David Hickman




Hand stick rock bone spear thrown " against throat, breast or abdomen" club, javelin, or thrown stone cromagnon: spear points of black obsidian or sharpened bone "spearthrowers comparable to the atlatl of the new world" "extending man's forearm, giving greater range, accuracy and penetrating power" mesolithic: bow, sling ,dagger, mace "the neolithic deployment of column and line" at jehel sahaba near wadi halfa "signs exhumed of staggering human savagery" "small flake points found in two exhumed corpses, arrow-shot through the throat as they lay on the ground" cite 44 yielding the body of a young female 22 chipped stone artifacts in her body one an arrow shot into her mouth "seven skeletons showing fractures of the arm of the type one recieves when parrying a blow" two adult males -- six and nineteen wounds respectively * "the sling was deadlier than the early bow" easily flinging fist-sized stones as there were also "bashing weapons on wooden handles, stones, maceheads, axes, adzes" the greeks first to use the hoplite phalanx "consisting of spearmen several ranks deep, shock troops with a full panoply of heavy armor: bronze helmet with felt or leather liner crest of horsehair painted emblems to distinguish friend from foe bronze breastplates fitted at the shoulders greaves protecting shin and calves" the romans contributing catapults, ballistas, cavalry Horsemen then ruling for a thousand years from the siege of Constantinople to the shores of the China sea the heirs of Tamerlane Ming horsemen turkish cavalry Ottoman horsemen in sight of Venice In europe the longbow and the pike the phalanxes of the fifteenth century "soon vulnerable to gunpowder" to hoguebusses and artillery "Nobanugas concept of continuous volley fire" and gunpowder at sea Usciery petararae, "firing a fist sized ball" tearing sails and killing men cannon, muskets, handmortars, serpentines, rifled barrels And in America's civil war: electrically fired land and naval mines new forms of heavy artillery balloon observation corps turreted armored gunships breechloading magazine rifles gatling guns minie ball * And in the first world war : "the large scale defensive use of machineguns" barbed wire, recoiling artillery field telephones and radios tanks, poison gas, dreadnoughts, torpedoes, "improved fire control systems". oil fueled ships turbine driven improved submarines fixed winged aircraft "their range and speed improved many times over" the first airstrikes with dirigibles and long range bombs and in the second world war, Luftwaffe Blitzkreig V1 and V2 missiles, explosives, incendiary and time bombs sonar/ radar/ armored personnel carriers, LST's/ improvements in hand grenades and satchel charges, hand held automatic weapons, a profusion of lugers and fourty fives, further refinements in land and sea mines, the messerschmidt 262 jet aircraft, submarine advances, nuclear armament as of 6 august nineteen fourty five 8:15:17 AM Enola Gay out of blue skies "Fat Man" exploding 600 meters over Hiroshima yielding a mushroom cloud of 14, 900 meters tens of thousands buried in the rubble many vanished burned or mutilated 130,000 dead in a minute 'fire everywhere and great destruction" * korea/ vietnam/ falklands/ the gulf war technologies continuing yielding fusion bombs/ helicopter gunships, night vision glasses, listening devices, satellites that can read the label on a golf ball, stealths, communications sattelites, ASAT anti-satellite defense systems, "improved navigation and target aquisition systems made possible by computers and miniaturization" "precision guided munitions" Icbms, patriot missiles, sea and air launched cruise missiles, tactical nuclear weapons, laser guided cluster bombs, napalm, antipersonnel weapons, biological and chemical weapons starwars **** these to "make it new" death's metapattern read in bloodspatter's on the wall technologies of the thanosphere and orpheus descending always to lose Eurydice in flames in ack-ack and machine gun chatter filth and offal "the slathered blood of a maniacal species" reptilian grins floating in the darkness of trenches, from F-111's, tunnels, observation towers " the blood seething in the hearts of them, precise, anonymous, my murderous brothers, " who hate what they are and would kill it again washed in blood and fed on blood "as all generals, ceo's, senators, and congressmen, sleep on the corpses of servicemen and civilians" on a catelogue of ruthlessness and orgiastic aggression our own animality enhanced through thinking the murderous poses of a frozen tumescence "history a cocktail of blood and sperm