Joe Ahearn

Port Huron Statement
					Port Huron, Michigan
					June 11-15, 1962


White boys arguing late.


scarred by modernity the most beautiful world a heap of rubble
tossed down in confusion whole cities
their disillusion. Yet of & comforted by their modest comforts.
The invisible, they argued, had become indifferent. Peril had become indifferent, had become
perhaps a type of emptiness?
Such is the effect of philosophy on the well-fed. Still: thought fired and glazed thought bled on point & such earnestness
perhaps never again & yes, black bodies bouyant in muddy currents mouths slackened and near shore seen spilling with mud crabs weed
We must admit they understood that. o, where you are going and why? they asked freedomequality freedomequality is where we're going the engine of engines of change Class. Control. An image to them. As in, I look for the simplest way to sow and reap my nature. As in, our comfort was penetrated by events. Spark & spark & engine of change. Perhaps two of them have starved or are starving. _____ In prison, she is good. She studies and writes books. All the illness of the world there for her to comfort. In prison. In prison she does not drive armed cars filled with black men and weapons, white men and weapons. In prison she does not run barefoot from the sounds of gunfire. As we grow, we inherit. As we grow, we are surrounding America. In prison she looks like an old woman with no sense of fashion. While these and other problems develop. When the word is insufficient, we are surrounding America. Blown to bits along the borders. Naked in the streets after explosions we are good Americans, we are surrounding America. The cities of the North. The workplaces where the free are slotted into the sockets of a great machinery. The South and its graveyards. Our search is for the world we inherit.We declare what we have witnessed. We have seen the invisible made manifest. We have witnessed, and continue to witness, other paradoxes. _____ AGENDA FOR A GENERATION they sd well you can't ideologies are exhausted today dreams of the older categories have been purchased by investors We must use the partial and fragmentary as guideposts the mind compulsively driven _____ On May Day the men went out into the street. All of the men, a piece here, a piece there. A swirling of the men with no personal histories. The goal was to inconvenience people. Hence the berets and chanting. No one could find the right corner. Much stepping on feet. A sense of stepping into a sphere. _____ Our way? they sd Russian loneliness, the soft sell. To have one's way one's way so much as it is. The decline of utopia and tentative determination. A first task of any but worthwhile. But loneliness. _____ AGENDA FOR A GENERATION [all the opposites, this is the meaning]; he undergoes economic manipulation; encouraging independence; overcomes the idolatrous; character is his daimon; apathy toward apathy begets a privately-constructed universe. It contains, however, bowls.
Brightest and hottest is the students involved
To God all things public.
Fragment 114: A river he says that is in you and brought apart, which is sundered, our mind. There is not much rainy weather. Cutting and burning.
Many live as though they had a private understanding of the continuous flow of
the river. Sundered, our mind casts off its former power.
Donkeys prefer rubbish to gold.
Finally he became critical history. _____ --beer, a girl or two, and early (1) independence; a respect for others, a sense of mostly polluted water; decisions determining the quality and direction of Further, they pray to these statues, don't even give a damn about the apathytimes. They moved actively and control, no matter how unsatisfying otherwise. 2.


they sd By '66, no more arguments. We ALL got it. That is --Next! Step up! That means you, boy! Recite after me! (insert confucian ideogram here) All ends and beginnings are horrors. This is the Higher Learning. Use your "Back" button, for example. Contemplate the Way, the common peril. Be serene / but have your comforts --hence, "hippies"
What we sd then concentrated on military ends. It belittled the profound. Still we sd, set straight your heart. Gaining knowledge depends on investigating things. And little comforts. Deterrence advocates. _____ Daddy, why is there illuminating splendid virtue? For traditional concepts of power relations have shown a slowness, sometimes a sheer inability to set the heart straight. i.e. American "megatonnage" Forced private worry / callousness / breeds the STATE --hence, Humphrey & other fat liberals senselessness permits present brutality; present brutality is both essential and non-essential --hence, NIXON First set straight their hearts and minds Blame only Communism for the present menace The possibility of limits, i.e. a "poverty" mentality, is the source of public silence Serenity is the basis of power and profit Hourly wages / all is subordinated Who is the emperor? Who are the emperor's advocates? Confusion, fear. In less than a generation, from the emperor all the way down to the multitudes. Translated by make their thoughts sincere first devoted themselves to part of the military effort is then you'll come close to the Way. be capable of contemplation. Contemplate the Way, and



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