Who woulda thunk James Joyce & Samuel Beckett would share a comic strip like Mutt & Jeff
(or even Mutt & Jute)?
A better question would be: what took 'em so long!
Only 70-odd years from their first collaborations.

But here they are!
In three stories of astonishing graphic farce -- very, very dark farce -- by Stephen Walsh (script)
Brian O'Toole (ink).
The scene is shared bachelor digs on the South Circular Road in Dublin, at least for starters.
But it's a waste of time to delay your entrance into the world of Shem & Sam.
Just click, and once you're in, click again.

Because of the detail in the artwork, these pages are stored at relatively high definition, which makes them appear very large when viewed in your web browser. "For greatest reading pleasure," says publisher Kellie Strøm, "print out the pages - they're sized to fit on A4 sheets."

"The Last Redoubt"

"Midnight on the Prairie"

"The Seventh Trumpet," page 1

"The Seventh Trumpet," page 2

These strips first appeared in the Irish magazine, The Yellow Press (deceased), and later in Inkling (also R.I.P.), a comic published by Potts Brothers of London. Currently they are preserved in mr. kellie strøm's Doodles & Daubs, along with the two page epic, "The Seventh Trumpet".

Stephen Walsh is also author of The Acid Bath Case as well as a contributor to Film Ireland magazine.

The rich drawing of Liverpool artist Brian O' Toole is unfortunately most of what we have of him.
He died of cancer, only 53, in 2001.
Stephen Walsh remembers ...