David Jones : Poet and Painter

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Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru
The National Library of Wales:

Letters by David Jones to Desmond Chute about 'Anathemata'

"David Jones’ famous poem Anathemata was first published in 1952. In this decorated letter to Desmond Chute the author refers to the poor sales of his latest poem."

Historical map, Fragment of draft of 'In Parenthesis',
Draft of the end of 'In Parenthesis'

Studies of the Artist's left hand   /   Our Lady was a Milkmaid   /   Panther, Evening Face   /   The Three Graces

from: Monnow Valley Arts Centre

This non-profit arts center features 24 works by David Jones on its website, in addition to works by Eric Gill and others. Use 'David Jones' in the Artist Search feature to access the online exhibit. The Centre also offers a free download of a David Jones catalogue that accompanied the Nicholas and Frances Stadlen Collection Exhibit, with commentary by Derek Shiel.

David Jones, A Personal Collection of Poetic and Spiritual Paintings, Drawings and Engravings

from Rupert Otten's introduction:


Many of these works come either direct from the David Jones Trustees or from the estates of his close friends, Petra Tegetmeier and Philip Hagreen. Petra Tegetmeier was the second daughter of Eric and Mary Gill and was engaged to David Jones from 1924 to 1928. Although they broke off their engagement, they remained lifelong friends; Jones sending drawings and prints to Petra for her birthdays and feast days.

Philip Hagreen was a founder member with Eric Gill of the Society of Wood Engravers in 1920 and with Gill a member of the Guild of St. Joseph and St. Dominic in Ditchling. Hagreen and Jones exchanged views about art throughout their lives and this included sending each other examples of the engravings they were working on from time to time.

Rupert Otten offers another David Jones catalogue

as a free download through Wolseley Fine Arts

Let There be One Fair Girl


This 2004 catalogue not only includes illustrations from Gullivers Travels (among others) but a photo of wood carved salad servers. Derek Shiel assisted with the exhibit.

    from: Wilsey Rare Books

20th Century Illustration in
Woodcut and Wood Engraving

David Jones : Woodblock

"An original wood-block engraved by David Jones, presumably box- or pear-wood, 3 ¼" x 2 ¼", makeready still mounted to back. The engraving is of an angel and devil wrestling over fire and can be found in Libellus Lapidum. It therefore dates from his St. Dominic's period. The block is in good condition and would appear to be still printable. Examples of woodblocks by Jones are quite rare. A fine block with a memorable image dating from 1924 or before. Cleverdon 75. For the book, see Taylor & Sewell A125.".

Wilsey's list includes additional images of works by Jones:

Two Portraits

  Two portraits of Jones, one by Rosalind (Ray) Howard Jones, and the other by Eric Gill. Ray Howard-Jones was also a Welsh war poet and painter. Her papers are on file with the National Library of Wales.

The Art Fund offers images from several museums:

    David Jones
Bolton Museum, Aquarium & Archive

Collection of 22 engravings including:

'The Whale', 'Jonah among the Fishes'

'The Chester Play of the Deluge' (10 plates)

'The Ancient Mariner' (10 plates).

David Jones (1895 - 1974)
Brecknock Museum and Art Gallery

1. Petra Gill (1927) & 2. Orchard, Capel-y-ffin (1924-28) & 3. Christ in the Garden (1925)

1. Petra Gill was Eric Gill's daughter and the artist had been engaged to her. This striking portrait is set against the landscape at Capel-y-ffin. 2. The orchard was just below the old monastery at Capel-y-ffin. 3. The artist's work on religious themes deepened during his time at Capel-y-ffin.