James Joyce

A Miscellany of Images
Concerning Finnegans Wake


Commentary from The Brazen Head:

"A handsome, 41 year old Jim looks intently into his future, wearing a funny hat. This photo was taken during a holiday in Sussex", shortly after starting Finnegans Wake

Image: Yale Beinecke Library

    "Joyce Writing A Sentence"

Drawing by Guy Davenport

The James Joyce Working Group

a 1929 collection of critical essays
on Finnegans Wake

Faber and Faber, 1930
"an inexpensive 1 shilling paperback
edition of pre-publication excerpts
from Finnegans Wake"

from Indiana University's on-line Exhibit on James Joyce & Ulysses

    "Finnegans Wake"

drawing by Moholy-Nagy

via richardkostelanetz.com

    "Fagin Knew A Sin"

(An anagram on Finnegans Wake)

Concrete Poetry, ink on paper

by Ben Stack