Mairead Byrne

                  sonnet to gg
 in the beginning of the begin of the begin in the begin
        that would be water   water & salt   fingers of water
                in a watery glove
 that would be you
                liquor of oyster
                tilde of steam
 never for you
        velvety blackness
        stacked submarines      in the Paul Klee
 you are all flitters
        what if I am know that I am care that I am am that I am
                spoonful of semen
                colorless tea
 only for you
                the legs of the ocean
        swaggering out  & into the earth
                                tack tack tack tack tack
 then we have wrack     rugged hair of the sea-shore
 then we have font      crisp puzzles of bone
                such that I am
                maybe I am