[Night Drawing of a Head]

9”w by 12”h
Pen and ink on paper.

NOTE:  In 1996, at the age of 93, Cox produced about two hundred and fifty ‘Night Drawings’ of faces, apparently drawn in complete darkness in the early morning hours. Unlike his previous ‘blind drawings’ however, which were left as simple line drawings (tho adapted to other purposes such as painting and print making), Cox proceeded to finish each Night Drawing to a high degree, most often with stippling. It may not be surprising that he undertook a series of drawings so late in life, but the sheer energy exhibited in the drawings - and the determination and discipline to polish each and every one to such a high standard - is really quite amazing. The present example gives only a hint at the nature of this work, each head individual, and yet subsumed into a sea of similarity, as in a crowd. These may represent the last major project of Cox’s career.
courtesy of Colin Franklin