Moiderin Times
by Pulley May Johnson
(fhromange to Jams Jizzas Dingletongue.)
By Carl O'Parcelli

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--Shattup. Weir disgulfen the meer thonononda and one knaughts the tide turbinds stroomin on theola banko. T'wit a ponderush roiunctionary newveile, Moiderin Times, by Pully May Jonsohn sobtattled Shit a See Foamey Merlearcholaric Bably or A Mammons Con Sewer Side Tod Taisons.

It dechries:

Mexture and mexus omarekins and all the maihstus and mesls that tromfes the seads. The heir born cocaim war was in its filth millenium with Airloon Dowlles at the helms when the teil alla gram arrised. In the anals of the Wurmstern Hemorrwoild, no mon licked Jass. Jysm Dingletong. Notional sackyokity wasen the dead kinwyrt wort the live do do. The mamnos came down: "Cleaverness gives knucks to gottliebness. Lie surgarcly if akcid. Teoatl on dadel and hana but knautschen on the hunds that freess hew. 

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--My diarre, Holms, you locke all schell and beanes.

On the pholygraf plied: 

---Delawded? Delighted? & Deloooooooded? 

Yes & orranged barealized. 

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---Is that a quetschen, me poky hole?

---No, an ardor, me pine noodle!

---O, Maim me!

But just in, our bar nerrahtar, Pulley May Jonsohn, shanning his cowtouts Scisserow, comminced his slate of Han; 

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-- You were saying, Sodknee.

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