THEN behold! I knew Being & understood Body:

I knew Body and understood Bearing.
I knew Bearing and understood Bending.

Something on end is the beginning of a Bend!

I stood firm, strung as a bow,
and knew my Bent since I knew my Bond.

The longlasting of a Bond is a Band.

the wholeness of a Band is a Bond.
the fullness of a Bond is a Bundle.

I knew my Bundle when I found my Bent!

Thus by knowing Bending I found Bearing,
by knowing Bearing I found Body,

and by knowing Body I found Being.


MY mother wept as she sat on her chair.
""He died an old man with hoary hair!""

My mother sobbed as she lay on her bed.
""I quicken anew with a man that was dead!""

My mother screamed as she heaved on the floor.
""I bring forth a bairn that was buried before!""