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The truth shall make you free
At the First Emperor's Tomb the Chinese People's Republic shows you a preliminary movie in which this monument of empire is seen through the eyes of peasants who rose up in rebellion and smashed the terra cotta statues we have come so far to see. I tried asking whether the government is more in favor of the tomb or of its being smashed? The guide answered Both! We think the tao of history contains both the bright yang of order and the dark yin of revolt. So I said, Does that mean that in the present phase of history the yin is the Falun Gong? A short silence. Then You must understand that in China there are some things we do not think about. I know why I'm remembering this. There are things we don't think about in America things I don't want to think about myself like this flood of emails from Russians whom I have never met about Far West, Ltd. a meta-group almost unknown and yet so powerful it can apparently manipulate states for the ends of the drug traffic spreading violence in an organized route from Afghanistan to New York Scott '05 a group which brought its partners -- a Venezuelan close to FARC Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces an Israeli advising Tkaši chief KLA commander and a Turk close to al-Qaeda and the CIA to meet near Nice in Khashoggi's villa with Voloshin (Berezovsky's man under Yeltsin in the Kremlin) and also Basaev the Chechen terrorist who then blew up Moscow buildings as described by John Dunlop shortly after the U.S. and the KLA Kosovo Liberation Army took over Kosovo Scott '05 Dunlop is a reputable scholar Dunlop Why did he present the meeting as a mere plan for a Russian 9/11 at the behest of Yeltsin's Kremlin ignoring the role at the villa of men like Sosnaliev and Tsveiba from Abkhazia which now has become a key heroin transiting point? Sida/Cornell Caspian '02 Why did he suppress what his source said about Surikov and Fritz Ermarth, the Turk and the CIA the Israeli and the KLA? Was it because just like myself he did not want to think about who was involved in opening the new Kosovo drug route after the mad dash of Russian troops one month before the meeting June 11, 1999 to seize the Prishtina airport in Kosovo Judah 279, 284-85 without (it is said) the knowledge of Yeltsin Shevtsova 285, fn. 11 just as Al McCoy and myself both promptly forgot the terrorized vet who broke his promise to talk about drugs after they firebombed his Jag. McCoy xii, Scott '89 147-48, Scott '04 38-40 There are two kinds of businesses: those which flourish from peace and the strengthening of law and those which require the opposite zones of incessant chaos like Chechnya Colombia Afghanistan where drugs can be grown or trafficked under the watch of PMCs. private military companies The CIA knew what it was doing when in 2001 they brought back "Mr. Ten Percent" Haji Mohammed Zaman at the top of the heroin trade from Dijon to Jalalabad Smucker 9 and arranged for the release of Haji Ayub Afridi from prison Raman (the same men who in the '80s had organized the heroin trail to the Soviet troops -- i.e. to the clique who became Far West -- with the blessings of the CIA) Raman thus restoring the Afghan opium economy after two years of prohibition under the Taliban. Scott '03 33, 43-44 and pushing America and Russia still further down the path of increasing superwealth and declining average income (my starting salary in '61 $7250.00 could buy a third of a good Berkeley house while a starting salary today would pay for perhaps a twentieth) increasing income disparities the sign our state is declining the homeless we no longer support and have grown used to not thinking about as we step across them towards our ATMs what Sallust and Arnold discerned in Rome and Victorian London privatim opulentia publice egestas Sallust, Arnold until the republic is suborned by these forces we cannot see for which the intellectual price is a shrinkage of our culture towards the trivialities of narcotic distractions and suburban poets. and expansion of our costly empire thanks to facilitations from al Qaeda until now there are American troops from Kyrgyzstan and Georgia to Kosovo. Starting in 1998 Surikov, the Venezuelan, and the Turk had their own PMC Far West connected with the secured transport of commercial shipments from Afghanistan Filin '05 and with representatives in the Emirates, Afghanistan, Colombia, Kosovo as well as contracts with Halliburton -- Far West's leader