Mark Scroggins

"anarchy for the u.k."

Cromwell's achievements

thinking in types comes

     naturally the Hebrew

Bible tells story after story

     for me to follow

for us to follow following us

     Jesus iconoclasm in the Temple

of the heart no stone upon

     stony Hebraic sweetness

patriarchs a sullen angry

     grudge-holding & violent

tribe he tore down the candle

     sticks like a blonde Jew

Sid's shoulders slick with the crowd's

     gobs chest criss-crossed with

bottle slashes revolution as farce

     my friend the Quaker Jewess

screaming across the stair

     well Cromwell's achievements

(during the Protectorate)

     readmission of the jews

to England I want to see

     some history safety pin thru

the Queen's cheek nipple

     pierced with heavy golden calf

Children of Israel slamming beneath

     manufactured gods Baalim

and Peorim smash a thousand

     Telecasters and Marshall amps