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[ 1873 - 1931 ]  

Biographical information from the Tate:

Atkinson was considerably older than most of his fellow Vorticists. He trained as a musician in Paris and Berlin before taking up painting. Much of his early work has been lost, however, he appears to have painted landscapes in a fauvist style. According to the painter Kate Lechmere, Atkinson's work underwent a dramatic transformation under the influence of Wyndham Lewis whose work he saw at the Rebel Art Centre. In 1915 he published a collection of poems called 'Aura'. In these poems he extolled his passion for the 'undiscovered Countries' of the modern metropolis whose 'flame-bound windows/And their lightning shadows...tune the stolid rhythms
of the walls/To the brilliant harmonies/Of the greater moment-'.

September 2004

Cover Image: The Sky Pilot by Lawrence Atkinson
Wheels, Third Cycle


Lawrence Atkinson contributed to Edith Sitwell's small magazine Wheels
Wheels is online at the Modernist Journals Project
Wheels, Third Cycle
Oxford: B. H. Blackwell, 1918,114 pages.

William Roberts was in Wheels, 4th Cycle & Wheels, Sixth Cycle


-- The full text is online at archive.org

The New Art: a study of the principles of non-representational
art and their application in the work of Lawrence Atkinson

by Horace Shipp; Publisher: London, Cecil Palmer, 1922

from: Hundreds and Thousands: The Journals of Emily Carr

"Only half an hour left of 1930.  I finished Flora's book, The Art of Lawrence Atkinson,
and found lots of things to remember and digest. I love his abstracts.  I feel there is
very much in abstraction but it must be abstraction with a reason, that is there must be an
underlying truth - something, the pith or kernel, the inner essence of the thing to expressed."

- Emily Carr (Flora is her friend, Flora Burns

The Lake
Lawrence Atkinson
Date c.191520
Medium Ink and watercolour on paper
Dimensions Support: 254 x 368 mm
Collection: Tate
Acquisition Purchased 1965

Lawrence Atkinson

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Lawrence Atkinson
Artwork details: 129.5 x 50.8cm
Material : oil on wood

Coterie ( No. 2 )
London: Hendersons, 1919-09
Lawrence Atkinson, Still Life, page 46
Full issues of Coterie are available online at the Modernist Journals Project:

Vorticist Composition

Abstract No. 1

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