Vladimir Filin the suspected chief narcobaron Kaledin '03 announced that "a well-known American corporation is a co-founder of our agency" Filin '05 while Filin and Far West worked on the Georgian project, financed by KBR Halliburton, apparently with the approval of CIA) Yasenev '04 and with Diligence Middle East a PMC with success in securing contracts from Neil Bush, the President's brother Financial Times, 12/11/03 headed by Joe Allbaugh Financial Times, 12/11/03; Asia Times, 5/20/04 who in 2000 organized both the Bush-Cheney campaign and the "19th floor riot" that stopped the recount in Miami-Dade County Floridagate and then was made head of FEMA the agency that with Cheney and Rumsfeld Mann 139; Bamford 72 had developed "Reagan's Secret Coup Plans" in the 1980s "Reagan's Secret Coup Plans" Progressive Review, June 2004 the plans for COG Continuity of Government the plans for an anti-constitutional takeover in a time of crisis Progressive Review, June 1998. Cf. NY Times, 11/18/91 which were implemented on 9/11 9/11 Report 38; Bamford 66 after Bush had entrusted Cheney, FEMA, and Allbaugh to set up a terrorism task force to deal with terrorist attacks Houston Chronicle, 5/9/01; Ruppert, 412-18 which is said to have changed the rules making it far more complicated to deal with hijacked planes 9/11 Report, 17; cf. fn. 101, 458. just weeks before they attacked Ruppert, 412-18 and required FEMA to hold exercises as it planned for September 12 in New York so that one day before WTC-7 collapsed World Trade Center 7 without being hit by al-Qaeda Griffin 25-32 FEMA had already moved out into a larger temporary headquarters from which the New York clean-up was directed. It is too much. I think of Petrov blown up in his car in Cape Town after taping his quarrel with Surikov at the Hotel Bristol in Vienna Petrov '04 and I think of Indira Singh who lost her job at J.P. Morgan after she notified the FBI about Ptech the hi-tech Islamist firm (bankrolled by Yasin al-Qadi, a wealthy Saudi investor who has been officially designated as a terrorism financier) Boston Herald, 1/18/04 with contracts at FAA the White House the Secret Service and links to the local Al Kifah al-Qaeda support group followed by a Treasury raid on Ptech and then the immediate Boston Globe, 12/7/02; WBZ4, 12/9/02 firing of Paul O'Neill Secretary of the Treasury Singh spoke publicly about Ptech the FBI agents themselves basically indicated to me that absolutely no investigation was going on at which point my hair stood on end NPR Radio, 12/8/02 adding as an aside when I ran into the drugs I was told that if I mentioned the money to the drugs around 9/11 that would be the end of me. Indira Singh testimony We do not think about 9/11 and drugs The 9/11 Report denied the connection 9/11 Report 171 ignoring the drug money for Ramzi Yousef from an I.S.I. agent in the Philippines for a plot covered up according to an Embassy security official by high-ranking officers of the CIA and Secret Service Alexander Cockburn; Ressa 33 or the speech by Bonner of Customs on the Jafar organization out of Detroit Bonner; cf. Farah 171-72 shipping hash and heroin to the United States for almost half a century Goddard and Coleman 24 Khalid Jafar's bag (said NBC) was placed on Pan Am 103 without passing through inspection as part of a DEA undercover operation Guardian 11/1/90 I remember the defeat and fear in the face of Allan Francovich the last time he contacted me via a cut-out a mutual friend one year before Allan dropped dead while going through U.S. Customs Independent 4/28/97 whose film on Pan Am 103 and Jafar could be shown in Britain but not this country Ganser 49 though he has since been posthumously vindicated by a police chief's signed statement that key evidence in the Lockerbie trial was planted by the CIA Scotsman 8/28/05 and what happened to Danny Casolaro Goddard and Coleman 352-55 also researching the so-called Octopus Beaty and Gwynne 224-25 until suicided in a West Virginia motel Buffalo News 8/27.93 with my name and number in his notebook Forgive me if I do not want to think of how they destroyed L (the Republican businessman whose mistake was to tell the FBI about the Nicaraguan drug lord who picked up the dinner tab at the fundraiser in San Francisco L had arranged for the Contras after which L got a death threat over the phone while waiting in Senator Kerry's outer office for a secret rendez-vous) and of what N said to me -- that Carlos Lehder was released from his hundred-year sentence to