New Poem
You who are beautiful: I was too. My red mouth smoked like a waiting grave. The infinity of resistances binding the infinity between. Eyes in the dark glistening like ice cubes. * Outside my window a world of meat beckoned. The buildings were high. The elevators full. There were ceramics of children, and little plastic signs for every eager merchant . * I recall a walk with Mrs M. Her sighs flowing out to meet the water. How the clouds became buildings, and the tree’s mad noises between the cars. * Those ruins had their charm. And there was no one to gainsay the fabulous that haunted them. The marinated and tender meats and the dainty sweets we rested on. * So I had a fine shave. Only a little blood trickling from the mouth. (I’m a vampire he thought, Then quickly realized that was someone else.) * The double as darkness, hiding as motive. His cravat and sharkskin a shambles down the avenue. * Things added up haphazardly then, clouds amidships, toppling clouds, The blue overarching the summations of its further hues. The wind whispering: we are here for love. The grass sighing: we are emeralds and we are alive as the birds kissed the worms and cried. Beauty between. Flesh the cornice.
— David Hickman