with an a and an e 
         and an i o u 

you fad and you feed 
         in a fidget fodder fuddle 
till you’re mad as a meadow 
         in a midden mood muddle 

you pack and you peck 
         with a pick poke puck 
for the sake and the seeking 
         of a sick soak suck 

you bag and you beg 
         with a big boggle bug 
while you hag in the hedge 
         with a hig hog hug 

you dam and you deem 
         in the dim doom dump 
with a ram and a reamer 
         in the rimple room rump 

you sap and you seep 
         and you sip sop sup 
and you tap and you teep 
         with a tip top tup 

you blast till you’re blessed 
         with a bliss blossom blush 
in the mash and the mesh 
         of a mist moss mush 

you barrow and you bear 
         in a birth born bury 
all the flare and the fleer 
         of a flirt floor flurry 

you pat and you pet 
         with a pit pot put 
in the salt and the sleet 
         of a slit slot slut 

then with a bale and a bellow 
         and a billow bole bulk 
you go halt unto hell 
         in the hill hollow hulk