THOUGHT buds in the steady brood
with nod and shake of yea and nay,
for truly the Name is under the nose
with ""snip, snap, snout"" to tell it out!

In brotherhood of lung and lip
the breath blows and the liss comes,
lifting the lief and laden wind,
the warm wind and the lew-warm

through the leet and through the throatball,
along the tongue, against the teeth,
hale and hollow in the mouth,
to lilt the song-speech from our lips!

Alas! that ill should come of this.
The endless wordstream of this world
so gabbles and yells about our ears
the One is split and split again,

thralled and bawded, withered & weakened-
since men are taught and men are threatened,
their skullpans crammed with cribs and bits
to feed the chatter of their jaws!

But blessed is he that spells the Whole,
whose word comes runely out of the deeps:
and blessed is he that spells the All,
his word comes loving out of the light.

Who knows the spell that builds or shatters,
rathes or withers, heals or kills,
he wimbles the midst of wit and wed
and taps the truth of nave and knowing!