part-time collectivist 
writing poems more precisely propaganda 
scraps of half-baked protestation 
computed on ambitious network 
linking several regions of popularity 

after breakfast the regulation garb 
you can wear it anywhere 
only your enemies will complain 

flattered before he left school 
rapid strides  took him from his family 
no experience was necessary 
only a small hole in his sock protested 
cords were cut with cool cunning 

death on the mushroom farm 
eternal sleep of nature’s crematorium 
and only five years to go 

in glittering sphere of egocentricity 
his tractor struck archaeological blood 
so belief hardened 
cool tongue tasting the wind 
with presage of distant war 

facing his detractors in karate posture 
one-eyed potatoes all of them 
he flavoured them with his last judgement