Two Images from

An Illustrated Broadside of “Fleet Street”

a poem by Shane Leslie

Illustrated by David Jones

Detail from Figure 1 below


          FLEET STREET

  I never see the newsboys run
     Amid the whirling street,
     With swift untiring feet,
  To cry the latest venture done,
  But I expect one day to hear
     Them cry the crack of doom
     And risings from the tomb,
  With great Archangel Michael near;
  And see them running from the Fleet
     As messengers of God,
     With Heaven's tidings shod
  About their brave unwearied feet.
            - Shane Leslie

[ The images from Fleet Street are courtesy of a private collector ]

    [Figure One]

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The images above are from David Jones's "Fleet Street" broadside [1927].

The poem "Fleet Street" is from the free ebook download of the 1910/11
Eyes of Youth: A Book of Verse by Padraic Colum, Shane Leslie, et al
via Project Gutenberg at