Nathan Lang


A verbal exercise in channeled dialog
on the theme of the Holy Scriptures

    Israel embraced Yhwh – my lord no my brother no my blrorodther – seeing your face – man wound his arms round Yhwhs neck – to see the face of Yhwh – man grasped across the gulf gasping – they slip from my grip – onto thoughtstanchion man fastened hands – sparks glimmer in nexuses of each lifeunit – Esau and Jacob wept red – items dear to me I hold tight – purple sunrising – face to face – Israel kissed Edom – a trace of breath across my lobe – lunging into my vesicle of Yhwh I fell into self – I now turn to taps on my shoulder – the sun bobs along a gradient of horizon – let me find favor in eyes

    Letlightnight! – Albatross zadok Angelfish zerubabbel uzziah Baboon – darkness roamed the sphere five days ago – Blackwidow tamar Bluefootedboobie terah shealtiel Caecilian – after the void and formless – C. elegans solomon Coon shem Cheshire Cat seth salmon Cnidarian – Waterletwaterpartwaterpartsky! – Dragon rehoboam Drosophila ruth Dog rahab ramreu Dodo – Yhwh brought animals to Adamman – Echidna peleg Egret perez obed Gibbons – curious Adamman may name them – Hydrapolyp nahor Honeybee nahshon noah Hart – Placedryletseedplant fruitbear! – Insect mary Jackrabbit methuselah Jewfish matthan mahalalel Jabberwocky – animal names – Komodo manasseh Leech lamech kenan Lemur jacob Lamprey – what Adamman named – Lungfish jesse Lancelet judah Mule joseph josiah Labmouse – Twomightlightsletsignsstarsmark! – Minotaur jotham Mako jehoshophat Nudibranch jeconiah jehoram Nautilus – oped Adam throat – Ox israel Peacockhyena isaacsarai Pitviper hezron hezekiah Quagga – any name to which way – Priapula eve Rhesusmonkey eber Rat enosh enoch Ratfish – Beingletwinged nseanairlet! – Roach eliud Serpent eliam Sponge eleazar Thornydevil david Tunicate boaz Unicorn bathsheba asa Vampirebat – Cattleserpentbeastmanmovelet! – azor Whale ahaz Wasp Xiton akim amon Yak abiud Zebrafinch abijah Zebrafish Yhwhwomanimage abram amminadab Easternspottedskunk arphaxad Westernspottedskunk adamman Winglesscormorant – and this item – He is called Xrist – Maria you are to name him Jesus – they will sing Immanuel – the Lord is immediate

    My essence magnifies Yhwh Who Sees Me – his mercy condescends to me in the shape of an arm – he mollifies my lofty fragmented tongue – I present veins of my coursing blood to Yhwh – he conducts transmembrane currents thru my being – silence leaps in my womb – from Arphaxad to Zerubbabel – Holy is His namelessness – his paranormal signals – at angels words we tremble – the moment is heavy – hairs climb on your neck – Gabrielstrongmanofgod – drymouth and rabid inhales – a voice summons from the waters of Ulai – the Meaning! – Gabriel tell this man – dayafterday I Daniel I spent in a numb fever – sevensevens sixtytwosevens – dawns when my open eyes do not wink – alternating floodgates – I dwell in pulses of terror – without his clutch I collapse – I plummet facefirst sprawled prostrate on the ground

    Attune your ears! – where what you set about – the earthmouth gulps and lifeblood bellows – downcastface – torndivide – Yhwh sees you without favor – a yellow smell – limbless composure – sinengine – brotherbearer what have you done!?! – shattering bloodshrieks! – grip slips in blood – dealt dichotomy – narrow shape – you killed your brother Qain – pressure put – I lift his touch from elbowpoint – Abelexistvapor – my pulse parallels time – oxygen red – Qain overcome – stiff soulconfine – I mold it a smile a frown – eyelights out – seeps into the sinkearth – I had a friend in this flesh – killattack – dummybody – Abelvapordream – empty memory – lifeblood hand exhibition – heavyhead – thickfluid suction – ghostgone gravity – Abelexistexit

    Nameflesh – into the Adamman dust gust Yhwh vaporbreath – thru the Name – then the Name became flesh became lifeunit in manwomb became text became holeybloodspill became confounded monkeypuzzle became names – the Name as flesh gives manifestbeing gives tranquilchannel gives epiphany point gives timetumescence – the Name is the origin is silence is nebulaspringboard is blackwhite lightemissions for Homo sapiens is sensorysystematization overturn is eye of needle with which man webs weaves is sought by telescopic nooses flung to Orions belt is dynamobreakdown gainst orderedorders is the numen of our nomennumens is as Yhwh is Yhwh is the I am I am is not a name

    You your name I demand – Jacob forded Jabbok – youmyheelyou overwhelm me – Yhwh assumed fleshimposed being – in black lightning formonform wrestled – I’ll punch him in his gut till noise ejects out pipes – what is your name!?! – thedaybreaks! – into cages of ribs I’ll lodge fingers – Let me go! Israel! – I’ll pinnem gainst stone to lockem in my peep – sweltering fog whirlmolecules – I won’t release flesh – face to face – from earth I’ll throw him so he’ll hit hard and yelp – pressureexpandexhaust – from its socket Yhwh jolted Jacobs hip – across Jabbok Jacob Israel – my Israelgrabber you have subdued me – he saw the place Peniel – Israelohhow you ever endear you to me when you near to me – saline solutions drain thru bodypores – on hip he limped across Jabbok – why do you ask my name? Israel? – your physicalmentality is the well of laughter

    Laughter and joy and bliss and thrill to you – sit down Maria – your soundwaves cause me wombleaps – No! – Gabriel gripped him in smoke of burning incense – disbelievedbelief – his tongue sags in his maw – Yhwh handtohand – what then the name – the gesture means take him his tablet – inflated pride mutes – risingsun Yhwhknowledge – I was barren Elizabeth and now I have swollen toes – people represent these events to each other in words – insomnia in this condition – still he keeps figuring signs without sound – bless your tender back and the child you cart within – essence precipitates these present points – my assurance mysolerest – not after flesh – not after us – he traced in fixed characters the childname – the tongue loosed – wonderment bounds from knoll to knoll

    Thru the terrain wandering – Edeneast – envelopingline – apart from Yhwhpresence – silence means you ear the stars buzz – no foodstuffs yielded – wordworldorganon – bloodloss – sensation stings when settled – vicious circle – where you Qain killed him – the earth wheels on an axis – transmembrane chaosmechanisms – lifeunits preserve parasitism – confinescomplex – love is a molecule that grazes neurons in sinuses – sinkhole of yhwh – overwhelm – phenomenonuproot zoo – my legs carry a carcass – the field where Abel tended flocks – low blood levels – proteopainreceptors maintain my survival – navelgazer – hidden in the here – yours the restless region of Nod – tiedup totality tools – my sentence is more than I can bear.