We All Jump

Obscene Bird of Night          Queen of the Night

The Gene-Illogical Tree

My Grandmother Pilar

A Holy Ghost

Beyond the Frame

The Meeting Point



Midsummer's Eve


My approach to needle art is to seek to transcend the limitations of traditional needlework by opening every possibility between the thread and the canvas. I feel as free to move my needle as a painter his brush, and, as a painter mixes his paints, I will combine any yarn, thread, or whatever goes through a needle in order to achieve the desired color or texture. The stitches, too, may be any of the traditional ones or new ones that I have created, my central aim in each piece being to combine as much as possible the fluidity and spontaneity of painting with the warmth and textural richness of textile. Color, texture, movement: these are the mainsprings of my art.

I am not interested merely in surface, however. I grew up in a part of the world rich in paintings and tapestries devoted to storytelling, and I have never lost my early fascination with narrative art, especially that of mythology and folklore. Almost all my work shares with my favorite art of the past that love of story.

                                                                                                Pilar Sans Coover

Many more of Pilar Coover's works of fiber art can be found on her website,

Pilar Sans Coover