Ed Baker

Manifesto #2230

thinking is linear   you 'take it' from there  to  here
oh,   there are 'pauses"   that is a 'given' as is in  its
punctuation  (one does not "hear" or "see" in mind ';'. or ':', or
',', or '.', or '!', or '?', sees or hears as inflect over a
DO NOT ENTER, sign? very faint "clicking" sounds   not like a "real"
upright  say  an UNDERWOOD not it s timbre

no! That IS not it
at    all.  not what I MEANT to say/write.
it is these ragged pants w the cuffs rolled down
OLE POSSOM wrote a terr rrific poem... it is Rock Proof....

what you are now reading ain't about Stone Girl  this is a legitimate
graduate-student style 1972 dissSirTation! And is
  O N L Y   in the reading..not the  saying  nor any possible
footnote can clear it up... or any sited authority condolesce  "it"

words   wo rd s  wds   what IS the matter?
    "My Lord?"

w woids?  Uncle Miltie wasn't Kate Smith! or Her Nibs/ Georgia Gibbs...

which is/are 'taught' in Shakespeare's  OURS POETICA 312  TTh  7:43
(who was actually 17 'other' hack writers in
       Bawdy Olde Hinge-land?
and in Baltimore  drunken 'raven' pecking on her wind-oh-pain...

then we skip to the Immortals ( the Chinese  "Legends"  12 th
Century..,. far enough away to draw
in tourists)

      Brelly, Shyn-run, and  Creates

who, together, made many copies of that ancient rime of the marinade...
walking and Bashing (Basho -get it?)  FRANK in Schtine..
long before Kinko's Copy Center was a 24 hour operation
replicated....  well, Gide cums to mind  Our Lady of....

so and this within and without either Bremser OR  Micheline

to pin this down... it s an history    much less an histor-erect-to-me

lets see a little less "scattered-form (angst) and more of a narrative
form..an humor?
        after all we ALL got narratives
        and got to "here" one step at a time... so to speak;

and the 'means'
to USE our OWN ED
voice! regarding its regardlessness let down..like hair

                          OH MY!

                            Ed Baker
(In a letter to John Martone, Pierre Joris, Jerimy Seligson, and Bob