Pete O'Brien

whistles the jackdaw

[11 haiku]


an obscure shadow about a long low wall
to the jackdaw


mind bend
turn towards the middle and catch the music
tears falling


carnival noise
the cathedral doors look as pregnant
as a wobbling pigeon


in pale december woods
old cabin greets reaching wild oak
as something about the light shivers


the case, the lawyer, the room
all gray
as toads


a man feeling for a knob
brushes a hand
and wife dead of yesternight


ocean rising
with it the wave
of all our names


"carry me off, i've seen too many stars!"
cried the dreamer to the stars, but the night
only tumbled down drunkenly, like dunked fishhook


walk on
leave the house standing on the edge of night
color everything red


drop everything
even themselves


running scared to the left of the scarecrow
as an old man dumps fresh pitch onto the road

Four Fascinations
Peter O'Brien
appears in
FlashPøint #10.

Mental Care
appears in
FlashPøint #12.

The Wind Howled Black Sparrow
appears in
FlashPøint #13