Now whispering and sallow nightwhelm,
        stilldeep into sleeping,
comes breathing and hollow allwold, listily
unto dimhover faltering and ghostly fleeting,
filming and flirting in earthlong night:
wistful little witterings, all dizzy-eyed,
glibbing through sightless gloom:
heard-whorl alive with knowing,
without and within and withholding,
withal and withunder:
weightless weirds,
walkless wights,

Allmother dreaming dimhover hauling,

breath into allbreath lifting, smoothing and 
allwoman waiting, under heaven mooding,
so slow forlorning with misty kin:
wreathing the all-long, threading alongthrough,
all-hidden, all-held, unheavy:
womb within womb weaving,
thread unto thread thirling,
and unwhole holding:
lolling and listing,
twitching and twisting,

Skinny-thin crawling, thropplelong thrusting
        and throwing,
many-armed, two-headed, three-headed beast-
        men fearful,
seeking and creeping, casting and croaning,
scanty tatter-rag tail-rise reeking:
wanton wrestling and horedom whimpering,
weary over weakening brooding:
unholy boneless wandering
bodiless, woefully bickering,
rolling and reaching,
wending and winding,
wrapping and wringing,

Cringer cowering and curler clustering and 
delver burrowing through clammy cold bones,
        long buried,
lithering gut-lengths, running with widdle,
gnashing, gnawing in ghastly hunger:
thin-long, neck-long, belly all brown,
yearning colloping after flesh:
draggling in dark under driving,
dreary in dusk over drooping
and in death deeing:
worming and wriggling,
grieving and grim,

So long-while listing, sweetcomer unto
        soothing, sleeping!
So allover endlong smoothing, wistfully
and all-liss loving over sorrow seeking
beyond and beneath, for-lapping, for-lulling,
so shrouding with sleep over dreary dreaming!
so blissmood, darkling alone!
enbosoming and babeless longing,
encradling and restless deep
and doom hanging over
and hither held
and thither held,