 4361 microsec 4.9285E+00 pxls (front) to 2136 microsec
2.4139E+00 pxls (back); -72 microsec/step or -8.111370724319E. 
(1) In thought, [ ] pushes mimicry to the point of assuming the exact 
posture that [ ] had assumed in that very spot. Thus, [ ] head is in 
place of [ ]'s head, [ ] mouth in place of [ ] mouth, [ ] membrane in 
place of, etc. Sagittal - a lengthwise plane running from front to 
back; divides the body or any of its parts into right and left sides. 
Median - sagittal plane through midline; divides the body or any 
of its parts into right and left halves. Coronal or Frontal - a 
lengthwise plane running from side to side; divides the body or
any of its parts into anterior and posterior portions. Transverse 
or Horizontal - a crosswise plane; divides the body or any of its
parts into upper and lower parts. Networking/Ports:
Built-in LocalTalk and Ethernet (10Base-T and AAUI). Distortion: 
THD, less than 0.05% RMS 20Hz-20kHz; IM, less than 0.05% 
SMPTHE; TIV unmeasurable, less than 100 mcv, A weighted
Val-Trp-ATPase-RNA-URFA6L-Glu Impulse Response Tensile Strength: 
200 PSI with 130% density compression. AIA: proposed 12 sec. MVSS 302. 
Their preoccupations fall into three categories: (1) extreme body 
modification, which involved using restriction enzymes, researchers 
can extract from cells containing a gene they wish to study a molecule 
of DNA, which they then break down into fragments the size of a gene 
(fig. 8-1). Subsequently, using ligase enzymes, they bind this foreign 
gene to a vector, a bacterian plasmid for instance, which they open 
up to accommodate the selected gene (fig. 8-2). The recombinant 
plasmid is then reintegrated into the host strain of bacteria 
(fig. 8-3), which multiplies in a culture, producing clones (fig. 8-4).
This bit of synthetic genetic material must then be attached to a 
"vector" capable of introducing it and making it express itself in
a microorganism. A bit of this vector, whose nature we shall consider
later, is then excised and replaced by a piece of the synthetic gene,
which is attached with the aid of the ligase enzymes, more or less as
one could have felt [ ] touch like bioware, a digitized whisper in the
language of memory. Code - 1. The set of rules used for converting 
data from one representation to another. 2. The representation of 
data or instructions in symbolic form. 3. To convert data or 
instructions into such a form. See machine code, computer code, 
data, symbol. Changes away from homeostasis are detected by 
so-called sensor cells. Sensor cells act by way of nerve impulses 
or hormonal response to initiate processes which make up a 
homeostatic mechanism. Then [ ] repeats, as exactly as possible - 
hesitantly, for it must be done with studied refinement - the
gestures that were [ ] gestures. [ ] occupies, successively, all the
space [ ] occupied. And there [ ] turns away and weeps. And slow, and
patiently, [ ] draws [ ] towards, and starts to undress [ ]. With the
eyes shut. Slowly ATT-CGA-UAU-CGU-TTA-AGU-ACG When [ ] tells [ ] to, 
[ ] moves [ ] body in the bed, but carefully, gently, as if not 
to wake [ ]

"The Presence of both
Stochastic and Deterministic Dynamics
in Electroretinograms Measured
Under Identical Experimental Conditions
[biotic_components 1.1.3]"

Articulations, in the body, are joints between bones. They perform two
seemingly contradictory functions. Articulations hold bones firmly 
bound to each other, and yet they also permit movement between them. 
Then [ ] walks down the nocturnal carpet and into the noctural air, 
through the silence which is that of densely entangled urban space. 
Object Program - A program in object language produced by translating 
(by means of a compiler) a program written in a source language. The 
object program is usually in a machine code capable of being directly 
intelligible to a computer (4. But when your dead lover is inside you, 
mingled with your blood, flows in your veins, oozes out through your 
pores, it is known only nominally by its position). Between distal 
ends of 68030 radius and ulnar CPU and between distal ends of 
intragenic tibial and fibular compression. [ ] wrote on, filling two, 
three, four hundred MB worth of graphic text. Suddenly [ ] raised 
[ ] head as if to hide imaginary sheets of paper in [ ] bodice ..
/citations-biotech/ Compressible synarthroses or fibrocartilage 
covering 4-8GB articular surfaces. [ ] seemed to be listening to a 
faint singing which seemed to issue from the wall monitors. ..
/citations-VRsurgery/Projections of articulating diaphysis 
interconnecting with fibrous micron-layers of connective tissue. 
(nt.16 - here add more dramatic emphasis.) The text swells up like a 
bladder, grows enormous, unable to swallow the world and their two 
bodies with it, and then subsides. Flexion - Decreases angle, usually 
between anterior surfaces of articulating bones with exceptions on 
posterior angles of some motion-capture movement data. Arch-shaped 
process wrapping around extensor plane and abductor plane, separately 
[ ] wants to get away. And as slowly as possible. Extension - Return 
from flexed position; increases angle between bones. And yet how 
ridiculous - for, after all, the outside of the monitors were 
membranes of memory. Abduction - Moves a body part away from midline,
for example, spreading VR-gloved fingers or ISDN bio-sensors. 
Adduction - Moving a body part toward the midline, as in the 
physiological effects of color-encoded sound waves. Communicating: 
As used in data processing, the act of assembling and transmitting 
data throughout a data processing system so that the data may be acted 
upon. Also refers to the distribution of the results of processing, 
usually in the form of digital files reproduced for the users of the 
data (1, 20, 44, 118). Pulse normal, respiration normal; the slowly 
moving CT scans through which breathing occured clenched and 
unclenched in perfect rhythm, two pneumatic animations. Now, as 
before, in the middle of the performance space, and aided by biotech 
assistants, they began the multiple stimulation tests, applying four, 
then six, then eight, and ten inscriptions to the various nodal points of the 
56Kbps-treated viscera. Data are represented in the circuitry of a 
digital computer by a pattern of coded electrical pulses. In the 
computer memory, these pulses may magnetize patterns of spots on the
component parts (Epimysium, Perimysium, or Endomysium) digitize the
component part itself (Myofibril Sarcomeres). With the final current
flow the images bulged, muscles worked in spasms and the abdomen 
arched away from the diaphraneous table and began to calmly, 
methodically, heave, and in spite of it [ ] also felt [ ] own 
abdominal muscles contracting. Connection type: Standard phone line. 
Typical speed (thousands of bits transmitted per second): 28.8-52.0. 
I.S.D.N. 128 Cable modem 1,500 Digital subscriber line, as proposed 
1,500. The figure whose motion is to be captured has sensors placed on 
key points of its body, and as the figure moves, the sensors feed data 
about those movements into a computer. Systems that have been used in 
production thus far are typically either electromagnetic, where the 
sensors are "wired" to the tracking computer, or optical, where 
cameras capture information from light-emitting markers. [ ] 
understood the sullen question in [ ] voice. Many times, earlier on, 
they had asked the same thing, and always the answer had been 
the same: "The word has no meaning for this, here. It is a sound, 
immobility's first motion."


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