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On the Page / On the Screen:
Two Ways of Reading Joyce

Vickie Olsen, Universidad del Pais Vasco

from the essay:
"This article takes a look at the historiography of the screen adaptations of four Joyce texts: Mary Ellen Bute's film version of Finnegans Wake, Joseph Strick's screen adaptations of Ulysses and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and John Huston's posthumous film version of The Dead".

Mary Ellen Bute 1906-1983
Research Site - Center For Visual Music

A comprehensive website offering useful & authoritative information on M.E. Bute, including links, archival materials, and essays on her writings. 

Cindy Keefer of CVM lectures on Abstract Film and 'Visual Music', including the films of Oskar Fischinger, Jordan Belson and Bute.


Center for Visual Music
offers an online library and a store. Dedicated
to the promotion and preservation of abstract film. Also offers significant Collections and Archives related to 'visual music, abstract cinema, experimental animation and avant-garde media'. For sale are dvds of 'Color Music', Dada films, Harry Smith, Jordan Belson, and the like.

left, Oskar Fischinger DVD

The iotaCenter
Abstraction | Animation | Music

                      Center for Abstract Film

from the website:
"a non-profit arts organization devoted to Abstract Cinema and Visual Music.
 We preserve classic abstract films, release DVDs, and produce screenings of
 contemporary and historical work."

Mary Ellen Bute

Mary Ellen Bute: Seeing Sound
by Dr. William Moritz
from: Animation World Magazine
May 1996, Volume 1 - No. 2
note: contains errata

    British T.V. show
"Dope Sheet"

Segment on Mary Ellen Bute includes  interviews with those who knew her. This video has since been removed due to copyright concerns. 

Starr & Russet Experimental
                            Animation Experimental animation :
an illustrated anthology

Robert Russett And Cecile Starr
Van Nostrand Reinhold Co. (1976)

A classic resource for experimental film.               

    Mary Ellen Bute entry
written by film historian Cecile Starr, Page 96 - 98.

Notable American Women:
A Biographical Dictionary, 5, Completing the Twentieth Century
Ed. by Susan Ware and Stacy Braukman
Harvard University Press (2005)

A reliable, biographical entry. This entry is currently available on
Google Books with permission of Harvard University Press.

Mary Ellen Bute Synchromy No. 4

Synchromy No. 4: Escape, 1937

Mary Ellen Bute and Ted Nemeth.
Music is Toccata in D Minor by J. S. Bach.
ArtForum connects to

    Music Made Visible in Weird Movie

from Popular Science, Nov 1936

    Colour and Sound : Visual Music
by Maura McDonnell (2002)

A lovely website tracing artists' attempts over the ages to combine music with color. Covers early color-organs & lovely color discs from Thomas Wilfred's Clavilux, and early color music film practioners like Mary Hallock-Greenewalt, who invented the sarabet. Also covers the Futurists, Fischinger, and Len Lye et al.

The Center for Visual Music
is the international distributor for Bute's films. 
  Their full contact information can be found on their website:
CVM Mary Ellen Bute Research Page 

(webpage information updated April 16, 2015)

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