Mark Scroggins

"anarchy for the u.k."

Milton's empty

hard fire in Milton's empty

     eyes a world of tastes & smells

odors & breezes heats and

     colds the resplendent colors

of heaven translated to multi-

     farious taste & sound &

touch speak up for yourself

     or you won't be heard

beat them as stubble of the

     field mad unthinking

exultation as if one's enemies

     were God's as well Come

seare mee, seare mee, I shall beare

     in my body the markes of the

Lord Jesus Come friend, Come,

     burne mee, cut mee, I feare

it not. I have learn'd to feare

     the fire of Hell, and not what man

can doe unto mee: Bastwick's wife

     kissed his ears We are asked to

believe that a bee came and sucked

     honey from the flowers in his

hand My wife yesterday of her owne

     accord brought me these wedding

gloves, for this is my wedding

     day Shee is but a young

Souldier of Christ, but shee

     hath already endured many a sharp

brunt and cut him deep into the

     neck, neare jugular veine, to the

great danger of his life. the marks

     of the state engraved in the bodies

of the citizenry an antinomian

     tattoo beaten into cropped ears

so that he fainted from the pain

     of his tongue pierced pain

as option scarification as fashion

     adornment aristocracy engraved

in the aristocrat's pierced ears

     antinomianism in the

puritan's sawn stumps Jonson's

     branded thumb