peddle cocaine to Russia his name in the Lafayette phone book and that Gary Webb had been hounding herself with false incriminating emails (I replied I suspected both of them were being targeted with disinformation). But perhaps neither of them were to be trusted and should I now be trusting V this Russian with reports on Far West corroborated now by Filin's admission that he himself went to Kosovo and got Tkaši's clearance for the dash of Soviet troops to Prishtina airport authorized by Voloshin at the Kremlin? Surikov 2006 One is never sure whom to trust as I learnt years ago at a Washington Center International Center researching for Senator Kerry's investigation for Development Policy into Contra support operations and drugs I think of the secret memo in two copies I had my secretary a student intern hand-deliver from the Center to Brian Barger and a Bob Parry cf. Terrell 297-324, Parry 15 who phoned back to say he was furious (There are things you don't write down in Washington) and somehow Secord's lawyer got hold of it Richard Secord to file as a Court Exhibit in the Christic case and what about Jack Terrell at the Center a man intimate with the mercenary "community" Nation 8/15/87 who had fought for the whites in Rhodesia who had earned the confidence of the Miskitos by shooting thirteen of their prisoners with their hands tied behind their backs and who knew about the military coup in Fiji Nation 8/15/87 that night before anyone in the press Jack was shown to have told the truth about the Contra cocaine operation disguised by imports of frozen fish Kerry Report 438, Scott and Marshall 131 in the memo he prepared for Senator Kerry Kerry Report ZZ which was stolen for the Reagan Justice Department Scott and Marshall 151 after which Oliver North classified Terrell as a "Terrorist Threat" Terrell 463, Scott and Marshall 142-43 and our Center was put under FBI surveillance Scott and Marshall 148ss, cf. Kerry Report 163, Terrell 384 So later when Jack said he wanted to bring his wife to the United States I (knowing his childhood story of how he had once stolen a car and on the instruction of his father was sentenced to 18 years in adult federal prison) Scott and Marshall 127 gave him the money he needed for return airfare to Manila after which I got a call from the Center: Why did you finance Terrell's scheme to destroy Manglapus (who had been expected Philippine Foreign Secretary to succeed Cory in the Philippines?) Aquino, cf. Time 10/28/91, Terrell 424-32 In this way na´ve good will implicated me in the defeat of the one candidate committed to removing the U.S. military bases. Jack himself still later invited me to think he might have been the "Carson" who led Bill Pepper to the wild lie discrediting his book on Martin Luther King. Pepper 368, 426-30 so that we still do not know for certain who was behind King's murder (or for that matter the Kennedys') any more than who Jack was really working for though he claimed that he was told by phone to penetrate North's Contra support effort by Donald Fortier and the NSC National Security Council, Terrell 38 Oh Jack! Though I knew enough never completely to trust you I still thought of you as my friend - cf. Terrell 455-60 and that like me you were fighting the traffickers not just your enemy Oliver North. The American dilemma: to heal this world we must become intimate with it but the search for political truth will lead one deeper and deeper into falsehood so we all become like the good Germans not thinking about who caused the Reichstag Fire or the hundreds of people we do not know taken off to secret camps or distant countries. It is a dilemma: Part of me needs to agree with the left that we have to wake up America that it is knowledge will make us free (the idea being that truth unites us in thinking together even though these truths of darkness have been known to destroy those who have published them Gary Webb, Independent 10/8/05 and I myself can share with no one except those who like myself have become distanced from the crowd). Part of me just meditates on the new and more flourishing wildlife that is improving Point Reyes ten years after the Mount Vision fire San Francisco Chronicle 10/2/05 From the glories of the Tang Dynasty I recall only one date: the year of the usurper An Lushan who drove both Wang Wei and Du Fu far from the corrupt court into the mountains where for the first time they were free to write the only poems we remember.


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