Democrazy (1996)

by Andrea Zemel
text by Joe Brennan
letterpress and block print on waxed rice paper,
steel, leather, sinew, wood; invented binding
1996, 20 x 40 x 4 in, number 1, edition of 2

Democrazy Cover

Goodyear - Page One

Empty House - Page Two

" empty mAn
in an Empty house
eatIng stew
with a bOne white

Banana Republic - Page Three

Whole Nations - Page Four

when    whole    nations   shall, to greed, submit,
then    nations    invite   an awesome end -
remember,    then,    that   we're just shit
on    whom    this   earth   does not depend

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DEMOCRAZY was previously exhibited in Paper, Art & the Book

"an exhibition of the innovative ways artists utilize paper to express ideas conveyed in books and broadsides" at The Center for Book Arts in New York.