Anthony George



Authority figures it can
operate as if 2 + 2 is 5
as if all math is destined
to number its triumphs
Authority figures it can
untwist creativity
untwist the helix of our genetic structure
coordinate us in laboratories
flatline our impulses into waiting
for orders and parking meters
make us agree
to love and to covet
to recognize infinity
as a turnstile
its tokens control
Authority figures it can
replace our skin
with a coupon
with conformity
recycle our brains
into violence thirst
blood thirst
product thirst
destruction thirst
ignorance thirst
that we shall
call the Valley of Darkness
our haven of light
of direction
of seduction
that we shall strip our humanity
to fit through the eye of the needle
to enter malls of blindness
to remain astonished
at the abra cadabra
transforming the suffering to the arrested
that we shall
embrace concentrated power's selection
though we vote in the election
Authority figures it can
make us watch television forever
watch halls of justice
turned to torture chambers forever
watch greed stab the environment
to death forever
watch witch hunts and cover ups
as perfume commercials forever
consider self-immolation
the calling of the self-made
human forever
Authority figures it can
fill our mouths with its dictionaries
plow broken glass into our kisses
Authority figures it can
until our sacrifices show


I am not beautiful
      I define beauty
I do not fight
      I kill
There are no mountain tops
      no seas
      only resources resources
      exploitable wonder
There is no system
      only service to me
      and do not look for documents
      or for a living past
There are cash registers
      and long lines
      imperial and annihilating
      speeches and history are not allowed
      memory is a commodity
I will not teach
I will incarcerate
I will be hypocrite
I will be praised
      starving peoples will buy my bombs
      and export their crops
      I will tell stories of lynching
      rape and murder
      around the bonfire of condemned books
      let the sirens blare
      when someone says rights freedoms
      education justice
      my police will howl like dogs
      swing their clubs reload their guns
I let evil feast
      on the blood of my people
I am the open mouth
      waiting under my strategy
O American you must live
as if you are dead
      decorate your coffin as you please
      but stay away from the course of my destiny
      do not listen
      but read newspapers and sleep
      imitate your television
      desensitize yourself from my cruelty
      give me your capricious empty worries
      but do not write with footnotes
      nor create with structures
      that make people think
I as America
obliterate the unAmerican
and make my conspirators rich