Melvin B. Tolson
[ 1898-1966 ]

Photos &

Newspaper Clippings

from the Melvin B. Tolson Papers
at the Library of Congress Washington D.C.

Langston Hughes on Mel Tolson:
"Here to Yonder" was a column Hughes wrote for the Chicago Defender.
The hand notation reads Spring 1946. Christian Aguiar has a short article on Hughes and
his columns at Suite 101: Here To Yonder: Langston Hughes and the Chicago Defender

from the Kansas City Call 1946

Negroes Stereotyped Picture in Aamerica
Is Due To Others Painting The Picture, Says Tolson

from the Pittsburgh Courier November 1946

Myths of Race and Class Blasted by Poet-Scholar

Hand notation:
Pittsburgh Courier or Kansas City Call 1948

"Ten Best Poets"

(folded paper)
Langston University Gazette June 1965

Melvin B. Tolson and Karl Shapiro

Fine Arts Festival 1965

Langston University Gazette
November 4, 1964 page 3

Tolson with the modernist architect Hillyard R. Robinson
and the noted Public Relations Pioneer Moss H. Kendrix.